Koch Network Fact and Fiction

Two decades ago Charles Koch wrote two unpublished papers detailing his political goals and motivations. Today these papers are the force behind some of the criticisms surrounding Charles Koch and his brother David. Almost ten years ago no one, including the Washington elite had even heard of these two multi billionaire brothers from Wichita, Kansas. What really put them on the political map was the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Citizens United vs FEC case. This ruling gave big corporations such as Koch Indistries, the right to donate huge sums of money to which ever political party they choose. Remember the old addage Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. This decision opened the doorway to big businesses buying their way into the White House and Congress. What does this have to do with Charles Koch you may wonder?

According to an article written by Bill Moyers, he writes, “Far from being independent of the GOP, the network’s operatives and resources are closely intertwined with the Republican Party. Forging this symbiosis, we believe, has been the whole point, a deliberate, long-term strategy to move the Republican Party to the far right. Koch honchos do not aim to displace the GOP; they want to capture and use it as a tool to radically cut back American government.” Special Interest think tanks like the Cato Institute, which was founded by Charles Koch, look at the receptiveness of certain public policies. This than allows the Koch network to gauge the best way to gain poularity for their point of view.

Charles Koch has brought together an estimated five hundred wealthy families to make up his network. As a fraternal member of Beta Theta Pi from his days at M.I.T., this already established brotherhood gave Charles the connections to some very wealthy families. Each member of the network is responsible for donating at least $100,000 towards Koch approved organizations. This network than meets twice a year to listen to liberal speakers and discuss political think tank agendas.

Charles Koch is a well educated, philanthropic gentleman who spent the better part of his life making Koch Industries the second largest privately owned corporation in America. He holds bachelor, masters, and doctorate degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of technology in engineering. He has also donated millions to many higher education institutes around the country.

The fact remains there is a increasingly large portion of American multimillionaires and billionaire’s organizing into a conservative-minded, self-righteous grassroots movement to take charge of our government and politics. It is not just the Koch brothers, it also people like George Soros who have created a political battlefield within our country for their own political agendas. Its only a matter of time before it is no longer viably sustainable.

This article recapped http://billmoyers.com/story/five-myths-about-the-koch-network-and-why-it-matters-to-set-them-straight/

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