Beneful is a Hit at The Animal Shelter

I work at an animal shelter where we give all of our dogs Beneful dog food. We give each dog a different type of Beneful. I just wanted to talk about how great Beneful products have been for us at the animal shelter. We use Beneful Originals for our big breeds, Beneful Incredibites for our small breeds, and Beneful Healthy Puppy for all of our puppy’s. We have never once had any problems at all with any of the dogs being on these types of Beneful. Before Beneful we gave all our animal shelter dogs a different type of dog food and we had a lot of problems with the dogs getting sick or not wanting to be on the food. We buy all three types of Beneful Originals that are sold for our big breeds so that the dogs can sniff out which food they might like the best when we first get them. The three types are chicken, beef, and salmon. Most of our big breed dogs on pick the beef, but a couple chose chicken and a couple salmon. So beef Beneful Originals is a hit around here. All the puppies enjoy their Beneful puppy food and scarf it down as fast as they can. Also, the small breeds love their Incredibites and we do too because they come in tiny pieces so they are easy for our small breed dogs to digest. I like the results Beneful on purina has had on the dogs at the shelter so much that I even bought some and brought it home for my dogs to try. They loved it more than the food they ate before. My cat, even tried to sneak the dog food a few times. Beneful must be from the heavens because every dog I know loves it more than they love human food. In fact, my dogs don’t even beg for my food anymore, they love it so much.

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