America’s greatest investor, George Soros

George Soros is one of the most recognized authors, Philanthropist, investor, business magnate and successful politician. He hails from, Hungary, in the United States of America. In May 2017, Soros was announced by the Forbes magazine amongst richest and successful people worldwide.

Soros went through London schools of Economics and worked there as a railway porter. He later became the writer of that particular school and then moved to merchant bank as a finance officer. This is where it all started. Georges started learning on how to invest in his life. In 1969, George established his own hedge fund in the Wall Street of New York City. For many years down the line, George invested in his own business that gave him a lot of income.

So far, this successful investor of the United States of America is the founder or Chief Executive officer of Soros Fund management. However, George did not run this business for long. He handed it over to Dawn Fitzpatrick to take care of it. Fitzpatrick is also a successful woman in Wall Streets.

George Soros political views

George is not only a successful person but also a responsible politician. He is a donor to many politicians in the United States of America. In 2003 election cycle of USA, Soros donated millions of money to the tax-exempt group. This money was meant to support strong and progressive infrastructure in America. Hit for more reading.

Needy children and widows have benefited a lot from George’s investment and success in life. He has supported these children by paying their school fees and ensuring that they have what to eat. America recognizes George as a true donator of money to where it is required.  Click for additional article.


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In early 2017, George Soros was announced as the 19th richest person worldwide. He is net worth $25.2 billion. He is also in the list of 400 wealthiest Americans. His relationship with Donald Trump resulted to a loss of 1 million US dollars.   Check for additional reading.

Georg’s greatest philanthropy is funding black needy children from Africa in particular



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