Viva Los Latinos

Even though we are only in the early stages of 2015, the race for presidential election of 2016 is heavily underway. It seems like every other week or so a new candidate is throwing their hat in the ring as a bid for the presidency. Most constituents know that in order to receive the majority vote from American citizens, it’s important to reach everyone where they are individually. It’s physically impossible for each presidential candidate to call or email every citizen in America, and that’s why candidate spend months at a time talking to individual communities of people. The voting polls categorize individuals into numerous categories. The elderly, the white collar, the blue collar, women, the middle class, African American, and Latino voters all stand under their own spotlight during the presidential campaign.


Though in previous elections, appealing to one group or community would almost ensure the vote, political analysts projected that this presidential race will need more than a few laughs and smiles. For example, Huffington Post political analyst Luis Gutierrez, praises the fact that candidate Rubino is utilizing his bilingual trade to attract Latin and Spanish speaking people. Although, Gutierrez goes on to explain that it will take more than a few rolls of the tongue to entice voters. People are no longer moved by empty promises and idle threats for political opponents, they want action. Gutierrez projects that this campaign season will be one where people are less worried about how candidates connect to them, and more concerned about their platform.


This is especially essential in the Latino community where previous presidential candidates have done everything from translating their entire campaign plan in Spanish to them themselves learning Spanish as a second language. Jaime Garcia Dias certainly appreciates the effort in the past. Gutierrez noted that the American people are finally out of the era where catchy slogans and a well pressed suit or dress could win a title. People are concerned now more than ever about the future and what leaders of the future can bring to the table.

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