A Go Fund Me Campaign That Will Benefit Children around the World

There are many organizations out there that are doing good for others. In fact, some of these organizations are completely changing the lives of others. One such organization is Operation Smile. This organization started in 1982 by Bill Magee and his wife. They were working in the Philippines to help children who experienced facial deformities. Over the years, the organization has grown. Now, children in many countries across the entire globe benefit from the free surgical procedures that are performed by volunteer medical staff. Volunteers with this organization live in more than 80 different countries. They volunteer their time and their money in order to help children not only improve their physical health, but also to have a brighter future. This organization gives hope to children.

Avi Weisfogel supports this organization. For this reason, he has decided to launch a campaign that will benefit the organization. He hopes to get lots of people on board to help raise money for it. He wants to raise $2,000. This money will go a long way in helping to purchase medical supplies that can be used for surgeries. Individuals can use the platform Go Fund Me in order to make donations. The great thing about using this platform is that individuals can even make small donations.

Avi Weisfogel is a dentist and the owner of Old Bridge Dental Care. He works with clients who experience a variety of dental issues. Not only does he help them to have better oral health, but he wants to improve their quality of life. He realizes that when a person has a healthy, bright smile, they project a much better image to the world. A healthy smile means that people have more success in business and better personal relationships. Avi Weisfogel is interested in finding the best ways to do dental procedures. He spends many hours every year continuing his education. If there is a better way to do something, he wants to know about it. Many of his patients are individuals who were referred by other dentists because they knew that Avi Weisfogel would be able to find the best solution to the dental problem the patient was experiencing.

Children around the world are going to benefit from the money that is donated toward this cause. They will benefit physically and emotionally. The free surgeries that are given will help them to have a much brighter future and a better chance at success.

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Uncommon Charter Schools Receive A Helping Hand From Keith Mann

Keith Mann recently established a scholarship for graduating seniors from an Uncommon Charter High School. The name of the scholarship is the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. The scholarship is given to a deserving graduating senior from an Uncommon Charter High School each year. The purpose of the scholarship is to help the graduating seniors pay for college academic expenses.

As a businessman in the New York area, Keith Mann understands the need for a quality education. This is one of the reasons why he established the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement for graduating high school seniors. In many cases, the only chance that some children in low income and urban areas have to escape a life of poverty is through attending college and earning a college degree.

Scholarships such as the one established by Keith Mann gives children in public charter schools a viable chance to go to college. Without access to scholarships or other financial assistance, most children in low income and urban areas could not afford to go to college.

Keith Mann is the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners. He started the company in 2009. His company helps other companies fill key executive positions within the companies.
In addition, Keith Mann has over 15 years of experience helping companies fill key positions.

Uncommon Charter Schools is an organization that starts and maintains public charter schools in the New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts areas. The organization operates a network of public charter schools from K-12. Currently the organization operates over 40 public charter schools. The schools are located in low income and urban areas to help the children in the areas receive a quality education.

In many areas across the country, public education is suffering from a lack of financial support. In particular, in low income and urban areas. The reason public education tends to be lacking in low income and urban areas is because there is usually a significant need for additional money to help with public education. Without public charter schools, many children in these areas would not have access to a quality education.

Handy Cleaning Services Excels

Handy Cleaning Services is a business that has lured a lot of clients that simply don’t have the time or desire to put forth the effort to clean their homes. This company is run on the strength of contract workers, and it is becoming known in many metropolitan cities as the answer to on-demand home services.

Homeowners are taking notice of this because it marks a change in the way that people have become accustomed to acquiring different services for the home. There was a time when homeowners would keep a Rolodex of the different types of handy men that were needed to fix different issues. Handy would be the company that would change all of this. This is a company that has painters, plumbers, electricians, TV mount installers and home cleaners. Handy has contracted workers to have many different skill sets. This has allowed this company to become an all inclusive type of service that can cater to a large majority of needs that homeowners may have.

Handy has been able to grow and thrive in a short amount of time because the founder created a service that a lot of people actually need. There are shows on television like “Hoarders” that show that many people have psychological issues when it comes to cleaning. The average homeowner may not have a hoarding obsession, but many rooms in the homes can resemble some of these televised hoarding homes because many people are too busy or too lazy to simply find the time to clean. Fortunately, Handy has hundreds of different contractors in three different countries that are more than willing to make your home spotless. Many people are impressed with the services that this company has managed to provide to so many.

