Don Ressler: Serial Ecommerce Entrepreneur

Nothing is as creative as a bunch of a jobless tech; e-commerce guru’s brainstorming in a living room for a fortnight. Forget all about the boardrooms. Explosive doesn’t even aptly describe the series of multimillion dollar ideas that have been implemented by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Mr. Ressler is a serial entrepreneur with excellent skills in online advertising and marketing. Mr. Ressler’s first start up was Fitness Heaven, an online venture that was bought off by Intermix Media. Upon selling Fitness Heaven, Don Ressler began working for Intermix Media, who’s CEO, was Adam Goldenberg. Both Don and Goldenberg hit it off immediately. Later on, Intermix Media was sold to NewsCorp, now jobless; they hatched an exciting start-up that was soon the buzz of Las Vegas. The result was Intelligent Beauty, a brand that brought together the best in fashion and technology.

In March 2010, Don Ressler cofounded JustFab through Intelligent Beauty, an online store that uses technology to bring its clients a personalized stylist who matches an individual’s fashion preferences to celebrity styles. JustFab works through an online subscription system, where members sign up for a monthly subscription. The clients then fill out a questionnaire on their body types and preferred fashion designs. A trained group of fashion designers then matches customers with suitable styles.

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In 2011, JustFab changed its name to TechStyle Inc. TechStyle Inc is a conglomerate that merges JustFab and all its subsidiaries including Shoe Dazzle FabKid, and Fablectics. In June 2011, TechStyle received a capital injection of $33 million from Matrix Partners. TechStyle was now set for more global expansion and sourced for more venture capital of $76 million from several investors; Matrix Partners, Intelligent Beauty, and Technology Crossover. This capital helped penetrate into the Canadian, German and U.K markets. By 2013, TechStyle had a significant market presence in Spain and France. Finally, in 2014, a further $76 million was pumped into TechStyle, and at present, its capital base stands at $250 million.

Don Ressler has partnered with several celebrities. In 2010, Kimora Lee Simmons joined his fast-growing JustFab as President and Creative Director. In 2013, JustFab launched another subsidiary, Fablectics where Mr. Ressler works with Kate Hudson in developing trendy sports gear. Fablectics is another online store with a wide variety of fashionable sportswear ranging from yoga pants, athletics trucks, and customized equipment. Fablectics operates a similar platform as JustFab, using a monthly online subscription. As at 2016, TechStyle membership stood at $ 10 million members and looked at projected revenue of $ 650 million annually.

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Jose Borghi – Top Most Advertising Professional in Brazil with Enormous Experience

In the Brazilian advertisement sector, Jose Borghi is considered as one of the most proficient advertisers. As a matter of fact, his career spans more than 20 years of professional experience. He has created numerous famous advertisements in the country. Because of his quality in production, he has survived the great competition and come out as the best contractor. Many international companies and business entities approach him for various advertisement contracts. He is also the creator of one of the most famous adverts in the country. The animal wildlife conservation advert created by his company remains to be the most sought advert in the country.

When he created that compelling and moving advertisement in the media, his business boomed due to an influx of business opportunities in the company. Business is what you make it according to him. Therefore, he has worked hard to realize his business growth. When he was still in high school, his sister was working at a local business advertisement agency in the country. She invited Jose Borghi to attend an exhibition at the center. When he was there, he enjoyed every moment of the advertisement presentation. For this reason, he left the place knowing what his business would look like shortly. Therefore, he worked hard and attained a certification to study advertisement in college.

When Jose Henrique Borghi was coming out of college, he went on to become a better business agent in the country. When he was in college, he worked hard to understand all aspects of advertisement as it formed the basis of his career. He wanted to found his independent company. However, he had no money to start a company by the time he was from college. Therefore, he went on to work at a local advertisement agency to collect enough money to purchase the necessary equipment. Click here to know more.

The Entry of EOS on the Market

When the company of EOS entered the business of makeup and wellness, the market was already saturated with softening products such as chapsticks and other lip balms. There was close to no variety when EOS took up the challenge of making a revolution in the market for soothing lip products.

EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth and the founders are Mr Sanjiv Mehra and Mr Jonathan teller. They talked in an exclusive interview by Fast Company about the first steps of EOS towards their success today. Back when the company was starting up, the most adventurous a lip balm could get was to have a mint or cherry flavor instead of the usual medicinal smelling product in a white plastic cylinder.

