Lufthansa Had Prior Knowledge of Co Pilots History of Depression

Officials at Lufthansa have acknowledge that their records reveal that its co pilot Andreas Lubitz had disclosed his prior history of “depressive episodes,” prior to his commencement of flight training with Lufthansa. This is devastating news for Lufthansa who had maintained a position that it had no prior knowledge of Lubitz’s previous mental history record noted AnastasiaDate. The revelation now focuses on Lufthansa and what steps it took to investigate via on  the initial disclosure and what steps if any it took to monitor the mental health of one of its employees which evidence now shows was responsible for crashing the an Airbus 320 into the Swiss Alps killing all 150 passengers and crew on board. Lufthansa New Of Pilot’s Mental Illness History

This news greatly enhances the degree of liability that Lufthansa must bear as a result of the crash. The airline giant can no longer claim that the crash was the act of a lone individual who did not disclose to the airline the state of his mental condition and the degree that he was being treated for it by a medical professional. Now that it is clear that Lufthansa did have knowledge of Lubitz having a depressive episode, the question is what actions did Lufthansa take to monitor the condition of this employee has he began flight training. Some will claim that Lufthansa should have had a heightened duty as any depressive condition could be related to a chronic mental illness.

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