Video-email Marketing With Talk Fusion Allows You To Communicate With Body Language

If you have kids, then you know the power of digital screens. The lights and sounds completely engross the little ones. The effect is similar in adults. You’ve probably walked through an airport seeing an entire group of people staring aimlessly at the news playing on one small television screen. The point is that videos completely capture an audience and Talk Fusion wants you to start using videos in your email marketing.

One of the reasons that videos work so well is unspoken communication. Think about it, when two people talk, the majority of communication is happening through body language. Well, you can’t include body language in the body of an email. A picture is static and can only communicate one message. But a video can encapsulate a lot of body language, allowing you to convey a much deeper message than your competitors.

The research shows that videos are worth 1.8 million words, accord to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research. Pictures are only worth a thousand words and text is only worth its word count. The power of video lies in its ability to communicate more effectively through body language.

Videos are so captivating that potential customers are 20% more likely to open an email if they know a video is embedded in it. The depth of the communication that a video is capable of is compelling to any audience. And once that customer is inside the email, she is 2 to 3 times more likely to check out your website, known as a click-through rate. That rate jumps exponentially when a video is included in your email. But the end result is a 40% boost in overall sales from you email marketing campaign. You can’t argue with the numbers.

And to think that Talk Fusion’s founder, Bob Reina, discovered the power of video-email marketing back in the 90’s, when he first tried to send a video to his friends. America Online told him it couldn’t be done and he accepted the challenge. His friends loved the video and a business strategy was born, leading to the 8th largest internet content provider in the world.

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Slyce’s Report for the 2015 Financial Year Reveal Tremendous Growth

The financial report released by Slyce for the financial year and the fourth quarter ending October 31, 2015, shows the massive growth of this leading visual search company. There are several highlights concerning its business operations and they include the partnership entered into with SHOES.COM which is an online footwear store growing very rapidly. The company will use mobile image recognition platform from Slyce to take pictures of women’s footwear of any kind. Another highlight that year and quarter was when Neiman Marcus started using Slyce technology across all its products.

Slyce and Urban Outfitters entered into an agreement to power the mobile commercial visual search. Another agreement was between Slyce and Shoe Carnival the aim being to integrate the technology from Slyce.

The report also contained the financial update for that quarter and year. The company stopped offering its short-form prospectus. It continued its private placement financing targeting to raise up to $7 million. This was after a lead investor agreed to acquire units of the company worth $5 million. The lead investor started by acquiring $1.6 million in units of the company before acquiring additional $1.9 million. The aggregate subscriptions by the lead investor now stands at $3.5 million. The lead investor is free to acquire more subscriptions.

The report also contains the new developments seeking to improve the company’s core visual offering. New cases for visual search were introduced during that year. From the report however, it is clear that the company focused more on creating a system to ease on boarding through maximizing of integration efforts that are needed by new customers.

The specific achievements in technology included the Universal Scanner which is a new set of products in mobile visual search, Slyce Link which is the company’s proprietary technology solutions, introduction of a full 3D object recognition solution, 2D Content management System to enable the Universal Scanner detect printed media images and Coupon Author as a solution to retailers and agencies while creating optimized coupons.

The financial statements reveal that the total revenue was $1,692,292 up from $89,803 in the previous year. The operating expenses also increased as compared to the previous financial year. Net loss dropped from $17,576,576 in 2014 to $12,069,466.

About James Dondero, Highland Capital Management And Their 2016 Stock Market Plans

James Dondero is Highland Capital Managements’ boss for he founded, owns and manages the firm. James Dondero is an expert in the highly potential market of credit and equities. His 30 years career has been mostly spending on high-yield markets and distressed investments sector. In 1993, Jim as he is popularly recognized, moved a step higher and became an investor and entrepreneur and founded Highland Capital. Ever since this firm has been leading the market with innovative products. The firm is famed for the development and introduction of the famous Collateralized Loan Obligation otherwise known as (CLO) to the business market. Highland Capital Management has also been devoting its resources to credit-oriented solutions development that is meant for investors both institutional and retail across the globe. James Dondero and his Highland Capital Management have received slots of credits for their unique market and business growth promoting products such as institutional separate accounts and private equity funds. The James Dondero firm is also responsible for REITs, mutual funds and ETFs in the market.

