Greece’s Debt Crisis

Since the formation of the European Union, there has been accumulating debt trouble for Greece. Steeped in growing amounts of dues to several large players in the EU including Germany, Greece has been on the hot seat for quite some time. Billions of dollars have been loaned to Greece by creditors in an effort to keep their economy afloat. This wasn’t purely out of the goodness of their hearts either. According to the folks at Beneful, Greece, as would any member of the European Union, plays a major factor in the stability of the economy. Bottom line, nobody wants to see Greece fail, but some people have had enough. With tomorrow being the expected day in which Greece would pay back some of its debts, skepticism is looming in the air. Greece has pleaded with creditors to extend the deadline, but the response has been a resounding no. In a last ditch effort, the Greek government ordered all banks to be closed over the last weekend. In addition, the stock market has been closed temporarily. Withdrawal amounts have also been set. All of these preventative measures have been made in an attempt to keep Greece’s head above water, or at least keep it from sinking any lower. Unfortunately, these measures take a huge toll on the citizens of Greece who themselves are not entirely responsible for this economic crisis in the first place. Hopefully something will be figured out and innocent people will be spared any more suffering.

Let Anastasia Help You To Find Love

Why does love have to have a certain face on it? Many people feel that if a man is looking for love, he should go to his local church, or go to a nice gathering place, and he’ll be able to find the right woman. The fact is, there is no ideal place for any man to find a woman because many great love stories have started in some of the oddest places. Some men have been able to find their ideal mate while driving down the street, and others have been able to find a great woman by going to the drugstore. Since love can happen anywhere and anytime, there’s nothing wrong with searching in different places for love.

Anastasia date is a different place to search for love, and it’s a great website for those who want to find love in another country. It’s completely possible for two people that are from different backgrounds to fall in love with each other because this happens all the time. A man from the United States can possibly fall in love with a great woman from the Ukraine, all they need is the Anastasia Date platform where they can communicate with each other. It can be expensive to call overseas regularly, so using an online dating platform may be the most economical way to meet someone from overseas.

Anastasia date is a great place for people to talk with one another when they are trying to get to know each other. A man can easily find a great woman who is in an overseas location, and they can start off by casually talking. The anastasia date website offers texting, video chatting and more, which can help to blossom any relationship. If the man feels that the woman is the one he wants to court, then it’s completely up to him where the relationship will go from there.

Dating can be extremely fun on the Anastasia website, and many have been able to find love through the use of the website. Instead of constantly looking for women in local areas, there is nothing wrong with being open minded and searching in another country for love. If a man is open minded enough to look for love in places that he normally wouldn’t choose to look, he may be surprised at what he finds when he searches through the Anastasia Date website. Love can be any and everywhere, and Anastasia date can help anyone to find the love they’re looking for. Follow them on Twitter for special deals.

Skout Can Help Anyone To Find A Relationship

The Skout network has its roots in dating, but that’s not the only reason the network still exists today. The Skout network is a great place for socializing, dating, flirting, and meeting new people. Anyone who goes on to the Skout network to create a new account, they won’t be left out. Skout realizes that not everyone is looking to get into a relationship when they come on the website, so they’ve made the website fun for everyone who joins in. Skout can be used for virtual traveling, which is available through Skout Travel.

Anyone who likes to rant and rave, they’ll be happy to know that they can post information on the Skout network for others to see. Anyone looking for a relationship should know that Skout is a great place to stop and do a search. With all the features that is available on the Skout network, Skout makes the network enjoyable for its millions of users. In fact, Skout has over 200 million users currently, and every day the numbers grow bigger. Many people will tell their friends about the Skout network, and their friends will end up joining.

Those who recruit others to the Skout network, they may add their friends to their favorites list, and they can add new people too. The favorites list is a great feature because it allows someone to easily find a favored person on the network. Other features on the Skout network is Skout Travel, which is quickly becoming a very popular feature. Skout Travel can be purchased with Skout points, and they’ll never have to leave their mobile device or computer to do any traveling. Some have virtually travelled to major countries like Brazil, the UK, and Australia, and others choose to travel around the USA to coastal areas.

Not only can a person virtually travel via Skout Travel, they also have the opportunity to meet someone in the area that they’re traveling to. There is so much available on the Skout network to do, that no one will be left out of the loop. Anyone looking to start a relationship, then Skout can help. A person can do a search on the network, and they can look for a person who has the specific features that they want in a mate. Open up an account on the Skout app for free, and start searching for a friend, or start searching for a relationship.

