Scaling a Start-Up to a Powerhouse

Creating your own company or start-up is a good way to make extra money, provided you know something about finances. Oisin Hanrahan would be one person who has some knowledge about this field.

Hanrahan is the founder of the start-up known as Handy, formerly called Handybook, and is an on-demand cleaning service. The company itself is only about three years old but in this timeframe, it is estimated to be worth half a billion dollars, with even more success coming this past week after raising an additional $50 million in fundraising. Handy is also a New York based company.

Hanrahan got his start for Handy when he was living in Boston with his two roommates, one of whom ended up being the co-founder for the company. The two of them decided to drop out of college altogether and focus on creating the business, and eventually got the help they needed from raising $50,000 in seed and incubator money. With the money necessary to build the business, the two of them decided not to remain in Boston but rather move to a larger city, specifically New York City, where Handy could successfully grow.

When asked about his company and any details regarding its future, Hanrahan mentioned that moving to New York was key because it was the densest area for business growth and was good for promoting on-demand businesses. He added that once his business becomes many times larger than other ones, the economy surrounding it will be better because costs for materials get lower and more can be done with the extra money. He then stated that his goal was to expand on retention at Handy and make more and more investments as Handy continues to raise money and grow as time goes on.

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