In his 30 years credits and equity markets career, James Dondero gained a lot of experience and market expertise by working for various firms. From 1989 to 1993, James Dondero served at Protective Life as the Chief Investment Officer. Under his watch, the GIC subsidiary was created, and he enabled it to gain over $2B. James Dondero was at American Express between 1985 and 1989 as its Corporate Bond Analyst and was promoted to Portfolio Manager. Jim also worked as an analyst for the training program for Morgan Guaranty in 1984. He had also chaired boards of Cornerstone Healthcare, NexBank and CCS Medical over the past few years. As a board member, he has sat at American Banknote and MGM Studios boards. Professionally, he is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Management Accountant (CMA) all of which he perfectly met its academic qualifications. He holds an Accounting and Finance dual major from McIntire School of Commerce. He also has honors that was awarded to him by the University of Virginia.

James Dondero and his hedge fund firm, Highland Capital Management are very well prepared for the 2016 stock market season. Their trading period begins early next month when Argentina reopens its stocks trade in the international market. Highland Capital Management plans to purchase most of the stocks that thus country will put on the market something that it has been looking forward to for over 6months. The $19 billion Dallas-based hedge fund currently holds $4 billion in this countries economy which according to the deal, will mature by 2033. James Dondero shares that if the price of the coming Argentina stocks will be fair to enable his firm to make a worthwhile purchase.

Koch Network Fact and Fiction

Two decades ago Charles Koch wrote two unpublished papers detailing his political goals and motivations. Today these papers are the force behind some of the criticisms surrounding Charles Koch and his brother David. Almost ten years ago no one, including the Washington elite had even heard of these two multi billionaire brothers from Wichita, Kansas. What really put them on the political map was the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Citizens United vs FEC case. This ruling gave big corporations such as Koch Indistries, the right to donate huge sums of money to which ever political party they choose. Remember the old addage Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. This decision opened the doorway to big businesses buying their way into the White House and Congress. What does this have to do with Charles Koch you may wonder?

According to an article written by Bill Moyers, he writes, “Far from being independent of the GOP, the network’s operatives and resources are closely intertwined with the Republican Party. Forging this symbiosis, we believe, has been the whole point, a deliberate, long-term strategy to move the Republican Party to the far right. Koch honchos do not aim to displace the GOP; they want to capture and use it as a tool to radically cut back American government.” Special Interest think tanks like the Cato Institute, which was founded by Charles Koch, look at the receptiveness of certain public policies. This than allows the Koch network to gauge the best way to gain poularity for their point of view.

Charles Koch has brought together an estimated five hundred wealthy families to make up his network. As a fraternal member of Beta Theta Pi from his days at M.I.T., this already established brotherhood gave Charles the connections to some very wealthy families. Each member of the network is responsible for donating at least $100,000 towards Koch approved organizations. This network than meets twice a year to listen to liberal speakers and discuss political think tank agendas.

Charles Koch is a well educated, philanthropic gentleman who spent the better part of his life making Koch Industries the second largest privately owned corporation in America. He holds bachelor, masters, and doctorate degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of technology in engineering. He has also donated millions to many higher education institutes around the country.

The fact remains there is a increasingly large portion of American multimillionaires and billionaire’s organizing into a conservative-minded, self-righteous grassroots movement to take charge of our government and politics. It is not just the Koch brothers, it also people like George Soros who have created a political battlefield within our country for their own political agendas. Its only a matter of time before it is no longer viably sustainable.

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Fabletics Provides Fabulous Workout Apparel

One of the most important things a person can do for their overall health is to develop a consistent workout routine that enables them to enhance their flexibility, burn calories and lose weight. Fabletics is a company that was created by the famous actress Kate Hudson to assist all people with the development of their physique. That is because in order to feel good about yourself it is important to look good and Fabletics allows you to get the most stylish and attractive sports bras, leggings and shorts each month delivered to your home.

Hudson has taken the fitness and fashion world by storm and along with her lifestyle site which shares healthy recipes for meals and fitness tips, the women of the world are responding. According to a great article in Elle Magazine, Hudson has always been interested in fashion and being creative in other fields besides acting. She wanted to be able to connect with a large number of women by supplying athletic wear that is both realistic to move in and great looking as well. The functionality of the outfits allow for easy movement in aerobic exercises. All things from yoga and palates to spin class can be handled in these comfortable clothes. These great looking fashion outfits are also realistically priced so the largest number of women will be affected by them.

