Skout Conducts Survey On New Year’s Resolutions

Over the years I have tried hard to identify myself. It takes years of dating and growing up to realize what type of person you are and who you want to surround yourself with. I realized just recently that the people I surround myself with and the environment that I live in is a huge part of the person I am to become. The people that I find important to me in my life are a reflection of who I see myself as in the world. I have had trouble making friends at some points in my life. Could this be because I was unfriendly at the time? I think it is because I was shy around new people.

I found that meeting people online is much easier. There is some reason that we talk, and we have shared interests in life, so when we meet up in person there is already something to talk about. It’s like we already know each other, and we are picking up the conversation that we started online like we were old friends. It’s a beautiful thing to meet new people this way. I’ve met plenty of people through a social media and online dating application for my phone. It’s an app called Skout, and it’s totally different than any social media or dating app that you may have tried in the past. Skout allows you to see the people in your area that you might get along with, and you can take it upon yourself to go from there. I usually have a few new people message me every couple of days after they found my profile on Skout.

People use the application for a long list of different things, everything from finding cool online friends to finding lifelong partners. I met a bunch of my friends on Skout. I even found this article that goes over why having friends like this is so important to self development. It’s from SAT PR News, and it talks about a survey that Skout conducted to get to know users’ New Year’s resolutions. I’ll admit that I learned a lot from this article about the important of a solid, close knit group of friends that you can rely on. It helps with everything from career development to understanding your personal style. If you’d like to take a peak at the article for yourself, follow this link.

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