Michael Jackson Impersonator Sergio Cortes Is The Real Deal

Michael Jackson still has an enormous fan base. His music continues to sell in almost every corner of the world. Jackson is a music legend. He has taken his rightful seat next to Elvis Presley, The Big Bopper, Whitney Houston and Richie Valens. All of those musical geniuses died too soon. Fans were left with the music and the memories of those legends, but some of those fans want more of Michael Jackson, and Sergio Cortes gives Michael to them.
Sergio Cortes has been called the top Michael Jackson impersonator in the world by the online magazine R7.com. Fans around the world agree. Sergio Cortes not only looks like Jackson, but he becomes Jackson on stage. The 44-year-old Spaniard has been developing his Jackson impersonation for more than 30 years, and the result is nothing short of amazing. Sergio walks, talks and sings like Michael. After a Cortes performance ends, the audience wants more. They want more Michael and Cortes usually gives his audiences what they want.
Brazil is Sergio’s country now. Brazilians can’t get enough of Sergio Cortes. Sergio has more than 17,000 Twitter followers, and he doesn’t disappoint when he posts a tweet about something Michael. His fans ask him how he does what he does, and the likeable Cortes tells them exactly how he becomes Michael on stage.
Sergio believes there’s a part of Jackson with him when he is impersonating the music legend. Michael seems to be listening and watching as Cortes moon walks across the stage. Sergio does the famous hat tip, and white glove grab that made Jackson a one-of-a-kind performer and audiences go wild.
There is more to a Cortes performance than the impersonation. Sergio brings subtle elements of his own personality into his performance in order for audiences to know there was only one Michael Jackson. Cortes says his impersonation of Jackson has more to do with honouring the musical giant than trying to become exactly like him. But audiences do say he looks and acts exactly like Jackson.
There are many Michael Jackson impersonators in the world. Most of them do a good job bringing parts of Jackson back to life. But Cortes brings all of Michael Jackson back to like according to Sergio’s Facebook followers.
Sergio entertains audiences all over the world. His show in Italy brought the house down, and a recent performance in Madrid left the audience spellbound by all things “MJ.” Impersonating is an art form and Sergio Cortes is a master artist. Even though he has been performing as Michael since he was a teenage, it never gets old. He knows Michael is watching and smiling as he performs the moves and the music that influenced several generations.

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Ways the New York Real Estate Market Will Change in 2016

The new year brings changes, and that is just as true for the New York Real Estate market. According to New York Daily News there are some trends and changes that buyers and sellers should be aware of in the coming year.

The first thing that will happen is that rising interest rates will cause buyers to slow down, which will cause prices to lower. While deals will still be made, they will be harder to close, as buyers will be more reluctant to make them. It will be harder to sell. Homes that sold during the first open house may take several weeks to a month to find a buyer.

There will also be a larger gap in the expectations of sellers. Sellers are likely to be either very realistic or have pie in the sky expectations. Because the market is softening one of the biggest changes is that buyers will focus more on prime locations, in part because prices are expected to be low. Even so, baby boomers, who often pay in cash will still be an important part of the market as both buyers and sellers. They buy residences in the city to be closer to their families or move out to the suburbs and sell their property in the city.

New rentals will try to tempt prospective buyers away from buying and towards renting by offering special incentives. Incentives such as reduced fees and deposits, as well as free rent for the first month or so are sure to entice many prospective buyers away.

Demand for luxury condos, which are generally in the 10 million price range and up will continue to grow. Additionally, the demand for entry level luxury condos, which are priced between one and three million, will also continue to grow.

Town Real Estate is a real estate company that specializes in the buying and selling of luxury condos and apartments in the New York City area. They are especially equipped to handle the kinds of changes that this market brings.

The team of experts at Town Real Estate deals with a diverse range of real estate properties in the NYC apartments for sale and luxury market. They have experts who deal exclusively in sales, new developments, and in commercial real estate. They can help you buy and sell luxury real estate easily and efficiently.

Is Russia Really Our Friend Against the Common Enemy?

The successful business man, philanthropis,t and political activist George Soros published an article on Project Syndicate regarding the role of Russia in the fight against ISIS, article short of unconventional. Many of us westerners, whether Europeans or Americans, have the believe that President Vladimir Putin is on our side in fighting the common enemy. But we are wrong.
According to Forbes billionaire George Soros, there is a plethora of evidence contradicting our views. For instance, the Russian military has for been bombing the southern and northern parts of Syria, leaving thousands of Syrian citizens homeless and in danger. Therefore, many of them have had to leave to countries like Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. And currently there are countless of Syrians out there desperate to receive admission to such countries, large immigration which would result in Europe’s collapse.

