Talk Fusion: Growing By The Day

They often say that when it comes to a company, that company is either growing or staying the same. In an ideal world, the company is growing. There is also the chance that the company could be going in the wrong direction, which is something they never want. It is a fine line to walk. In many ways, it is like making a movie sequel. The director wants to give the audience what they want and what has been successful, but they also don’t want to give them more of the same. They want to stay true to who they are while also expanding upon a particular concept at the same time.


That is very much in line with the way of Talk Fusion. They know that people love their video emails, video newsletters, video conferences, and video chats, but they know they can improve on what has worked and take it one step further. That is why they are honored and proud to have an award from the company the Technology Marketing Corporation. This is their second award from them in the year 2016 and this company does not just give out awards to any company as they see and explore a lot of products, so this really means something to Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, and the IT team.


Talk Fusion was made for people that want to make their lives better and more enriched. It is the product for people that are tired of the same old, same old, and they are tired of their job sucking the life out of them. They get up every morning and their job feels just like that, a job. It does not bring them any joy whatsoever, and they are simply going through the motions. They want to work from home and wake up in their beds and get to work on something while spending time with their family. That is what Talk Fusion offers them.


It offers them a way out and a way in. It is a way out of the same old boring lifestyle while also having a way in to having success and happiness.

Why Are Shared Office Space Companies Like Workville Are Essential Today?


Real estate in Manhattan is expensive for both residential properties and commercial office spaces. One response towards soaring real estate prices is to share your space with another tenant. Until recently, when shared office space companies like Workville emerged, it was significantly more challenging to find an office co-tenant than it was to find a roommate in your apartment. Workville has switched the situation and finding a tenant to share office space is easier than ever before.

Shared office spaces like Workville operate a simple business model but the benefits that accrue to their tenants are significant. Basically Workville will find a location in a building that they either own or lease from a landlord under a long-term lease agreement. They build out the space that they own or lease into an office space that has a variety of different office rooms, cubicles, and conference rooms, and they lease it out to tenants who are looking for short-term leasing options.

The office space for these shared coworking habitats tend to be located in centralized locations look modern and attractive, have professional secretaries and IT professionals to aide you, and keep carefully stocked coffee rooms. Basically, what companies like Workville are offering are professional office settings that companies can quickly and easily occupy without the long-term commitment that is needed by many landlords. For business owners and management who don’t want to find themselves spending their time managing their real estate situation rather than their business it is a big advantage.

Even larger and well established businesses will benefit from these short term office docs rentals. Sometimes a company wants to set up a small local office in a specific city before establishing a larger presence. Other times a company simply out grew their existing Office space and wants to augment it with some additional office space. For these companies a Workville office lease is a great solution that can fit into most business circumstances.

What’s more, employees tend to like the professional setting of Workville coworking spaces while customers increasingly don’t mind these small scale presences. Companies like the added flexibility and centralized locations of Workville office spaces and for these reasons their business model is excelling.

Bruce Levenson Sues Insurance Company

Last year as reported by, Bruce Levenson hired bankers to sell his team, the Atlanta Hawks. However, these bankers managed to sell the team at a lower price, compared to what was predicted earlier. Levenson hired Inner Circle Sports and Goldman Sachs to sell the basketball team and the operating rights to the great Philip Arena. These group of bankers convinced Levenson that the operating rights of the arena and the Hawks Team could give him at least one billion.

After several months, Tony Ressler and his team acquired Hawks and operating rights to the arena with a seven hundred and thirty million bid. This was not a shock to many people. A large group had warned that the one million was unrealistic, and it was too much for the team. Some experts predicted in January that the team would be sold for at least nine hundred million. Andrew Zimbalist, one of the most popular sports economists in the country predicted that the team would be sold at a price ranging from seven hundred to seven hundred and fifty million.

With this sale, Bruce Levenson was able to make a good profit. However, the bankers dissuaded many bidders when they oversold the team. Experts say that they must have left a lot of money on the table.

Several months after the successful sale of the Hawks, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment, the group led by Bruce Levenson has gone to court to sue an insurance company for breach of contract concerning the settlement of claims by Danny Ferry, the former general manager of the team. However, the lawsuit will not include the current ownership of the Hawks.

The team has been successful under the new ownership, and the captain says that the case in court will not affect its performance in the upcoming matches. UCG Founder Bruce Levenson and his team are hoping to win the case.