Fabletics is a membership site that provides a stylish and unique workout ensemble to VIPs each month. All members can opt out of the monthly choice by checking a box on the website. However if they want to get the stylish workout wear, it will be automatically billed and shipped and the person doesn’t have to do anything. The convenience is an especially attractive thing for women everywhere. Up until recently, Fabletics has only been available online but soon a chain of physical locations will be opening across the country. The brand is on the rise and will only get more popular and having a beautiful and fit founder like Kate Hudson only helps.

One of the strengths of Fabletics is that they are designed for everyone, all body types are important to the brand because all body types are going to be working out and exercising and getting in shape. They have seamless sports bra and the very popular multiple strap sports bra as well. Their leggings provide support as well as looking great, they have a nice firmness to them that helps keep the backside compact and looking good. The better you look, the easier it is to stick with striving for fitness. Fabletics makes working out a state of mind that once you start you are never going to stop and looking good is the key to getting started.
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Connection Strategy To Connect To Your Incarcerated Loved One

Securus Technologies is the main supplier of technology solutions for both civil and criminal justice and, therefore, works to keep the connection between families and incarcerated individuals. On 16th February 2016, it announced a new mobile application for inmate video phone calls that could be used for both Android and smartphones and tablets as well as the Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods. This application is an excellent way to keep us connected to our loved ones who are behind bars. It has widened the opportunity to remain in touch without having to go through the rigidness of various jails and prisons. There is no need for webcams, tethered computers or any additional hardware.

The Securus application is free and enables families to share memories through their video visitation service. It is available on Google Play as well as the App store. I get the chance to synchronise the details regarding their visitation to my calendar to receive notifications as the date gets closer. I can now spend special occasions with my loved one without too much hustle. It helps me eliminate the inconveniencing journey to the jail and also gives me more connection than just connecting through inmate phone calls.

Securus Technologies is an inmate communication company that works to build its portfolio by offering high-tech applications to suit law enforcement and correction sectors. This company is based in Dallas, Texas. It has an excellent wide spread of more than 3,400 facilities. These include law enforcement facilities, public safety facilities as well as the correction facilities. In total, this system serves up to 1,200,000 inmates across North America.

This company is highly efficient. It has a variety of techniques that help in the communication system such as investigation, incident management, information management, emergency response and public information. Securus Technologies is also in charge of inmate self-service, biometric analysis, monitoring goods and service as well as communication. I believe it plays a great deal in making our world a safer place to be while maintaining communication between loved ones.

John Bell is the Senior Vice President of Securus Technologies, and he is also the drive in the company. He joined on December 30, 2015, at Holy Cross. He had previous experience in his career from other institutions such as Verizon, IBM. AT&T, Time Warner Cable as well as NTT Verio. He is responsible for the 30 individuals on the ground as well as the other 100 sales people as well as the domestic customer service center.

The Business Model of Solo Capital

Solo Capital is a business, like many, that focuses their efforts on the clients who they help out. The company is able to provide their services only because clients need them and they know that they would not be successful without the clients that they have. There have been many chances for improvement within the Solo Capital business and this has meant that the company has jumped on opportunities for the clients and for the overall success of the business.

The company is one that is a consulting company. They help their clients make business decisions and give them expert advice on what they should be doing to make their business better. They are legally allowed to advise their clients on the opportunities that they should take and this means that they can give more to their clients because they are able to do these things. When they are making the decisions to provide consultation service to their clients, they always use the expert information that they have gathered over the years to show their clients the best way to do things within the business field.

The founder behind the Solo Capital model is Sanjay Shah. He is a business professional with many years of experience in the financial field. He has worked with several different big businesses and he has been able to give them the best advice. Because of this, he has enabled his company to become one of the biggest and best financial consulting firms that London has ever seen. This is the success that he always dreamed of.

Sanjay started out as a medical doctor hopeful. He was in medical school when he began to recognize the talent that he had for the financial field. This allowed him to see where his talents lied and gave him the most opportunity for success. He took these talents and became an accountant. As he predicted, he was great at accounting and he had great customer service skills. The way that he did business allowed him to make a lot of money and to become one of the best accountants in his area. He was able to give his clients the chance to join him in his business ventures because he was starting his own business. This is the business that would eventually turn into Solo Capital.

With a successful business behind him, Sanjay also likes to focus on the charitable aspect of life. He makes sure that the charities that he works with get everything that they need and that he is always available for them. Sanjay Shah is so dedicated to charities that he even started one of his own. Autism Rocks is the charity that he started.

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