But Putin cannot fool Soro, a financial and philosophical genius. According to Soros, Russia is doing the same to us like he did to Ukraine, when he agreed to the Minsk Agreement but failed to comply. Thus, it does not matter how many speeches he makes about fighting the common enemy. His actions show otherwise, even though some of his plans failed as shown with the conflicts that he created with Turkey. Nevertheless, as long as out politicians keep hiding from us the truth, we will not win this war.

Soro argues that Russia will go into a financial crisis in 2017. Their foreign debt, combined with European Union’s sanctions and prices of oil, will make it difficult for Russia to endure such crisis. A collapse is most likely inevitable. Couple such factors with Russia’s bad GDP, which the government will have to reduce in order to prevent inflation, along with the contentious deficit of social security, the citizen’s standard of living will decline as well as Putin’s reputation.

Thus, in order for Putin’s regime to survive the European Union has to collapsed first. The European Union cannot continue to impose its sanctions on Putin’s regime while in decline, making it easier for Russia to survive. Soros mentioned Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, who went to turkey in order to negotiate with the Turkish government so that the Syrian refugees could be induced to stay longer. In exchange of steady and low waves of immigration to Europe, the Turkish government could not let its refugees go to Greece. We do after all have politicians that are aware of reality. The migration crisis can destroy Europe because of its economic problems.

Soros pointed out that we should not overestimate ISIS or any group of Muslim terrorists. Although ISIS is a danger, we should be aware that Russia is a bigger threat and also be proactive about it. Soros argues that they have found what we westerners fear most, phobia which is death. They have won in making us fearful of Islam, and they are benefiting from it.

Soros is the founder and chairman of Soros Fund Managment as well as of Open Society Foundation. After being a financial analyst and hedge fund manager for decades, since the 1980s he has been a prominent philanthropist and political activist. Through his Open Society Foundation, which operates in more than 100 countries, he has donated millions of dollars to many institutions, whether academic, political, or cultural. Soros was awarded an honorary degree from Oxford University for his noble contributions to the world.

George Soros and Philip Diehl of U.S. Money Reserve on China

Recently on a podcast on Enterprise Podcast Network, Philip Diehl explained conditions that had driven the global market over the last decade. Those factors he said include volatility in the market, speculation on momentary funds and the rising value of the U.S. dollar. More importantly, Philip Diehl spelled out the things that were driving the current market including oil, weakness in the U.S dollar and geo-political conditions around the globe.
One condition that bears further exploration is the effect of China on world markets. China is experiencing a slow down of their economy that is having consequences throughout the world. It is the reason that George Soros has said that conditions are similar to 2008.
First, no one knows for sure exactly how much the Chinese economy has slowed down. Chinese authorities suggest that it is near eight percent. Many experts feel that the true number is much higher. One of the reasons that the economy is slowing down is that it is transferring from making goods to being a service based economy. Therefore, the slow down may be long term.
Despite efforts by the Chinese government to get people to buy homes, they are not responding. This has created a host of new homes on the market. Therefore, there is no need to build more, so the demand in China for iron ore, petroleum and other commodities has disappeared. These were products that China imported from Australia, Russia and other countries. Therefore, their economy has slowed too. This has happened in the United States as importers and exporters had to look for new market streams.
Since China has caused so much uncertainty, it is reasonable to worry about your investments. Philip Diehl has spent his life studying financial markets as the leader of the United States Mint, the United States Treasury and the Senate Committee on Finance. He highly recommends that you buy gold. It is the same advice that George Soros provides. According to Diehl, the best way to buy gold is from U.S. Money Reserve where he serves as president.

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Philip Diehl Discusses Gold Coin Investing

The subject of investing is one that comes up frequently on EPN podcasts. Philip Diehl, the president of U.S. Money Reserve, was a recent interview guest, and he had much to say about investing in gold coins. Many are looking closely at investing in gold. Not everyone knows there is much of a difference between investing in gold coins vs. bullion or bars. Diehl explains why coins are frequently the better option.

Diehl reveals that legitimate gold coins backed by the full faith and credit of a government have tremendous value. U.S. Money Reserve deals with numerous gold, silver, and platinum coins made by the U.S. Mint. The coins are legal tender in the United States, and no question mark surrounds the legitimacy of the coins.

Strangely, a number of counterfeit coins have entered the global market. The fake coins are utterly worthless from an investment perspective. Knowing one has purchased a coin produced by the U.S. Mint does eliminate concerns over counterfeiting.

Diehl does know a lot about the U.S. Mint. He previously served as its director before venturing to U.S. Money Reserve. One very interesting part of the interview is when Diehl goes into detail about his work at the Mint.

Prior to Diehl’s tenure as director, the U.S. Mint focused mainly on domestic distribution of its coins. Diehl helped expand the distribution network of the collectible and precious metal coins throughout the world. The global distribution strategy, a strategy driven by a reliance on instituting good customer service, was a major success. Diehl is now taking the same successful approach he brought to the U.S. Mint to U.S. Money Reserve.

