Businessman Sanjay Shah contribution in raising autism awareness

Most people may be wondering what would push an international business man like Sanjay Shah into becoming a major contributor in autism awareness campaigns. Well, Shah who can be described as a philanthropist is the CEO and founder of an organization known as Autism Rocks. The organization whose prime purpose is to raise awareness and donations for autism research was founded in 2014, few years after Shah’s youngest son Nikhil was diagnosed with autism. His son’s illness was the eye opener that saw him decide to direct his charity donations into autism research.

Several people today are oblivious of the signs and symptoms of autism in children most linking them as bad behavior development. Family and friends unaware of autism may think that their child is simply acting up however autism is actually a neurological disorder that requires a close constant care of a qualified psychologists.

In an Enterprise Radio interview on the Entrepreneur Podcast Network, Sanjay Shah spoke on a number of topics including his success journey in the business world as a former trader and the current chief executive officer at Solo Capital Partners also known as Solo Capital Limited and Solo Capital UK. The company has its headquarters in London, England, and regulated in the United Kingdom specializing in proprietary trading, consulting, and professional sports investments.

Shah is however known as the mind behind Autism Rocks, based in London. Autism Rocks is a charity event that uses music to raise awareness about autism and collect donations which are chanelled into cancer research. The event has in the past featured performances by Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Bublè and Drake in an invite only live concert. In the interview Sanjay Shah advises the listeners and offered tips on how they can succeed in their own business ventures. His passion for music, experience in entrepreneurship, and love for family drove him to launching Autism Rocks. This year’s event was held in April and was fun filled with family fun activities and live performances from celebrity artists Flo Rida and Tyga.

Autism is a life changing developmental disability and the most common detection is behavioural changes, difficulty in socializing, and slow development or a complete lack of communication skills. Each year one out of 68 children is diagnosed with autism and the number has increased by 30% from 2012. To learn more on Sanjay Shah’s Autism Rocks, you can visit their website.


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Keeping Your Business’s Online Reputation Solid


A business owner will experience many challenges throughout the course of their career, but one thing that may come as unexpected can be the dreaded negative feedback. In today’s world, so many people rely on information found on blogs, social media, and websites to guide them to finding the best products and services for them. The importance of keeping a good name is crucial to having a successful business, and in a recent article, it listed some key reasons as to why you must manage your online reputation.

In this article, it focuses on the idea that much of a businesses profits ride on customer feedback and word of mouth online. When a comment is made, it can sometimes spread like wildfire-especially when its negative, its featured as almost a warning label. Once that has gone viral, you might have no time to bounce back depending on what was said and how many people it got to. At this point, competitors will use every opportunity to gain the customers who were once loyal to you while you struggle to fix bad reviews. What makes it even worse is that you have zero control over what is being said, which leads you to wondering how you will ever gain your reputation back.

You are definitely not alone- this happens to many businesses. It is usually that one or few customers who is bitter about something, or has nothing better to do. If you have experienced negative feedback and wish to clear your name, The Search Fixers will fix bad online reputation for you. This popular website will make sure that no negativity surrounds your business or product so that you can focus on the future, and keeping your clientele or customer base. This is the perfect alternative for regaining your solid reputation back, fix bad search results.

You must focus on what the media is portraying you to be- it can prevent some real disasters from occurring. If you want to keep your customers, you must always make sure that positive feedback is plentiful and negative feedback is nearly obsolete. Social media is responsible for the success of a booming business or the demise of a failing one and so many rely on other peoples experiences before trusting a new product or service. If you are managing your reputation and come across negativity you don’t want associated with your business, you can always rely on The Search Fixers to fix negative search results and keep your reputation clean.

Rodriguez Arrested For Protestors Actions

Chief security guard for the President of the National Assembly has been detained by the police over accusations from a group of protestors that the human being in question, Angel Coromoto Rodriguez paid the group of protestors to incite a riot against the authorities during a recent unauthorized protest.

Mr. Rodriguez according to Corporation Wiki profiles, has a history as a bodyguard for former President Carlos Andres Perez and was likewise a member of the infamous police group Directorate of Intelligence and Prevention Services (DISIP). The DISIP was responsible for political police enforcement in the seventies.

Given Mr. Rodriguez’s past history and the students’ accusations it would be easy to arrive to the conclusions that he did indeed pay the students to incite a riot. President Maduro’s Head of State has said that Mr. Rodriguez will be sentenced to the full extent of the crime and sent to maximum security prison.

Mr. Rodriguez a colleague of Ms. Luque is being detained, but has yet to make a formal statement regarding the incident or his involvement in the incident. His employer, President Perez, denies Mr. Rodriguez’s involvement in any wrongdoing.

A Guide to Selecting Suitable Beneful Food Products for your Dog

Beneful has become one of the most popular dog food brands in the Amazon market. In 2012 it was ranked the 4th most popular dog food. Nestle Purina Petcare produces various brands that fall under the category of wet dog food, dry dog food and dog treats. Beneful entails wholesome ingredients in various combinations of flavors that make your dog healthy and happy.

All dog foods from PurinaStore meet AAFCO nutrient profile; this makes them the best brand for growth and maintenance of your dog. They use a variety of proteins such as lamb, beef, pork and chicken. The textures of these foods vary from thinly sliced blends to big chunks. Beneful products contain accents such as green beans, barley, Carrots and rice. These products are available as chopped blends, prepared meals, shortbread cookie dog snacks, Beneful brand baked delights and hearty roasters. Some of the specific varieties include;

  1. Beneful Prepared Meals Roasted Turkey Medley

Being a wet food (, this particular product contains water for moisture content. Turkey is the second ingredient and it is rich in amino acids that are very essential for your dog’s healthy life. Wheat gluten is a great source of protein. This product is beneficial for proper growth of the Dog.

  1. Beneful Dry Dog Food with Salmon

As the name suggests, this type of dog food contains real salmon. It is filled with omega nutrients that make your dog have a shiny coat and healthy skin. It is very healthy and tasty for the dog. It is filled with essential elements such as calcium, zinc, selenium, vitamin A and E, and linoleic acid.

  1. Healthy Smile Dental Ridges

This a very essential dog treat that helps in reduction of plague and tartar build up. It is filled with nutrients that support growth and maintenance of strong teeth and bones. The main ingredients include real parsley and savory meat.

  1. Beneful Chopped Blends with Beef, Carrots, Peas and Parley

The above named ingredients are real and keep your dog’s taste buds excited. It is served with sauce to maintain a great taste and texture. It is best for growth of puppies and helps in a healthy maintenance of adult dogs.