The company of EOS reached a net worth of $250 million because of their lip balm. It is hypoallergenic and gluten-free. The eye-catching factor comes from the presentation of the product – spheres in pastel colours. There were also tens of flavours when the product first came out. Today, there are more than a hundred flavours of the EOS lip balm, and the packaging comes in twice as many colour varieties.

According to research that was conducted seven years ago, lip balm was a part of a daily beauty regime for women, but they found nothing fun about applying it. The founder felt like something used on a daily basis should add a sense of enjoyment to the day. That was their reason behind the spherical packaging in fun colours.

The flavours could not stay the same after that. A different packaging for the same product felt like a mean thing to do. They did a major overhaul of the lip balm formula and infused it with vitamins to nourish the lips and with a wide range of fun flavours such as Strawberry sorbet, vanilla milk, summer fruit, and much more. For more info, visit the EOS Facebook page.

Wengie Shares Hair Hacks Every Single Girl Should Know About


Beauty YouTuber Wengie just released an amazing video for women of all ages. In this new video, Wengie goes over her top 10 hair hacks that every single girl on this planet should know.


Wengie’s first tip is to watch what you eat. The absolute best foods for hair health contain nutrients and minerals like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, biotin, and vitamin D. If you want to take a multivitamin specifically for hair health, Wengie recommends checking out Sugarbearhair’s gummy vitamins.


The next hair hack in this video is to take good care of your hairbrush. Wengie uses kitchen skewers and fined straight toothcombs to get rid of all the hair chunks in her used brush. Then she puts hot water in a bowl and applies a bit of shampoo to a new toothbrush. You can then scrub the shampoo into your hairbrush using your toothbrush. Wengie also says you could do this hack in the shower to save time.


One interesting hack Wengie talks about is how to use a dryer sheet to make your hair smell fresh. She takes one dryer sheet and pushes it through her hairbrush bristles. Combing your hair with this dryer sheet will both de-frizz your hair and make it smell super fresh.


If you need to make your ponytail look longer, Wengie suggests first making a normal ponytail and then making a second ponytail with hair lower on your scalp. This will give the illusion that you have longer hair when people look at you from the back, although Wengie admits it looks somewhat awkward from the side.


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The Impressive Track Record of Eric Pulier: Venture Capitalist and Philanthropist

Eric Pulier is an innovative entrepreneur and charitable giver. During the past few years, he has focused his wealth in giving the less-fortunate people in the community. His record as a businessman and philanthropist is the hardest to beat. He is also one of the board members of the X-Prize Company. When he began his entrepreneurship, he had no money. However, his vision has never waived from the result. His interest in extension technology and computer programming is overwhelming. For this reason, he has developed numerous technological solutions geared towards generating a better life. As a beginner in the world of entrepreneurship, he started a firm that compiles data for companies. He also went on to study at Harvard University. When he was at the University, he was recognized as the best journalist for writing the Harvard Crimson paper.


Since then, Eric Pulier has founded and co-founded numerous companies in many industries. On the other hand, Eric Pulier has worked to raise millions in aid to the less fortunate communities in the United States. Most of the money raised has gone a long way in assisting children suffering from chronic illnesses in the country. The money was used to funded venture capital funds and charitable organizations in the country. The Pulier Starbright Foundation is one of the charitable companies in the country geared towards realizing a brighter future to the economically disabled children. It also forms a social media platform allowing children connect with others with shareable experiences in education and social life.


Eric Pulier is also the founder and board member of the Painted Turtle Foundation. This is a company that provides solutions to chronically disabled children. The Clinton administration asked Eric Pulier to create a technological exhibit for the presidential elections in 197. He was joined by other visionary people like Al Gore. Eric Pulier has also written numerous books in the educational and entertainment sector. Besides being a champion in the world of technology, his philanthropic works has enabled the country to move forward in recognizing and assisting the less fortunate communities. For this reason, Eric Pulier is considered as the most shrewd strategist.



Adam Milstein Receives Recognition for His Philanthropic Works


When Adam Milstein and his wife Gila established the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000, they did so because of their strong zeal to impact on the lives of young Jewish professionals. At that point, they had realized that the young generation had lost touch with their culture and they felt the need to reignite it. They knew they had embarked on a philanthropic journey that was going to be a lifetime job. It never occurred to Adam that close to two decades later, he would be honored for his remarkable influence.