Diehl reveals on the interview concerns over monetary policy are fueling a renewed interest in gold investing. Many are sure to turn to U.S. Money Reserve for their purchases. The company has helped hundreds of thousands of customers buy gold. Good customer service and quality products contribute to this high figure.

Thor Halvorssen Fighting Injustice Around the World

Thor Halvorssen is a prominent human rights activist, who is the founder of Human Rights Foundation with offices in New York City. His organization is dedicated to the protection of human rights around the world. They pay special attention to “closed societies” which are governed by dictators or repressive regimes which undermine the rights of the individuals of their state. Sadly, the world needs a lot of help from Halvorssen and organizations like the Human Rights Foundation to open up these “closed societies” for the betterment of its citizens.
We must consider the number of governments and kingdoms and even war lords who mercilessly control their populations by coercion and fear. Of the 196 countries in the world, how many have “open societies”.
The founders of the United States Constitution had created an incredible symbol of freedom and democracy to the rest of the world. We have served as an example to the world, but many monarchies continue unabated and unchallenged by their citizens.
Thor Halvorssen founded the Oslo Freedom Forum through efforts and in league with the Human Rights Foundation. Every year the Oslo Freedom Forum offers a dias for expressions of freedom and calls for aid from countless advocates, former heads of state and Nobel Prize winners to tackle the problems created by these “closed societies” and their dictatorial rulers.
Halvorssen produced “Sugar Babies,” a documentary about the human rights violations of children working in the sugar fields of the Dominican Republic. “Sugar Babies” won the jury prize at the Delray Beach Film Festival in Florida, and Amnesty International has made it a part of their tour.

Ask Halvorssen about his goal and he will tell you simply to bring peoples of all walks of life together in equality.

Philip Diehl Is Interviewed Online at EPN

A surge in the acquisition with gold usually coincides with nervousness over the stock market and the world’s currency. In a recent podcast interview, Philip Diehl pointed out monetary policy concerns do drive people to buy gold. This makes sense. if the dollar is weak, gold could increase greatly in price. The demand for gold commonly increases when currency loses value. Most people realize this. What they do not always realize is where gold is purchased from means a lot. On the EPN network, Diehl went into great detail about procuring gold for investment purposes. Some things he discussed may prove incredibly interesting to someone thinking about buying gold.

Diehl currently serves as the president of U.S. Money Reserve, an Austin, TX-based seller of gold, silver, and platinum coins. The company is one of the biggest coin distributors in the entire nation. Hundreds of thousands of precious metal coins have been sold by the representatives at U.S. Money Reserve. Diehl made customer service a huge priority when he previously served as the director of the U.S. Mint. He brings that same approach to U.S. Money Reserve.

During the podcast, Diehl makes it very clear that a large portion of the gold coins sold through U.S. Money Reserve are legal tender made at the U.S. Mint. Not everyone may think this is very important. Gold bars and bullion are not legal tender, and these assets are still used for investment purposes. Diehl delivers a stern warning to would-be investors. Many foreign imports of counterfeit gold coins have been sold to unsuspecting customers. Counterfeit coins are, of course, worthless. Not only are they not real tender, they usually lack the purity required to be considered a legitimate investment asset.

U.S. Money Reserve only deals in real gold. No one has to worry about dubious purchases from this well-established, legitimate company. For coins to even be added to the inventory of U.S. Money Reserve, the coins must pass serious scrutiny and research.

The entire interview with Diehl goes into his philosophy about gold coin investing, and he discusses his management insights as well. Diehl was able to greatly expand the U.S. Mint’s distribution scale to include the entire globe. Diehl’s presence at U.S. Money Reserve seems to be a very positive one. In addition to stressing customer service, Diehl’s tenure has also been noted for the charitable endeavors the company is involved in.

Dog food Market said to boom for 2016

One of the leading forces in the pet food industry, Purina, and their Beneful dog food line combine great ingredients such as real meat and nutrient dense vegetables. This provides your pet with the best nutrition possible to give them a long and healthy life. Pet owners talk of the great improvement the Beneful dog food line has had on their Pet. Improvements in both their energy and coat. The Beneful line has several different selections of dog food available in order for the customer to find the best suitable food. Beneful has a wet and dry line of dog foods with 28 different varieties in total and treats with 11 additional variations. The dry food is available in salmon, chicken and beef flavors in order to cover all bases of tastes. There are also varieties for senior dogs, dogs of middle age and puppies as different ages have different requirements. The Beneful wet dog food selection has a similar 3 flavour choice however in addition to that customers have a choice of vitamin rich vegetables that are added. These include spinach, sweet potatoes, barely, peas, carrots and tomatoes. The treat selection is focused on dental care and come in different sizes, shapes and flavors. There is a cheese, bacon, beef, apple or peanut butter option and come in stick and star shapes.

