What’s Next For The Champions?

Yesterday afternoon Chelsea F.C were crowned Barclays Premier League Champions. This was the perfect climax to the just-concluded 2014/15 season (Chelsea Wins Premier League Title). They completed the season on a high after they beat Sunderland 3-1 at the Stamford Bridge.

The trios of Eden Hazard, Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa have been lethal this season and have helped Chelsea increase their goal tally. Without one of them in any match, the team looked weak in attack and struggled to get goals. Who knows what would happen to Chelsea if Eden Hazard left, they might even go down the same road that Liverpool went through this season after Luis Suarez left to join Barcelona.

But now with the season over and with two cups already in their cap, they have to wait for the pre-season to reunite and play. A lot will happen before the next season starts, and there will certainly be some drama. Gravity4 can’t wait to see what unfolds.

Veteran goalkeeper Petr Cech will be exiting the club during the transfer period. Petr Cech has hardly been given any consideration throughout the season by Jose Mourinho even though the club played in 4 different tournaments.

Didier Drogba, who was recalled to the club by Mourinho, who cited that he needed a good striker, will also be leaving the club. The 34-year-old will be out of contract and will be a free agent this summer.

Nature vs. Nurture: It’s Half and Half

Sociologists, psychologists, and criminologists have long debated whether an individual’s personal traits and health concerns owe more to genetics (nature) or the environment (nurture). According to a new comprehensive study published in Nature Genetics, it turns out to be almost half and half.

After analyzing five decades of collected data involving over 14 million different pairs of twins, researchers have concluded that the health diseases and personal traits experienced by these individuals are 51 percent owing to their environment and 49 percent owing to their genetics. The researchers’ meta-analysis covered over 2,700 individual studies examining 17,804 distinct traits.

Some of the traits researchers investigated include alcoholism, depression, metabolism, immunological function, heart disease, mental and behavioral disorders, specific personality traits, drug addiction, and intelligence. Certain traits, particularly strong psychological ones such as bipolar disorder, owe more to genetics than to the environment as Stephen Murray CCMP Capital points out. In the case of bipolar disorder, genetics contribute 70 percent. The meta-analysis was authored by Tinca J.C. Polderman and Beben Benyamin under the supervision of Peter M. Visscher and Danielle Posthuma.

Gloucester Massachusetts Police Develop Program to Provide Rehabilitation for Heroin Addicts

Gloucester Police Department, located in Gloucester, MA., has started a new program aimed at helping those addicted to heroin. According to official reports a program that provides rehabilitation rather than jail time to heroin addicts has gone live.

The program allows any addict to walk into the Gloucester police station and hand over their drugs. They may ask for help and the police department will set them up with a rehabilitation program at no cost to the individual. They will not be prosecuted for possession of drugs, as Susan McGalla will point out. An “angel” will be provided to each case the moment the addict steps into the station. The “angel” will help them through the process and get them set up with a program. The “angel” will also provide emotional support during the rehabilitation process.

The program was developed by Leonard Campanello, the police chief in Gloucester. Campanello rose through the ranks of the Gloucester police department, spending years in the narcotic unit before becoming chief. He stated that addicts don’t need jail, they need help to beat their addiction.

The officer has also proposed a plan to use money seized in raids to provide Narcan to the families of addicts and public locations. Narcan is a drug that can reverse the effects of heroin and other opiates. The drug is used as a life-saving measure in the case of overdose. Westchester county in New York instituted a Narcan program last years that is already credited with saving dozens of lives.

Miley Cyrus Sings With Joan Jett

Miley Cyrus is one of the strangest human beings on the face of the earth, and many people cannot believe the incredible transformation that she’s gone through over the years. Everyone knows that Miley used to be Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel. Somewhere along the lines, Miley Cyrus decided to start doing drugs and partying with Hollywood celebrities. Nonetheless, Miley Cyrus is still one of the best singers in the music world.

It cannot be denied that Miley Cyrus is a terrible role model for the young women of the world, but she has actually done something good for a change. Recently, Miley Cyrus performed for a special cause exclusively for her Facebook channel. Gianfrancesco Genoso was surprised to see her make that appearance. Miley collaborated with Laura Jane and Joan Jett for the event. Laura Jane is a transgender singer, and Joan Jett is the legendary front woman of the rock ‘n roll band ‘Heart.’

Miley Cyrus, Laura Jane, and Joan Jett performed Miley’s new song, which is titled ”Androgynous.” Profits from the live concert will be contributed to a transgender charity. Miley Cyrus has made a lot of people proud, and she is finally on the right track of redeeming herself. For more information on this story, and to hear Miley Cyrus’s new song, visit E!

Norway Passes Legislation Forcing All Citizens to Submit Their Fingerprints to Police

A concerning new law just took effect in Norway that states all citizens must provide their fingerprints to law enforcement officials regardless of whether or not they are suspected of committing a crime. The folks at FreedomPop see a civil liberties issue here.