When the list of the top 200 leading philanthropists based on their social media influence was released, Adam was probably going on with his daily activities, unaware of the honor he was about to receive. Being No.187 alongside other prominent personnel like Bill and Melinda Gates, Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey among others is not something to be taken for granted.


Milstein feels honored to have been part of the list as he belies that his philanthropic work is a crucial part of his life. In his message after the award, he was keen to thank his wife, the IAC and all organizations that agreed to partner with him in making a difference.


Adam Milstein’s early life

Born in 1950, Adam Milstein spent his early years like any other Israeli child. At age 21, he enrolled into the Israeli Defense Forces for his mandatory service. After Adam had left the service, he went to the Israeli Institute of Technology; where he undertook a Bachelor’s in business and economics. While in college, he helped his father run their real estate construction company. He graduated in 1978. After finishing his degree, Milstein started working as a sales agent in a commercial real estate firm. His quest for education was later to lead him into enrolling for a master’s degree in Business Administration which he attained in 1983.


Adam is a family man, having married his wife Gila in 1974. By the time the couple moved to the U.S, they already had two children. Their third daughter was born after they relocated. Today, they have one granddaughter and two grandsons; who they live with in Encino, CA.



Highland Capital Management Expects a Better Performance from Senior Loan ETF after relisting it on NASDAQ

Highland Capital Management is a center of alternative investment. The company oversees structured investment, hedge funds, and distressed investment funds. The investment capital put its money in fixed income, international public equity, and hedging markets with special attention to structured products, leveraged loans, and high yield stocks. In 2014, Highland Capital that operates out of its headquarters in Dallas, Texas announced that it was in charge of nearly $18.7 million of assets. Highland Capital Management manages closed-end funds that include Highland Distressed Opportunities and Highland Credit Strategy Fund. It finalized the CLO Value Fund 1 back in 2010.


Highland relists its Senior Loan ETF


After relisting its Senior Loan ETF, executives in charge of managing Highland Capital visited the Times Square-headquartered Nasdaq Market site for celebration purposes. Highland’s subdivision, Highland Capital Management Fund Advisor (HCMFA), oversees the performance and strategic direction of the Senior Loan ETF. CIO Mark Okada of Highland had a privilege of ringing the Closing Bell in honor of the event.


Social Media


Clients and other followers of both Nasdaq and Highland can access multimedia features, including status update, exclusive content, video, and photos of the ceremony on Nasdaq’s Facebook, YouTube Channel, Twitter, Website, Tumblr, and Instagram.


What is NASDAQ?


NASDAQ is a global provider of exchange technology, information, listing, trading, and public firm business services. The market site serves almost all countries throughout the six continents. It leverages its extensive portfolio of cutting-edge solutions to help clients in planning, enhancing, and implementing their unique business ideas with confidence. It uses technologies that offer intelligence and transparency for overcoming the challenges presented by the current global capital markets.


Highland’s leadership


Highland Capital Management has become a trusted vendor of alternative investment management services due to efforts of its talented and proficient leaders. These executives collaborate in coming up with innovative ideas and implementing them. Co-founder James Dondero ensures the daily operations of the firm are running smoothly. Co-founder Mark Okada handles investment matters of the company. Brad Ross and Michael Gregory are in charge of HCMFA and Highland Alternate Investors respectively. These leaders have made Highland Capital a reputable investment manager that gives back.





The Life of Stephen Rotella

Stephen Rotella is the Chief Executive Officer at StoneCastle Cash Management LLC. His primary responsibilities lie in the day to day management of the company. He brings with him over thirty years of experience in strategic and operation capabilities in both financial and banking services. Under Rotella’s leadership, StoneCastle Cash Management, LLC has risen as an industry leader in cash management. The company under his leadership offers financial solutions to larger institutions. The company also funds operations for the community and regional banks as well. With a broad experience in marketing, retail, internet banking, organizational development and large scale operations.

Stephen Rotella attended the State University of New York at Stony Brook where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics in the year 1975. He later proceeded to earn an MBA in Finance and information Sytems from the State University of New York at Albany.

Rotella has been active an active member of the community. In his career, he has taken a keen interest in serving poor homeowners. He became the chair of the Board of Lift Communities where he works to break the poverty cycle for parents with young children and more information click here.

