Highland Capital Management Received Recognition for its Loan Participation Funds in 2015

The Lipper Fund Awards of Thomson Reuters for 2015 in the United States held its ceremony at the Mandarin Oriental to recognize investment fund management firms with high performance consistency. Among the recipients to receive awards was Highland Capital Management, LLC, an investment banking services provider who received two awards in the Loan Participation Funds category. The firm received awards for its 3-yr Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund and 5-year Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund. The ceremony was different for 2015 compared to prior years, recognizing the firm by name and allowing fund management teams to receive the awards. President and Co-Founder, James Dondero is one of the managers of the fund and contributed to its success by consistent monitoring, analyzing, and applying risk strategies.

Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors, LP is an investment management firm that invests in international equity, hedge markets, and fixed income concentrating on high yield bonds and leverage loans. The Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund (HFROF) among others, such as the Long – Short Equity, Long – Short Healthcare and Global Allocation are the firm’s featured investment fund. HFROF is a fund that pursues investment opportunities in Floating Rate Bank Loans which are debt responsibilities of companies with interest rates that fluctuate or float sporadically. The loans are also known as senior loans, which are short duration and floating rate securities that offer potential high income in a variety of markets.

Highland Capital successfully managed the fund in 2014 and 2015, receiving Lipper Fund Awards for the 3-year Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund. The firm also was successful for its 5-year Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund and received a 2015 Lipper Fund Award for their high performance. The management team of the fund is elated for their recognition at the Lipper Fund Awards Ceremony. Highland Capital Management manages billions of dollars in equities each year.

Since the early 1990’s, James Dondero has displayed his proficiency as a Certified Management Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst. He is an expert, investor, entrepreneur and leader in the hedge fund industry. Dondero helps issue securities, purchase securities, manage assets, provide financial & investment advice, and trade securities.

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