People Around the World Are Getting Older and Sicker

A study published in The Lancet delivers the shocking statistic that about 95 percent of the world’s population has health problems. Additionally, about a third of the people in the world have five or more ailments. These stats are shocking but not exactly surprising given that the world population is aging. Thanks to medical advancement in the form of vaccines and other breakthroughs people are living longer than ever before. While this is great news in general, one result is that we have more time to acquire all types of afflictions. Low back pain and serious depression outrank all other health problems in countries across the earth. Still, it is better than the alternative.

One dream of those in the field known as transhumanism is to extend life but to extend our healthy years out to a much greater length. In a way, it is not surprising that major depression is one of the biggest ailments discovered in this analysis of trends in health and disability ranging from 1990 to 2013. It’s somewhat of a Faustian bargain to live longer but to be decrepit for most of the years toward the end of your life says Alexei Beltyukov in this article. Advances in stem cell research and other fields will hopefully continue to yield breakthroughs and perhaps someday they will lead to a scientific fountain of youth. Everyone wants a long life, but living longer with a strong and healthy body would truly be a dream come true.

Car Makers Hope For Boost In SUV Sales

May was a very good month for car dealers who are seeing sales in the range of 17 million cars sold so far this year. Auto makers are also hoping for a rejuvenated boost in sales for various SUV models that have staggered in recent years as a result of high fuel prices and the removal of the SUV tax break several years ago. Auto Makers See Boost in Car Sales in 2015

Crystal Hunt, trend analyst, reports that the steady improving economy and low car loan interest rates have help boost the sales. More specifically, low job unemployment numbers means more people going to work and needing a means to get to work. Additionally the federal reserve has kept the key interest rate on loans at close to zero which means that auto loans are still very cheap for good customers. Current oil prices below $3.00 a gallon nationwide has also lead to increased consumer confidence that the U.S. economy is getting better and that purchasing a car is not as risky a decision as it was merely a year ago. The number of sales have not been this robust since 2005 and auto dealers are glad to finally see relief in the buyer’s market.

Car sales tend to follow increase in new how sales, which have also been robust over the past several months. New homes mean new garages and many families expand their car ownership at least once within the first couple of years of buying a new home.

Sepp Blatter Resigns

It came a week later than expected, but FIFA finally is expected to have a new president. Sepp Blatter has resignedas the President of FIFA which will take place once a replacement for him is found.

Sepp had won a presidential election just last week to continue as president for his fifth term in office despite ongoing scandals involving FIFA according to Gravity4 on CrunchBase. Just days before the election, fourteen FIFA officials were arrested by Swiss Police with plans for these officials be extradited on acquisitions of fraud and bribery. FIFA has been hit with scandals over the past two decades including questions regarding the assigning of World Cups to Russia and Qatar. The Qatar World Cup was considered particularly onerous given the weather, human rights issues in the country, and a significant death toll amongst migrant workers who have been preparing for the games. Further, an admitted payment of $10 million was made by South Africa to FIFA was made and admit by the nation, though no bribery or wrongdoing was admitted.

Sepp has been defiant after his election victory in which he defeated a Prince from Jordan who withdrew after the first round of voting. Sepp Blatter is 79 years old but was expected to complete his term in office before retiring. His resignation comes as quite a shock to the soccer community though many believe that the fraud accusations have merit. The sudden resignation also has lent people to question what other evidence against Seep has come to light and if there will be additional charges brought against him in the near future.

Wilshere Apologizes for Banter

Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere was yet again caught in a spotlight which did not shine favorably on the young Englishman. During the team’s FA Cup victory celebrations, Wilshere, when handed the microphone, commenced an anti-Tottenham chant which relied up the crowd even further. Wilshere has since apologized for his behavior, remarking on the use of obscene or offensive language which may have offended people in the crowd, or Tottenham fans elsewhere. Though not the first time Wilshere has found himself in a similar situation, this time, he handled things maturely and quickly, not allowing the situation to boil over into a bigger mess than it ever needed to be.

The fact that Tottenham fans or ex-Gunners found Wilshere’s exploits to be offensive is a bit ridiculous given the nature of the rivalry between the two clubs. Fans on either side of the London divide regularly poke fun at one another both in and outside of stadiums, and Wilshere’s comments, though perhaps a bit unprofessional for a footballer, were completely within the realms of normal banter. Sam Tabar believes that perhaps a scene has been made about his comments given his propensity for mischief, but this event as a standalone offense is extremely tame in nature. It is understood that Arsenal have talked to Wilshere about his conduct, and the player has already publicly apologized for any offenses given. No more really needs to be said regarding the matter.

