Why You Will Like Yeonmi Park’s Courage

Yeonmi Park is not your typical twenty-one-year-old girl. She is a global public figure and an aggressive human rights activist who is loathed by the North Korean regime. Since she started her human rights campaign, she has managed to become a brand ambassador for all the voiceless and oppressed people from all over the world who feel the need to have their human rights recognized better from where they live.

The North Korean government does not take her efforts lightly, and it has termed her as a human rights propaganda puppet recently. Many do not actually understand why the largest nuclear power in the world and with the largest army has to fear her until they come across her earth moving speeches about why her native country is supposed to embrace human rights as a way of daily life.

The North Korean administration is well known to attack its defectors. It has a trademark style that it uses to taint their image as not only defectors but as people who have total disregard of being loyal to their country. The regime is well known to issue threats that go beyond just mere rhetoric. Many defectors have previously lost their lives in their attempts to fight for their human rights though the most common method the regime uses is character assassination.

Park of youngvoicesadvocates was born in North Korea and belonged to an affluent family until her father was jailed for being involved in some illegal business. From that point, their life turned for the worst, and they had to escape from the country in search of a better life that was devoid of all the hardships in North Korea. In her native country, people live in enforced slavery and the regime dictates what people wear, what music they listen to, what they read and anyone who is contrary to the above is labelled as being a traitor and against the law.

When she gave an emotional speech at the One Young World Summit, Park said that she wished her dictator could hear and feel her saying that his leadership has turned North Korea into an unimaginable country where freedom is a privilege to the elite. When she was only nine years old, she saw with her own eyes her mother’s best friend being executed because she was found watching an ‘illegal’ movie. She began her escape from her native country through China when she was thirteen years and while, on it, she witnessed her mother being raped by a human trafficker.

When her dad was released from prison, he joined them in China where he succumbed to colon cancer and she had to bury him alone in the night secretly to avoid being caught and sent back to North Korea. In her short life, she has endured a lot, and it takes a brave heart and courage to move on with life even after all that. She is presently a celebrity of all sorts and uses her image in the public domain to encourage others that they can overcome as well if they have courage and determination.

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