A Summary on the Life and Work of Shaygan Kheradpir

Unlike many people, Shaygan Kheradpir has experienced a multicultural background in his upbringing. Testament to this is his birth in London and later being raised in Iran. The trend continues on to his educational background, whereby he moved to the United States. Shagygan’s education prowess is evident having earned himself a bachelor’s degree, masters and a Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University.

He started out his career in GTE laboratories, where he worked on various operations that included network management, routine, and control. Subsequently, due to his excellent work ethic he was promoted to the Chief Information Officer for the corporation. Kheradpir later served as the president of Verizon’s division of e-business upon the merger between Bell Atlantic and GTE to create Verizon Communications.

At Verizon, Forbes Kheradpir became very instrumental to the company’s growth and development. He came up with teams that were charged with the role of creating ideas for new products. Under his leadership, his team actively aided in the development of Verizon’s FiOS .In addition, the same team is also acknowledge for the inception of iobi, which is responsible for managing caller ID, address books and several other functions across mobile phone devices. Kheradpir is further recognized for his effort that made the company’s information technology budget to decline from 6% to 4% during his term.

Nevertheless, Kheradpir joined Barclays to become the Chief Operating Officer of the bank. Consistent with his work ethic, Shaygan made remarkable contributions in the bank that included the creation of the TRANSFORM program. The program marked the bank’s efforts of transformation to embrace the 21st Century in at least fifty countries with around one-hundred and fifty thousand employees. Pingit, which is a mobile payments software, became yet another innovative product from Shagygan’s leadership as a Chief Operations and Technology Officer.

Later in January 2014, Kheradpir left Barclays to join Juniper Networks as its Chief Executive Officer. Kheradpir did not disappoint in Juniper with the establishment of the company’s (IOP), Integrated Operating Plan. This helped in the concentration and execution of High IQ and Cloud Builder Networking. The IOP plan helped in budget cuts of $160 million and revenue returns of $3billion to the shareholders in a period of three years through increasing bonuses and purchasing shares.

Kheradpir later left Juniper to join Coriant as its board chairperson and chief executive officer to succeed Pat DiPetro. Coriant is a supplier of solutions in networking to major network operators in various countries. His appointment was due to his previous work with the senior management at Coriant. Shaygan was an operating partner at the parent company, Marlin Equity Partners. Coriant has managed to attain major deals with key international carriers that include China Unicom, and Australia’s NBN.

Further, Mr. Kheradpir has served on various boards in several institutions. These include the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the YMCA of Greater New York’s advisory board. Commensurate to his academic proficiency in engineering, he is a member of the engineering council at the Cornell University.

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