Omar Yunes Achievements And Contributions Behind His Success

Omar Yunes also referred to as franchise of Sushi Itto, relates to the winner of the BFW competition that stands for Best Franchisee of the world. The venue of the contest took place the past 5th December in Italy, particularly Florence. The reason for his success is behind his numerous contributions towards the brand that he stands for. When he was 21 years old, he became a franchise to the food chain in Japan and currently has 13 franchise units based in Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla. This is a representation of approximately a tenth of all the units that owned by the brand.

He is proud of being both a representative as well as the fact that it is a reward from the 400 workforces of the 13 units which enhance management inclusive of the brand that has given them the permission to increase innovation.

34 countries had their representatives join the edition of the year 2015 of the BFW. An evaluation of franchise was done as well as its effects regarding the network in aspects including the extent of network influence, contributions regarding knowledge, the savings made, the employees’ motivation, the invoice sizes, and the proposal of improvements towards the model.

Concerning the organizer of BFW Mexico, Omar took over the leading position in the national contest. He, therefore, became a significant symbol for change in the relationship known as the franchising-franchisee, acquiring an improved management of the data and execution control boards which clarify extents of every unit.

Consequently, the Sushi Itto CEO, Benjamin Cancelmo, remarked that they view the awards to manifest the combined effort to give their customers the best services, an excellent flavor as well as an exclusive hospitality.

According to Elizarraras, the awards talks of an important sector in the nation that has individually won the satisfactory position internationally, leaving out the days when the Mexican franchise used to be a regional issue of concern.

The Prendamex franchisee, Ivan Tamer, became the winner of the Mexican chapter’s second phase. Gratitude is given to the execution and tools’ provision to obtain a new system of marketing which at the moment controls the rest of the networks of the pawnshops.

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