Eyewitness Descriptions Might Not Be Totally Reliable

At crime scenes, witnesses who were viewing the exact same event, might render vastly different descriptions and interpretations. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to rely simply on what we see “right-in-front-of-our-eyes” for a variety of reasons. Thankfully, there might be a new image recognition software that can be used to search for items automatically.

“Describing Things People Or Events Can Be Challenging”

Simply because you view a dress, jacket or shoe does not mean that you can accurately describe it to others. You might really like the look, but simply have problems due to eyesight, memory, perspective or explanatory aptitude. Academicians have discovered that eyewitness testimony is not always the most reliable.

People with poor vision might not be able to determine colors, shapes and sizes in much detail. Bad memory could leave you forgetting a very important detail. And some people are simply not very good at describing things.

“Slyce Snapshot Software Sells”

Italian software developers at Slyce have created an image recognition technology that can be used by both mobile and desktop users. Old images can be enhanced using this technology. New images can be compared to others to find matches.

Besides law enforcement applications, regular consumers can use this “deep learning” technology to compare products or faces with online examples. At a dinner party, you can take a picture of a beautiful dress and use the Slyce technology to search online for its match.

The MIT Technology Review investigated this artificial intelligence reporting that “Pinterest” and “Shoes.com” were conducting real life testing to determine the viability of the technology. Sharing photographs can be a great way to connect. Social media can use Slyce to compare celebrities or even look for distinctive features in babies.

“A Camera In Every Hand”

Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook have made it easy to share our lives in real-time. Just click on a button, snap a picture and send. Now the Slyce technology takes this to the next level. Individuals can actually search and shop using images, what a nice thought.

Europe An Alternative Market for Venture Capital Firms

Since the beginning of the last half decade, the European companies are beginning to rise in the market dominated by the American and Asian firms. Europe has a well-trained and talented workforce keen on new era technology innovations. This market is becoming the green pasture for American venture capital firms escaping the domestic competition. The analysts are estimating the new market to rise above the American and the Asian pioneers in the next century.

Mentioning innovations, it’s also interesting to associate it with the need for more capital. This trend is attracting more American venture capital firms investing in the capital-starved business. Currently, the American Giants are already making returns on the new market and more and more are joining. The capital starved new businesses is a hunting ground for investors. Among them is the leading healthcare sector investment firm Highland Capital management.

Highland capital investment firm is headquartered in Dallas. Headed by James Dondero, The firm is the leader in alternative investment with assets excess of $21 billion. The company’s largest investment sector is the health care sector. Headed by Michael Gregory, Highlands’s healthcare sector is a darling of investors. The manager pedigree is reputable, and the investor relations are distinguished. The largest industry of the giant investment firm has been built for years. Recently, the company received the prestigious US hedge funds award from HFM. The award was both a confirmation of the company’s commitment to investing in the health sector and leader in excellence performance. The investment industry is full of competition and making it to the list is a tribute to the good leadership and management skills. Jim congratulated his team for their efforts in making the firm great.

Under Jim’s excellent and professional leadership, the firm’s future growth path is very optimistic. The company provides legal and expert advice in security trading and financial information. Highland Capital Management firm is the pioneer of collateralized loan obligations introduced in 1996. Jim has led the company to recover well from the 2008 economic crises that rocked the industry in a surprise. The crises were the worst to hit the sector since 1929. Several investment firms recorded huge losses. Nevertheless, the company has recovered from the financial menace and has currently over 21 billion in assets and over 1000 employees. It also has operational offices in New York, Singapore, and Brazil.

The article is a recap from http://www.seattletimes.com/business/technology/venture-capital-turns-its-attention-to-europe/

Beneful is a Hit at The Animal Shelter

I work at an animal shelter where we give all of our dogs Beneful dog food. We give each dog a different type of Beneful. I just wanted to talk about how great Beneful products have been for us at the animal shelter. We use Beneful Originals for our big breeds, Beneful Incredibites for our small breeds, and Beneful Healthy Puppy for all of our puppy’s. We have never once had any problems at all with any of the dogs being on these types of Beneful. Before Beneful we gave all our animal shelter dogs a different type of dog food and we had a lot of problems with the dogs getting sick or not wanting to be on the food. We buy all three types of Beneful Originals that are sold for our big breeds so that the dogs can sniff out which food they might like the best when we first get them. The three types are chicken, beef, and salmon. Most of our big breed dogs on purinastore.com pick the beef, but a couple chose chicken and a couple salmon. So beef Beneful Originals is a hit around here. All the puppies enjoy their Beneful puppy food and scarf it down as fast as they can. Also, the small breeds love their Incredibites and we do too because they come in tiny pieces so they are easy for our small breed dogs to digest. I like the results Beneful on purina has had on the dogs at the shelter so much that I even bought some and brought it home for my dogs to try. They loved it more than the food they ate before. My cat, even tried to sneak the dog food a few times. Beneful must be from the heavens because every dog I know loves it more than they love human food. In fact, my dogs don’t even beg for my food anymore, they love it so much.

