Where You Can Follow Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a former investment banker who now spends time offering advice to other companies and even individuals. He has a presence on Twitter, Facebook and blog posts on investing on his Tumblr page. Cornelsen wants people to understand why they should invest, how to get started investing and making strategic moves while investing. Cornelsen makes appearances on television networks and contributes to business publications from time to time.


Cornelsen is from Brazil and spent many years as a portfolio manager in three of Brazil’s largest banks. He also was an aide to the Brazilian government’s ministry of economics and labor and over the years he’s gained a lot of knowledge of foreign exchange and international investor markets. He retired several years ago but didn’t quit investing, and if you’re interested in building a portfolio like Cornelsen’s there are several guidelines you should follow.


First, Igor Cornelsen says you need to know what the stock market is and how to invest with it. Contrary to popular belief, the stock market isn’t where you go to trade stocks on a day-to-day basis. Many people try to gamble on stocks and end up losing a lot of money before really getting to know what investing is like. In Cornelsen’s words, you have to be willing to purchase small amounts of stocks and other funds and let them grow over many years because investing is better suited to those interested in saving for many years. Also Cornelsen says you should find stocks in small quantities that are damaged and have a chance to become profitable in the coming years.


For those interested in investing in Brazil, Cornelsen is pleased to give advice on doing so. Brazil has a lot of businesses to invest in and a lot of resources that have garnered foreign interest over the years. But like all foreign exchange securities, Brazilian investments have their own set of regulations and restrictions that investors should know about and Cornelsen says you should do your research on them. He also says it’s good to get to know the locals in Brazil who know all the banks and brokerage firms and take some of their advice when deciding who to invest with.

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