Philip Diehl Is Interviewed Online at EPN

A surge in the acquisition with gold usually coincides with nervousness over the stock market and the world’s currency. In a recent podcast interview, Philip Diehl pointed out monetary policy concerns do drive people to buy gold. This makes sense. if the dollar is weak, gold could increase greatly in price. The demand for gold commonly increases when currency loses value. Most people realize this. What they do not always realize is where gold is purchased from means a lot. On the EPN network, Diehl went into great detail about procuring gold for investment purposes. Some things he discussed may prove incredibly interesting to someone thinking about buying gold.

Diehl currently serves as the president of U.S. Money Reserve, an Austin, TX-based seller of gold, silver, and platinum coins. The company is one of the biggest coin distributors in the entire nation. Hundreds of thousands of precious metal coins have been sold by the representatives at U.S. Money Reserve. Diehl made customer service a huge priority when he previously served as the director of the U.S. Mint. He brings that same approach to U.S. Money Reserve.

During the podcast, Diehl makes it very clear that a large portion of the gold coins sold through U.S. Money Reserve are legal tender made at the U.S. Mint. Not everyone may think this is very important. Gold bars and bullion are not legal tender, and these assets are still used for investment purposes. Diehl delivers a stern warning to would-be investors. Many foreign imports of counterfeit gold coins have been sold to unsuspecting customers. Counterfeit coins are, of course, worthless. Not only are they not real tender, they usually lack the purity required to be considered a legitimate investment asset.

U.S. Money Reserve only deals in real gold. No one has to worry about dubious purchases from this well-established, legitimate company. For coins to even be added to the inventory of U.S. Money Reserve, the coins must pass serious scrutiny and research.

The entire interview with Diehl goes into his philosophy about gold coin investing, and he discusses his management insights as well. Diehl was able to greatly expand the U.S. Mint’s distribution scale to include the entire globe. Diehl’s presence at U.S. Money Reserve seems to be a very positive one. In addition to stressing customer service, Diehl’s tenure has also been noted for the charitable endeavors the company is involved in.

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