Providing Your Dog With A Healthy Meal From Beneful

What Does Your Furry Friend Eat For Dinner?

If you are anything like me, then you care a great deal about what your furry friend gets to eat for dinner. When you are a caring pet owner, like me, you will go the extra mile to support your dog’s diet and wellness by only buying the premium brands that you trust. Beneful makes a wide variety of different kinds of wet foods, dry dog foods and tasty snacks for dogs. I recommend all of their products because they are made with high quality ingredients, so you know they are good enough for the furry friend by your side.

Beneful’s variety of dog snacks keep my dog happy when we go to the park to play. I like to train my dog sometimes. We have worked on the basic commands, and it always helps to have an enticing dog treat their with me in order to get him to listen to the commands that I am teaching him. I usually pick up an extra bag of Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Ridges when I go to the pet store because they help keep my dog’s teeth in order. They also help keep his breath fresh. However, when I am training him at the park I will use Purinastore’s Beneful Baked Delights. They have a bunch of Baked Delights to choose from, so you will surely find one that agrees with your dog.

In terms of their dry foods and wet foods, has quite a powerful selection of high quality dog foods. My dog loves their wet food. It’s called Chopped Blends. It comes in several flavors. He likes to chow down on the one with real turkey, brown rice and sweet potatoes. It smells delicious to me, and he gobbles it right down!

Dry dog food from Beneful is nutritious for your dog as well. My dog prefers the Dry Dog Food Originals that Beneful makes in the variety made of real chicken. It also has real vegetables in it. I know my dog is getting a well rounded meal. Beneful is also available online on Amazon:


James Dondero appoints Terry Jones in the Institutional product division as the company explores new heights

James Dondero is the chairman of Board of CCS Medical, NexBank and Cornerstone Healthcare. Having over three decades of experience, Dondero is the Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management (HCM) and currently based in Dallas, Texas. HCM was formed in 1993, and the Fund is known for being the pioneer of the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market and developing customized credit-oriented solutions for both retail and institutional investors worldwide. The company has won awards in CLOs, institutional separate accounts, mutual funds, hedge funds, and ETFs.

James Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia with a BS in Commerce (Accounting and Finance Option) He is currently a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). Jim’s career began in 1984 in the Morgan Guaranty training program. He is a man who loves his job and the society as well. He is philanthropic in supporting initiatives in veteran’s affairs, education, public policy. Before he founded HCM, Jim was the Chief Investment Officer, who helped to build the GIC subsidiary of Protective Life to reach a value of $2 billion in a span of four years from inception. He has worked for American Express as the Corporate Bond Analyst and later the Portfolio Manager.

Highland Capital Management (HCM) currently has $20 billion in assets under management. With institutional products being the driver of HCM’s growth, James Dondero has found the need to hire Terry Jones as the president of the division to drive solutions in the broader institutional sales platform. Jones will also undertake the role of aligning the portfolio risk management as well as identifying, assessing and mitigating the risks that affect the products.

HCM is well positioned among other Hedge Fund managers to the current dynamic market. The managers are well experienced, and the company has both the infrastructure and investment capabilities. Jones was very excited to join the Highland’s team and be part of the solution in developing client oriented solution. He expressed his commitment to continue the Highland’s culture to provide customers with even better transparency that is necessary to understand opportunities and risks.

The president of Highland Capital, Mr. Dondero also expressed optimism that Jones will provide the leadership needed given his vast experience to expedite the client solutions and enhance the performance in risk-adjustment. Jones has gained his professional experience before joining Highland Capital as the Lead Director of the Highland Funds, part of the Board of Genworth Life Insurance Company, Founder and CIO of Battersby Capital Management and former Portfolio Manager of Goldman Sachs.

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Charles Koch and His Love For George Mason University

A public school in the outskirts of the nation’s capital, George Mason University, has discreetly become a conservative powerhouse in law and economics. Its reputation has partly been built by the tens of millions of dollars donated to the university by Charles Koch every year. From the year 2011 to 2014, Charles Koch foundation has given almost $48 Million to the university in one way or another, the tax records show.

Although Koch donates more than $20 Million every year among hundreds of United States universities through his foundation, there is no other school that received more that $1 millions in a year during this period. It is not unusual for billionaires to donate such large sums to schools, however, the size of these donations has raised some concerns among a few George Mason faculty and students about maintaining independence and echoing unease that has grown in other schools that benefit from Koch’s generosity.

Charles Koch is an American philanthropist and businessman. He is also the co-owner, CEO and chairman of the board of Koch Industries. His brother serves as the Executive VP of the firm. These brothers inherited the company from their father and expanded the business. Koch Industries was originally involved in chemicals and oil refining, however, the company now includes pollution and process control technologies and equipment, minerals, polymers and fibers, forest and consumer products, ranching and forest and consumer products. The businesses offer a variety of well-known brands like Lycra brand of fiber, Stainmaster carpet, Dixie Cup and Quilted Northern.

Koch attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in 1957, an MSc. in Mechanical Engineering and a second MSc in chemical engineering. Immediately after college, Koch worked at Arthur D. Little before moving back home to join his father’s business, Rock Island Oil and Refining Company. In 1967, he was made the president of the firm. That same year, he renamed the company to Koch Industries, to honor his father. The company generated $90 million in revenue in 2006, a growth of more than 2000 times over. In 2014, Koch Industries was worth around $41.3 billion according to Forbes 400 list.

Astrologers: Using the Eclipse Season to Your Fashion Advantage

Immediately we heard about our favorite astrologers the Tali Edut, the super cute and the accurate AstroStyle twins were joining hands with the e-shop based in Los Angeles, the Dreslyn with the main aim of curating and editing the eclipse season friendly accessories and clothes.

So how will the eclipse season be able to affect the wardrobes? Is this the right time for the style formation? We decided to chat with our sisters in order to discuss the various style moves and what you should and shouldn’t make in the next few weeks. Our sisters thoroughly explained the Dreslyn selection on and the pulls in the balance of restraint and romance.

Actually we will be more confident to pay more attention to our appearances having the eclipses in creative Pisces and the fashion hound Libra. Since our emotions are usually ruled by the moon, retail therapy will ensure we are strong whenever we are under the influence of the eclipses.

Remembering those who do the shopping, saving the receipts, and checking the return policies can be questionable and hasty because of the eclipse decisions. In the long run, we might agree that indeed we had purchased something that is just of sheer beauty rather than how flattering it appeared when it was put on. There have been lots of changes in the fashion world. More designs are coming into the market with most people especially the ladies having the urge to be associated with the latest style in JustFab. However, there are some who have been kept out the high prices of the latest fashion designs.

About JustFab
JustFab was founded back in 2010. JustFab is a lifestyle fashion firm which produces and engaging and private shopping experience in order to cover over 35 million members on the globe through its great portfolio of brands which include FabKids, JustFab, Fabletics and ShoeDazzle. Over the years JustFab has continued to transform how the ladies shop for fashion all over the globe which has provided the US, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and France members the celebrity treatment almost every month on

Kate Hudson founded JustFab which offers lifestyle of high quality activewear and accessories for any active woman. The FabKids is also a top kids apparel brand which provides the busy parents with a modern way to ensure their kids and grown in an appropriate style, ready to play outfits and affordable. FabKids is also devoted in providing their clients with ShoeDazzle, world class service and daily fix deals.