Mr. Rotell has had an extensive professional experience. Bedore being the president of LLC, he was on the Boards of ArtsFund andThe Seattle Foundation. He was also the Chief Executive Officer for Chase Home Finance, the fourth-largest home lender in the country for over eighteen years. Stephen was also the Chief Operating Officer and President of WMI Holdings Corp and was responsible for oversight of retail, mortgage handling and the day to day administration of the company.From March 2005, he served as the Acting Head of Home Loans Division of WMI.Before Chase, Rotella worked in the systems consulting industries, retail brokerage, and mutual funds. It was here that he served as the president of the Consumer Mortgage Coalition. Stephen Rotella in his short time acted as a Member of Advisory Board at Vericrest Financial, Inc. He was able to attain a high reputation for the company by offering Home loans to individuals that needed his help.Rotella also served as Member of Consumer Mortgage Coalition.

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Try A Cleansing Conditioner-You’ll Be Amazed

If you’re new to cleansing conditioner, then be prepared to be blown away. Switching to a cleansing conditioner will do wonders for your hair, especially if you have damaged hair. Cleansing conditioner will strengthen your strands-even after using it just two weeks. Cleansing conditioner is even safe enough to use on color treated hair. It won’t lather as much because it isn’t chalk full of harsh chemicals. Cleansing conditioners are also great for all hair types.

WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioner will replace your regular shampoo and conditioner and it is also a detangler, deep conditioner, and leave-in conditioner. It will clean your hair without stripping it of its natural oils and will leave it feeling soft and manageable. WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner has natural ingredients in it like Glycerin, which a humectant that moisturizes, Chamomile Extract that soothes and calms, and Wild Cherry Bark that helps to condition hair. It also has Rosemary Extract that is known for its soothing properties, and Panthenol, that will help to strengthen and restore resilience. In just a short 3-week study, 100 percent of testers found that when using WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner, their hair was much more moisturized, and 97 percent of testers noticed their hair had more shine. 95 percent found that their hair was much more manageable.

Chaz Dean created WEN Cleansing Conditioners and products and has a passion for hair. His happy clients include celebrities and he has a successful salon located in Hollywood, known as The Chaz Dean Studio. Chaz Dean styles hair for award shows and fashion shows and is always coming up with new and innovative hair care products. Even though he has a great amount of success, Chaz Dean is still very humble and people enjoy being in his calm and magnetic presence.

Hollywood Celebrities Gain Perspective and Stability Going to L.A. Kabbalh Centre

Kabbalah is a spirituality that originated when Moses and the early Jewish population were being established in Israel. While they created the religion of Judaism, the Kabbalah mysticism remained with the beliefs and principles of the universe. Kabbalah was studied by the priests, rabbis and other men in the upper echelons of Judaism.

So, up until the early 20th century, Kabbalah was studied by only a few in the population. But in 1922, an elder Kabbalahist Rav Ashtag began the first Kabbalah Centre in Jerusalem, Israel. When he did that, the entire system of Kabbalah was changed. The Centre was open to all who were interested, and the elders became the instructors. Rav and Karen Berg studied for 10 years, and then came back to America and opened five Kabbalah Centres here.

Today, there are Kabbalah Centres in 40 cities around the world, so people can come to the Centre that they choose. The largest Centre is located in Los Angeles, which the Bergs started in the 1980s. Now that the internet has become a way of life, the largest Centre is streaming online from the L.A. Centre, and anyone who has a computer, tablet or iPhone is able to take classes, read meditations, or hear about all the Centres worldwide.

L.A. Kabbalah Centre

The study of Kabbalah has become fascinating and extremely helpful for many celebrities. In the past, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and Sammy Davis were frequent members of the Centre. The more recent crowd, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Sarah Bernhard, and Madonna are found attending classes and simply attending the Kabbalah Centre for spiritual enlightenment.

Sarah says that when she is regularly in attendance at the Centre, 80 percent of the chaos in her life is eliminated and her lifestyle is improved. Paris Hilton went through a tremendous breakup with her boyfriend Nick Carter, and she claims that she would not have made it if she hadn’t been in Kabbalah. Madonna is such a dedicated follower that she has donated funds for several other Kabbalah Centres to be built. It is obvious that these celebrities, as well as others are benefitting from studying the principles of Kabbalah.