Connect Socialize And Date With Skout

Skout is a mobile social networking app that actually combines several apps into one. You can use it to share photos, to meet new friends, as a dating app or use it to plan out your travels. It’s a free app and you can get it for Android and IOS operating systems. The creators of the app, Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom, in 2007, wanted to created a mobile web like social network. However, they relaunched it in 2009 as a dating app when they discovered the network was being used more as a dating network by over 80% of the people using it.

What really sets this app apart from others is the use of the phone’s or tablet’s global positioning system that lets users locate others that in their approximate location. They’re not going to get the exact location of other users and if a user so wishes they can choose not to be a part of the feature at all. But if you want to meet a new acquaintance at a theater, a music concert, a park or another city, this feature is great for that. This is just a safe, easy way for people to connect.

If you like to visit new places, our travel feature gives you the opportunity to meet people in places you may be planning to travel to. You can take a virtual journey through the location of your desire with the help of people who actually live there. The travel feature can be used either as a way of making new friends in other countries, cities and towns, or as a way to make contacts with people in places you want to travel to. You will have to pay for this feature, but it is very popular. Especially with young people who like connecting with new friends and who like experiencing new places, even virtually.

One of the big uses for Skout has been as a dating app. The fact that it separates adults and teens into their own peer groups and has a moderated, teens-only section, helps to keep teens safe from adult predators. Some of the features that makes this a great dating app is that you can get notified when someone in your area join, you can put up pictures and you can chat with other members looking to date. You also get notified when someone checks you out, but you have to use points to see who it is. In order to get points you have to buy them or do something to earn them.

We are also proud of another feature of Skout called “Fuse”. With this feature you make your own social network from your smartphone or tablet’s address book. This is just another way Skout is making social networking fun and easy.

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