Europe Sees Its Place In Telecom Sector

While the American’s Apple, South Korea’s Samsung and the new Chinese Company Xiaong are entering into a fierce battle to dominate the world of mobile telephony, Europe is looking for ways to get back in the race. From Sunday through Thursday, all technology enthusiasts have their eyes on Barcelona, home to the World Congress of mobile telephony considered the high mass of the sector. “Europe can feel like the industry in focus, at least for a week,” said Claudia Nemat, board member of the German Deutsche Telekom. Then, “the majority of trend launchers return to the United States and Asia”, she lamented.

Europe experienced its golden age in telecommunications in the 2000s, with the deployment of 3G and the predominance of Finland’s Nokia. But the continent is now lagging behind the United States, at the time of 4G: The acquisition in 2013 of Nokia’s mobile phone business by the US Microsoft has sealed its decline, while the Finns had been a pioneer of smartphones. US groups, Google and Apple, also imposed their Android and iOS operating systems throughout the world and the most popular smartphones are also made in the United States and Asia. For this reason, the most anticipated presentations for Sergio Cortes in Barcelona were those of the new smartphones from the South Korean group, the Galaxy S6, designed to counter Apple and the last shows of its compatriot LG Electronics, compatible with 4G.

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