For Lori Senecal, It’s Her Hard Work Helped Her To Climb Up The Ladder

Lori Senecal, the Global CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B), has a story of hard work and dedication that helped her to taste success in the advertising industry. It is known that the industry is one of the most competitive ones and highly fluctuated according to market conditions. To be successful in the industry, it is not just about hard work but needs passion as well. Lori has almost 15 years of experience in the advertisement industry, and she took various roles in different advertisement agencies during the period.

CP+B is a prominent advertising agency founded in 1988. Currently, MDC Partners own the major holdings of the firm. It is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado and has offices in all the major financial centers across the world. It has offices in Florida, London, Los Angeles, Sao Paolo, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Hong Kong. The firm has grown rapidly in the industry through its focused strategy on winning the bids from reputed brands and firms. The firm has clients including major consumer brands, servicing firms, tech giants, etc.

In March 2015, Lori was appointed as the Global CEO of the agency. MDC Partners were naming her for the role by creating the title called Global CEO to integrate its business and to have a strong focus on expansion and global growth. “I am looking for playing a major role in our global growth strategy, by working along with our talents across the offices,” she told her mind while taking up the responsibility.

She contributes her success to the hard work and passion and says she was shy and introvert when she started her career. But, she overcame such types of hurdles and transitioned herself as a leader in the fashion industry. She is also a strong supporter of The 3% Conference, a movement that is working to improve the number of women in the creative industry. The concept is that women influence on 80 percent of consumer spending and almost 60 percent of social media sharing, yet only 3 percent of creative directors are women.

Lori started her career in 2003 with McCann, and later she worked with McCann Worldgroup as Chief Innovation Officer. She worked with various firms including McCann Erickson, KBS and MDC Partners. She took various roles from President to CEO and Chairman and helped the agencies in their rapid growth. Before starting her career, she completed her Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Finance from McGill University.


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