The quality of this dog food is assured as manufacturers hand pick the ingredients and combine that with careful and very precise processing to create a top quality dog food ideal for dogs. Beneful has a large number of employees from research to manufacturing who are all invested in the well fair of your best friend, your dog.

Winning the hearts of pet owners around the world is the number one goal for companies the pet food industry. Constantly innovating companies such as pet food giant Freshpet Inc are on the forefront of this fast growing sector. They have managed to produce gourmet style foods for your pets which would remind us of the smell of thanks giving.


BMG’s Ricardo Guimarães Honored in Belo Horizonte

Ricardo is a Brazilian entrepreneur and the current president of BMG bank. He was born in Belo Horizonte and five years ago, the City Council of this area awarded him with a diploma of Merit at a request of Daniel Napomuceno, a Councilman. The chairman of the House, Leo Bourgeois de Castrol presided over the opening ceremony and later transferred to his colleague who chaired the meeting. Daniel Napomuceno took over from the chairman of the House, and he explained his satisfaction in honoring Ricardo Guimarães because he has shown his potential through investing in sports around Brazil.
The Chair of the House, Leo Bourgeois remembered that Ricardo Guimarães was honored and he received the Grand Collar of the legislative Award in 2004, and this time was equally satisfied with the new award. He further stressed that the honor was awarded as a result of individual achievements the entrepreneur has made especially in regard to sports activities in Brazil. Additional, the parliamentarian recalled the role played by the executive of BMG between 2001 and 2006 when he was the president of Clube Atletico Mineiro. Ricardo Guimarães initiated the construction of Training Center “Roosters” which is considered as the best equipped facility in the country.
Fred Costa, a State Representative at the region acknowledged the broad curriculum of Guimarães from sports patronage to football sponsorship, in addition to other sports like tennis, volleyball and gymnastics. Fred Costa further said the sponsorship by the entrepreneur has greatly contributed to the social development around Brazil. The MP also noted that Ricardo Guimarães has invested in St. Vincent Paul Hospital as well as the Whale Hospital. The deputy governor, Alberto Pinto Coelho, who was representing the governor, said the entrepreneur and his family deserved the tribute because of their commitment in development of sports in the country.
The Chairman of the House read the terms of the statute and gave it to the honored, Ricardo Guimarães. Councilman Daniel Nepomuceno and the Member of Parliament, Fred Costa gave the entrepreneur a plate representing a medal. On his part, Ricardo Guimarães thanked Daniel for his role of recognizing his ability. He further stressed that Belo Horizonte is his family and professional homeland and has everything it takes to be associated with the city.
Ricardo Guimarães said it was privilege to be honored for keeping the culture started by his grandfather many years ago. He added that BMG prefers to invest in sports and individual athletes in the society. Another person who attended the event was Flavio Guimarães Pentagna, the father to the honored. Indeed, since he was announced the president of Banco BMG, the bank has achieved great success becoming among the largest in the country.

Compliance Officers and the SEC

Compliance officers have been facing more scrutiny from the SEC, which is short hand for the Securities and Exchange Commission. Part of this comes from Helane Morrison becoming the district chief of the Commission.

Morrison joined the firm in 2007. She first served as head of the San Francisco branch of the SEC. Before that, she helped with enforcement in the same branch. Then, she represented the SEC in the legal, business, and financial communities. She is one of the first women to serve as the district chief of the SEC. Only three other women are on the administration teams – acting as the administrator of the Pacific Region in LA, the SEC Midwest region director, and the director of the northeast region of NYC.

Furthermore, she has quite a reputation. She earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism a Northwestern University, and a J.D from the University of California in Berkley. In Berkley, she was the editor-in-chief of the California Law Review.

In her new role at Hall Capital, Morrison will be picking up slack with compliance officers. These are the people who make sure the rules that the SEC has laid out are followed in business practice, and not pushed aside. Many are facing increasing scrutiny about when they avoid a close call and when a decision crosses what is supposed to be a very clear line in their ethics.

Two high profile cases that illustrate the scrutiny have been tried in 2015. One deals with BlackRock and one of their compliance officers. The officer failed to disclose outside business interests, and then had to pay a $60,000 fee. Policies were not in place to address having to disclose these interests to the board and to clients.

The other case involves SFX Financial Advisory Management Enterprises. THey were found guilty of failing to prevent a misappropriation of client assets. The CCO paid $25,000 to settle fees, and the company paid $150,000 for the same purpose. No matter what kind of issue arises, the compliance officers often take the hit for it.

To avoid it, the SEC is deciding to do it. They are debating taking compliance officers to a review at set points during the year. They are third parties in the businesses, after all. They do have their responsibilities.

To learn more about Helane Morrison, connect with her on LinkedIn.