Jason Hope Explains Airline Connectivity

For a number of years the Internet of things has been touted as the way the world be changed forever with connectivity bringing almost every aspect of life together in a digitally connected world.

Futurist Jason Hope believes the connectivity he feels will be important in all our lives in the future will begin to be revealed by the airline industry with a range of benefits being seen for both the airlines and passengers.

The most important part of air travel is having faith in the safety of an individual aircraft we are traveling on at all times; wireless connectivity is now placing the care of all aircraft in the hands of a ground crew who are able to monitor the performance of every part of an airplane in flight and prepare for repairs and maintenance to be completed as soon as an aircraft lands. Experts expect more than 20 billion items to connected with wireless technology by 2020 and allows the airline industry to track baggage and passengers in a more complete way than ever before.

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Jason Hope has not only worked as a futurist and technology expert, but he has also spent a large amount of time exploring the many different ways he can help communities in his native Arizona and beyond to be healthier and more successful with a focus on education and good health.

Healthcare is a passion for Jason Hope as he believes the work he has completed with the SENS Foundation will be important for the future, particularly as the fight against the negative effects of the aging process are focused on a high level of technological innovation.

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