Using Home Cleaning Services to Make a Good First Impression

You spend all of your time in class. From sunup to sundown, even at night, all you do is study. Every once in a while, you may have just a little time to unwind and when you do, you probably don’t want to clean. You probably want to hang out with friends. If this sounds like your life than I definitely feel for you.

You stay out late with your friends on a spontaneous double date and when 3 o’clock in the morning hits, your new friend asks to come home with you for a conversation nightcap. What does your room look like? Is your room conducive to intimate encounters with the fairer sex, or does your room look like junk dumpster?

So, your new friend comes back to your room and for some reason, she fully enjoys her time with you. The funny thing is, she doesn’t leave her number. Does she feel as if she has breached her standards and has hit an all-time low by “befriending” you so quickly? If your room looked amazing, would she had left her number with you? Not just because you are a great, intimate friend for her to know, but also because you are tidy and she is not ashamed to be around you? Well, when it comes to pleasing your friends and acquaintances, you should never have to guess. Success with the fairer sex should just happen and they should be proud to be your friend, as opposed to ashamed.

Now, let’s look at an alternative scenario- You go to class all day. You have an hour and a half break where you can pretty much do whatever you want until your next class, then which begins at 2 o’clock and ends at 6 o’clock. With an app, you message Handy, Home Cleaning Services and request that your dorm room is thoroughly cleaned by their nearest cleaning specialist. They arrive 20 minutes later with all of their cleaning tools and supplies and clean your dorm room until it is spotless. Before they are done cleaning, you leave for your next class. When you come back to your room, it is absolutely spotless.

Now, you have a little extra time before to kill with your friends. You go to the bar and you are wearing some pretty nice clothes. Why, because they were just cleaned by your cleaning lady. You look amazing with your extended wardrobe (because your laundry is clean.) Some really nice people at the bar want to become friends with you on a more intimate, personal level. They come back to your room for a nightcap and, as opposed to the other guys whose dorms they’ve visited in the last two years, yours has has broken the all-time record for being neat and tidy, although you are an aggressive, confident and ravenous man who knows what he wants in life. Tidy and ravenous rarely come together and they do, it is a win-win. She opens herself up to you like a best friend and when she leaves in the morning to her first class, she leaves her phone number on your dresser and asks you to call her. Why? Because she sees you as a keeper.

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