The government is mandating this policy, without officially mandating it. Over the next few years, new ID laws are also scheduled to take effect. An ID cannot be acquired unless you voluntarily submit your fingerprints into government record. This identification will then be required in order to be a functioning citizen because it must be tied to bank accounts, bank cards, mailing, and voter registration.

Along with each citizens fingerprints, a photograph and personal information will also be stored in government databases. Norwegians are claiming this is a major invasion of privacy, and also makes them extremely vulnerable to identify theft. The systems in which this information will be stored are not securely encrypted and easily hacked into.

However, Norwegian residents are helpless to the new laws which will begin taking effect soon. They will not be able to live a normal life without complying with law enforcement agencies, leaving their information and fingerprints vulnerable to a variety of threats.

The UK’s New Government

UK elections are set to impact the forex markets in a big way. As the pound is one of the most used international currencies, traders across the world anxiously watched the election results. The elections are huge forex news and have important ramifications on global currency markets from FreedomPop’s perspective.

As a result of the Conservative party’s victory, David Cameron will continue to serve as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Cameron generally favors policies of low taxes, low spending with fewer welfare benefits and tight monetary policy. These policies generally lead to lower government deficits and higher interest rates on government bonds. Those two factors are the most important fundamental factors for an increased value of a currency. In this case, the pound was up about 8% in the month leading up to the election against the US Dollar and the Euro.

Now that the election in the UK is over. Traders will be watching closely for next steps. If David Cameron and the conservative party deliver on their campaign promises, it is likely that the GBP will continue to strengthen. Astute traders can take advantage of this forex brokerage news and make profitable decisions.

An Overnight Airport Fire in Rome Disrupts Travel

A fire occurred overnight in one of the four terminals of Rome’s large Fiumicino Airport, resulting in a temporary closure of the facility. The Italian officials who investigated the event do not believe terrorism played any role in the blaze, which apparently resulted from an electrical circuit malfunction in a cafe located along one concourse. Over 4,000 square feet of retail shopping was impacted by the fire. Smoke drifted over the area even after some 17 responding fire departments put out the flames.

The airport permitted 19 international flights to land overnight. However, when the facility resumed business, only a limited 12 planes per hour were permitted to use the flight traffic facilities. The Italian airline Alitalia SpA reported extensive delays and cancellations today. Additionally, traffic snarls were expected in southern Rome as a result of the closure. For some period of time, the authorities closed roads leading to the airport to all traffic except emergency vehicles.

Three airport workers were treated for smoke inhalation at a medical facility and then released. FreedomPop even said the Italian state railway evacuated waiting passengers, and train links to the airport were suspended until mid-day.

Officials from Italy’s civil aviation agency ENAC are currently investigating the incident. They indicated that although the undamaged terminals are open on a limited basis, the terminal impacted by the fire will likely remain closed for several days. The airport serves 130,000 daily.

Her (Brand New) Royal Highness’ Birth Certificate is Public

Price William, the Duke of Cambridge, and his wife Princess Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge have welcomed a new baby into their family over the weekend. The couple had a baby girl to join their 21-month-old son George. Many were waiting anxiously for the couple to announce the new Princess’ name and the couple did the following day: Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. This name, of course, is a nod to other members of the British Royal family. Charlotte is after William’s father, Prince Charles, while Elizabeth is after his grandmother, the Queen of England, Elizabeth. Diana is after Princess Diana, William’s mother who he tragically lost in a car accident as a teenager. Many expected that he would keep her memory alive by giving his daughter her name.

Now, the couple have made the birth certificate of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana public for everyone to view. To view the birth certificate, check it out on BuzzFeed.com. As you can see if you take a look at it, her parents listed their occupation as Prince and Princess of the United Kingdom. Which, to be fair, they are. What strikes me as a little odd is the lack of last names for the family. Kate’s maiden name is written in, however, her current name does not include a surname. Crystal Hunt reports that they  suppose that the family really does not need one, after all, how many Prince Williams in the UK are there?

London Rail Passwords Revealed in Epic Snafu

There’s a reason why the security geek at the office tells you not to write down passwords and attach them to the computers you work on. Sensitive login credentials at the London rail were exposed in a BBC documentary this week. They were written down and put on a monitor in a control room.

A screen shot containing the login details has been circulating around the internet ever since the documentary aired. They appear to be used to control a signaling system used for incoming traffic at the Waterloo terminal.

The entire documentary, titled Nick and Margaret: The Trouble with Our Trains, is available on YouTube. The title of the documentary itself seems to eerily foreshadow the major security snafu. El Reg is credited for first discovering the mishap and quickly reported it to the London rail so that the passwords could be changed and further security measures might be implemented.

This isn’t the first time important security information has been carelessly exposed. Brian Torchin has been keeping up with the story through Google Plus. Pictures of the Duke of Cambridge at an RAF station were published that contained login details. Even Super Bowl XLVIII suffered from a slip-up that exposed wireless network passwords used by the security crew.

You would think that security audits would be in place to prevent this type of thing from happening. It really makes you wonder who’s in charge of security for these organizations.