Highland Capital Management Expects a Better Performance from Senior Loan ETF after relisting it on NASDAQ

Highland Capital Management is a center of alternative investment. The company oversees structured investment, hedge funds, and distressed investment funds. The investment capital put its money in fixed income, international public equity, and hedging markets with special attention to structured products, leveraged loans, and high yield stocks. In 2014, Highland Capital that operates out of its headquarters in Dallas, Texas announced that it was in charge of nearly $18.7 million of assets. Highland Capital Management manages closed-end funds that include Highland Distressed Opportunities and Highland Credit Strategy Fund. It finalized the CLO Value Fund 1 back in 2010.


Highland relists its Senior Loan ETF


After relisting its Senior Loan ETF, executives in charge of managing Highland Capital visited the Times Square-headquartered Nasdaq Market site for celebration purposes. Highland’s subdivision, Highland Capital Management Fund Advisor (HCMFA), oversees the performance and strategic direction of the Senior Loan ETF. CIO Mark Okada of Highland had a privilege of ringing the Closing Bell in honor of the event.


Social Media


Clients and other followers of both Nasdaq and Highland can access multimedia features, including status update, exclusive content, video, and photos of the ceremony on Nasdaq’s Facebook, YouTube Channel, Twitter, Website, Tumblr, and Instagram.


What is NASDAQ?


NASDAQ is a global provider of exchange technology, information, listing, trading, and public firm business services. The market site serves almost all countries throughout the six continents. It leverages its extensive portfolio of cutting-edge solutions to help clients in planning, enhancing, and implementing their unique business ideas with confidence. It uses technologies that offer intelligence and transparency for overcoming the challenges presented by the current global capital markets.


Highland’s leadership


Highland Capital Management has become a trusted vendor of alternative investment management services due to efforts of its talented and proficient leaders. These executives collaborate in coming up with innovative ideas and implementing them. Co-founder James Dondero ensures the daily operations of the firm are running smoothly. Co-founder Mark Okada handles investment matters of the company. Brad Ross and Michael Gregory are in charge of HCMFA and Highland Alternate Investors respectively. These leaders have made Highland Capital a reputable investment manager that gives back.





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