Philip Diehl Discusses Gold Coin Investing

The subject of investing is one that comes up frequently on EPN podcasts. Philip Diehl, the president of U.S. Money Reserve, was a recent interview guest, and he had much to say about investing in gold coins. Many are looking closely at investing in gold. Not everyone knows there is much of a difference between investing in gold coins vs. bullion or bars. Diehl explains why coins are frequently the better option.

Diehl reveals that legitimate gold coins backed by the full faith and credit of a government have tremendous value. U.S. Money Reserve deals with numerous gold, silver, and platinum coins made by the U.S. Mint. The coins are legal tender in the United States, and no question mark surrounds the legitimacy of the coins.

Strangely, a number of counterfeit coins have entered the global market. The fake coins are utterly worthless from an investment perspective. Knowing one has purchased a coin produced by the U.S. Mint does eliminate concerns over counterfeiting.

Diehl does know a lot about the U.S. Mint. He previously served as its director before venturing to U.S. Money Reserve. One very interesting part of the interview is when Diehl goes into detail about his work at the Mint.

Prior to Diehl’s tenure as director, the U.S. Mint focused mainly on domestic distribution of its coins. Diehl helped expand the distribution network of the collectible and precious metal coins throughout the world. The global distribution strategy, a strategy driven by a reliance on instituting good customer service, was a major success. Diehl is now taking the same successful approach he brought to the U.S. Mint to U.S. Money Reserve.

Diehl reveals on the interview concerns over monetary policy are fueling a renewed interest in gold investing. Many are sure to turn to U.S. Money Reserve for their purchases. The company has helped hundreds of thousands of customers buy gold. Good customer service and quality products contribute to this high figure.

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