Facts You Never Knew About Ricardo Guimarães Of BMG

Working to beat competition may seem as one of the most challenging task, but for BMG, they have been able to excel seamlessly in the highly competitive banking sector. BMG is a well established banking institution based in Brazil and for the past 30 years, they have experienced gradual growth, which is attributed to proper management and sensitivity to customer needs. The company has signed many partnerships that have helped to nurture young talents. Recently, BMG got into a partnership with tennis player Marcelo Melo, whom they have offered to sponsor up to the coming 2016 Olympics competitions.

According to an article available here, Ricardo Guimarães is confident that Marcelo will be able to emerge a winner in the forthcoming competitions. They have worked with the player for some time before and have decided to help him achieve international standards in the sport. Ricardo Guimarães explains that they are committed in all manner to offer support for Marcelo and that they shall ensure he prepares well for the competitions. He also further says that BMG is considering keeping the partnership even after the 2016 competitions. On this, they are confident Marcelo will make them proud by winning yet another Olympics competition.

In the past, offering support to upcoming talented players has worked positively and has allowed BMG to earn positive publicity. This has been contributed by the fact that they have hired the right leadership to man different projects. Ricardo Guimarães is a professional who has been key to the success of the company as he has always ensured every project is handled perfectly without unnecessary wastage. His business background and many years of experience allows him to clearly understand some of the things that are needed to help BMG sail through seamlessly. On this, he has been able to earn positive reputation for BMG by ensuring the community enjoys some benefits form the company.

Ricardo Guimarães has ensured BMG offers support to different struggling football clubs in Brazil, and this has helped many young individuals to grow their talents. His approach to offering support and guidance to different teams has been key to allowing the company to gain the right image in the society. This is not the only project they have been able to handle; the company has also worked to offer services that help to keep the environment clean and habitable for all beings and animals.

Source: R7.com

Beneful Dog Food – Amazing Products You Need To Feed Your Dog

Beneful is one of the few dog food brands that stands out because of their approach to natural and organic food manufacturing. Everything they offer is unique, professional, and can help take good care of your health. Beneful is by far one of the few brands you need to consider if you want to give your dog enjoyable top notch dog food.

Healthy Smile Dental Twists

This specific dog food is great because it is meant to give your dog an enjoyable meal while also helping their teeth improve. Give your dog this dental great to help reduce annoying plaque that may buildup and any tartar that may grow.nit helps support their teeth effectively and encourage strong bones. The freshening of the breath is what helps provide dogs a better smelling mouth.

Beneful Baked Delight Snackers With Peanut Buttere

This peanut butter and cheese flavored snacks are great for dogs to give them a nice savory experience. The snacks are oven baked that have soft centers that are both natural and artificial. With multiple flavors, you’ll surely enjoy seeing your dog taste these treats and eat them up.

Baked Delights Hugs

This baked delights are the perfect thing to give your dog an extra snack when they’re bored. Every dog could use this and enjoy the beef and cheese. These crispy dog treats are soft and wonderful for dogs to eat.

Health Smile Dental Ridges

Just like the first product, this is perfect to give your dog the best teeth possible. This specific one is great because of the taste. The savory meaty middles with parsley are great to help improve your dog’s smile. This is probably one of the few products from Beneful that really helps enhance their teeth and really improve the breath. Beneful is such a great product that you need to try, and the quality of the food almost ensures you get your dog a nice snack that helps with their mouth.

Beneful is always thinking of new ways to help dogs with their teeth, health, and over body. The brand is known for going above and beyond with what they offer people. The quality in food, the design of tastes, and won’t eyes pala cage their products always makes them stand out in terms of quality compared to other brands. I know personally that Beneful is always creating dog food that dogs are actually going to enjoy eating.