Best Ski Resorts Experience

The cold crispy air, the sound of deep breathing and the rush of adrenaline is only but a hint that you are about to ski in Lake Tahoe. With an annual snowfall of about 400 inches and a plenty of coverage, Tahoe offers an unparalleled skiing playground.

Tahoe is famously known for its various cross-country and downhill skiing options. It is arguable that you can ski at different mountains continuously for 2 weeks. Tahoe is a home to all level of skiers, from the history makers to the novice enthusiast, all will find something specifically tailored for them.

For all the lovers of outdoor activities, the view of Lake, spectacular mountains, miles of winding slopes, snowboarders, gondolas, trams, terrain parks, drinks, food and fun, Tahoe is simply comparable to paradise. Lake Tahoe Resort spans from the California border to the Nevada. The wild nightlife of Nevada acts just as an icing topping to all skiers.

It is said that fun never stops in Tahoe, most of the ski resorts offer year-round activities hence making them popular during the summer as well as in the winter. There are several ski resorts spread out across Tahoe. Each has its own distinct scenic beauty and spacious trails. The two that stands out amongst them are;

Squad Valley
Being the host venue of winter Olympics in 1960, Squad valley has maintained its reputation as a hub of a vibrant skiing culture and mountain energy. It’s essence of adventure is epitomized by the view of the translucent waters of Lake Tahoe. The availability of various chutes, bowls and trails ensure that snowboarders and skiers will never get enough of Squad Valleys progressive terrain. Its snow is consistent and stays well into spring thus the resort boost the longest snowboard and skiing sessions.

Alpine Meadows
This is a picturesque playground for all thrill seekers and families as well. It is located between Tahoe and Truckee and is just a 15-minute shuttle drive from Squad Valley. It has a hospitable environment and chalet-like lodges ensuring that your skiing experience becomes a memorable one. It’s wide open bowls and easy riding progression slopes certify that any level of skier will have a challenge to overcome.

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