Homejoy Bankruptcy is Handy for Handy

Handy experienced home cleaners allow customers to book home cleaning services through an efficient online platform. Handy home cleaning is a top-notch Company offering the best and affordable home cleaning services at the doorstep of your home. Handy has experienced and qualified personnel who provide quality services at a friendly and reliable manner.

Handy specializes in some services that include the assembly of furniture in your house, mounting of Television appliances, hanging pictures, and placing on shelves in your house. Handy also offers plumbing and electrical services. The handy company comprises of staff that is experienced and insured for the safety of the clients. This Company works on a daily basis with a customer help desk that operates for more than eighteen hours a day.

Handy works with a money refunding policy that states that the client should get full reimbursement of the paid fee if he is not satisfied with the work done. Handy has also been working with the technological advancement staff to make sure that the customers’ needs and specifications are met. Handy introduced an app that will be helping clients to book for online services in a simple and clear way.

This company has been facing competition from other home cleaning agents located in the area. Homejoy Company, which is a startup Company in the field, was encountered by closure challenges after lawsuits threatened to treat the casual contractors as permanent employees of the Homejoy Company, a scenario that left the company with no option but to close down. According to the lawsuits policy, the startups Company were supposed to treat the contractors as specified employees. That means the contractors would encounter an additional of twenty percent of labor costs, to reach forty percent.

Homejoy Company had managed to raise thirty-eight million dollars in a partnership venture with Redpoint Ventures, Google platform, and the 1st Round Capital. Before being faced with operational challenges, the Company was providing home cleaning services, home repairs, and carpet cleaning services. In a release made by the Company, the managerial staff explained that the Company had to close due to the home services space unresolved challenges.

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