The Phenomenal Woman-Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is the founding partner of the P3 Executive Consulting Firm. She offers consultancy services in marketing, branding, operational efficiencies, and talent management.In addition, she is a motivational speaker and has spoken to diverse audiences about women empowerment. His father who was then a football couch brought up Susan together with her two elder brothers in Ohio. His father greatly influenced her personality as he constantly encouraged her to work hard and became what she wanted to be.He always told her that her feminine gender was not a determinant of her career destiny. Because of the good moral upbringing, Susan learnt how to present her ideas and thoughts with great confidence regardless of the type of audience at hand. She learnt to put behind what people said about women and preferred to focus on what empowered women. According to Susan McGalla on wikinvest, an individual’s gender was neither hindering nor helpful rather what someone had to offer to the society. Consequently, Susan has always been equally confident working with men as well as with women. Her confidence has been very instrumental in the success of her career.

Educational and career background

She graduated with a degree in marketing from Mount Union College in 1990 and began practicing her expertise in Joseph Horne Company. Four years later, she moved to Eagle Outfitters Company, which was apparently predominated by male employees in both the executive and board positions. Her hard work and career excellence in Eagles marked the start of her ascension to lifetime experience and accomplishments. She became a true symbol of cultural change where both men and women worked indiscriminately. She held numerous executive positions at Eagles Company, where her leadership was marked with tremendous transformations and changes, which lifted the company to a higher level of excellence. Following the changes, Susan was named the president and the chief merchandizing officer of the eagle’s outfitters company. As the president of the company, she was charged with the responsibility of managing an e-commerce site, four brands, and P&L revenues.She oversees the merchandizing, marketing, and design of American teens’ wears.

Currently, Susan works as a consultant of top personalities in finance industry particularly when they require an insiders’ view of the retail’s world. The success her career does not come on a silver platter, her journey to excellence is punctuated with hard work, flexibility and passion. McGalla says she never allowed her gender to come between herself and her career goals. She is in the board of advisors of the Mount Union College. She is also a former CEO of publicly traded company, Wet Seal. Wet Seal provides real estate and research services. She is married to Stephen McGalla.

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