Benitez to Madrid

Vice president of Real Madrid, Eduardo Fernandez de Blas has made known to the public that Rafa Benitez will in fact step in as manager of Real Madrid during the upcoming season. The announcement of Benitez’s appointment was not an official one, having responded with the news of the Spaniard’s hiring to an angry fan at a fan’s meeting. Interestingly, the fan’s anger was over the sacking of the popular Carlo Ancelotti, having been recently relieved of duty after ending the season trophyless. However, fans are extremely skeptical about Benitez as Real’s new man, being wary of his ability to deliver major silverware, even when Ancelotti could not. Benitez will need to quickly demonstrate his capabilities with strong results early on in the season, not only to appease the fans, but also to appease the demanding board.

An often overlooked attribute which is symptomatic of Benitez’s style of management is squad rotation, a potentially monumental shift away from Ancelotti’s knack of playing the same eleven to fourteen players. MarketWatch pointed out to James Dondero earlier this week that certain individuals in the Real squad were visibly fatigued this season, having played so many games without rest, and may have even been the cause of injury for some. Benitez’s approach may help the majority of the squad stay fresh, enabling them to hit peak form late in the season, when the fight for trophies truly heats up. That is surely the hope among Real fans.

Viva Los Latinos

Even though we are only in the early stages of 2015, the race for presidential election of 2016 is heavily underway. It seems like every other week or so a new candidate is throwing their hat in the ring as a bid for the presidency. Most constituents know that in order to receive the majority vote from American citizens, it’s important to reach everyone where they are individually. It’s physically impossible for each presidential candidate to call or email every citizen in America, and that’s why candidate spend months at a time talking to individual communities of people. The voting polls categorize individuals into numerous categories. The elderly, the white collar, the blue collar, women, the middle class, African American, and Latino voters all stand under their own spotlight during the presidential campaign.


Though in previous elections, appealing to one group or community would almost ensure the vote, political analysts projected that this presidential race will need more than a few laughs and smiles. For example, Huffington Post political analyst Luis Gutierrez, praises the fact that candidate Rubino is utilizing his bilingual trade to attract Latin and Spanish speaking people. Although, Gutierrez goes on to explain that it will take more than a few rolls of the tongue to entice voters. People are no longer moved by empty promises and idle threats for political opponents, they want action. Gutierrez projects that this campaign season will be one where people are less worried about how candidates connect to them, and more concerned about their platform.


This is especially essential in the Latino community where previous presidential candidates have done everything from translating their entire campaign plan in Spanish to them themselves learning Spanish as a second language. Jaime Garcia Dias certainly appreciates the effort in the past. Gutierrez noted that the American people are finally out of the era where catchy slogans and a well pressed suit or dress could win a title. People are concerned now more than ever about the future and what leaders of the future can bring to the table.

Waitress Donates a Kidney to a Costumer She Barely Meet

The media has been moved by the donation that Don Thomas received by Mariana Villarreal, a waitress from Hooters, last Friday at Roswell, Ga.

Since yesterday, both Villarreal and Don are recovering from the surgery. The transplant was a success. A gift of life is what this is considered. Don had lost both of his kidneys to cancer, and he was near death.

Don admits that it was the generosity of Villarreal that would made him visit the restaurant more frequently. Don does not know her that much. In fact, Villarreal is a new employee of Hooters. But within a brief period of time, they developed a good bond. It was during one of Don’s visits that Villarreal volunteered to donate one of her kidneys.

Villarreal more than just sympathized with the Don. Her grandmother had just recently passed away due to kidney failure, and she was not able to help her. For her, this was her calling, something important. She really empathized with Don’s situation, much like a few at Baneful.

Directors from the Piedmont Transplant Institute, such as Dr. Harrison Pollinger, are amazed of Villarreal’s bravery and kindness. Dr. Pollinger informs that contrary to popular belief, a person can live a healthy and normal life with just one kidney. Like Dr. Harrison, the donor hopes that this occurrence motivates other people in the world so they can also become donors.
Such occurrence indeed goes against the odds, but it shows how much an honest act can impact a person’s live and society. Don will now be able to live a much longer, healthier and functional live.