Video-email Marketing With Talk Fusion Allows You To Communicate With Body Language

If you have kids, then you know the power of digital screens. The lights and sounds completely engross the little ones. The effect is similar in adults. You’ve probably walked through an airport seeing an entire group of people staring aimlessly at the news playing on one small television screen. The point is that videos completely capture an audience and Talk Fusion wants you to start using videos in your email marketing.

One of the reasons that videos work so well is unspoken communication. Think about it, when two people talk, the majority of communication is happening through body language. Well, you can’t include body language in the body of an email. A picture is static and can only communicate one message. But a video can encapsulate a lot of body language, allowing you to convey a much deeper message than your competitors.

The research shows that videos are worth 1.8 million words, accord to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research. Pictures are only worth a thousand words and text is only worth its word count. The power of video lies in its ability to communicate more effectively through body language.

Videos are so captivating that potential customers are 20% more likely to open an email if they know a video is embedded in it. The depth of the communication that a video is capable of is compelling to any audience. And once that customer is inside the email, she is 2 to 3 times more likely to check out your website, known as a click-through rate. That rate jumps exponentially when a video is included in your email. But the end result is a 40% boost in overall sales from you email marketing campaign. You can’t argue with the numbers.

And to think that Talk Fusion’s founder, Bob Reina, discovered the power of video-email marketing back in the 90’s, when he first tried to send a video to his friends. America Online told him it couldn’t be done and he accepted the challenge. His friends loved the video and a business strategy was born, leading to the 8th largest internet content provider in the world.

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