Anthony Toma, Successful Businessman and CEO of Nine9

Anthony Toma is the CEO OF Nine9 the Unagency which he established. Nine9 is a talent company that represents models and actors in the entertainment sector in a different manner. Mr. Toma has had the opportunity to own multiple businesses in the service, retail, and entertainment industry. Anthony has worked alongside influential leaders in the entertainment industry, and he is willing to give new opportunities to ambitious people. Anthony attributes his listening skills to his success as an entrepreneur.

Anthony Toma’s Idea for Nine9
When Anthony Toma was in the grocery business, the idea of Nine9 crossed his mind. While searching for food franchise opportunities, he ended up finding an acting and modeling franchise. The offer was in Orlando, Florida but he opted to purchase the franchise and learn about the entertainment business. Toma expanded his franchise ownership with twenty-six franchises countrywide. However, the franchise went under, and in 2003, Anthony opened his company called Coral Reef Productions Inc. that currently operates as Nine9.

Information on Nine9
Nine9 was founded in 2003 to provide resources and tools to advance the careers of talented people. Opportunities offered by Nine9 include promotional castings, film and television commercials, runway gigs and music video. Nine9 has an energized workforce that uses the latest technology to make bookings for their clients.

Nine9 is different from others in the entertainment industry because it offers its services without commissions. Also, there is real time submission and access to auditions and castings nationwide. Another benefit is the online alerts 24/7 with recognition software to match talent with suitable castings. At Nine9, clients can meet industry leaders via the workshops that are held monthly and read full article.

Nine9 is an Unagency unlike any other talent agencies and continues its operations in the main markets across the nation in Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Houston and Washington D.C and learn more about Nine9.

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