How Jason Halpern’s Experience has facilitated his Success in the Real Estate Development Sector

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

The real estate development industry has been evolving in the recent years, and professionals need to be innovative for them to attain success. Jason Halpern is among the real estate developers who have a success story to tell. He is a resident of Brooklyn, New York and owns JMH Development, which is a renowned enterprise in the industry. Halpern’s company has completed several real estate projects in the past three decades that it has been operational. The firm has specialized in the developing both commercial and residential properties that meet the market’s demands. Jason is the MD of his business, and his administration has led it to success. The performance of JMH Development is motivated by the unparalleled strategies that he uses. The company has focused on renovating old properties into state-of-the-art buildings that are sold or rented to clients. It has been working with communities whenever it needs to reconstruct any historical building that is important to them. The firm has also been trying to retain the main historical features of the structures that it renovates.

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Mr. Halpern’s great industry accomplishments have been facilitated by his background. Most of his family members are real estate development professionals, and his father had a construction company that was called Halpern Enterprises. The firm developed several commercial and residential properties in New York, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. Jason’s success as a real estate developer can also be attributed to his focus on renovating historic buildings.JMH Development has managed to complete a couple of the real estate projects. It was involved in the renovation of an old warehouse at 184 Kent Avenue. The property was a landmark in the region and was on the National Historic Register.

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The significance of the building made Halpern to involve the locals before its renovation began. The 184 Kent Avenue building was transformed into a top-notch residential property that is made of about 340 apartments. Some of the houses were purchased while others were rented out. JMH Development’s innovation in the renovation of the building was recognized at the Building Brooklyn Awards. The renovated property still displays some of its original features.Jason Halpern’s firm also bought Motel Ankara and renovated it to create the luxurious Aloft South Beach.

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The property had more than 235 rooms, and it was launched in 2005. It was located a few meters from the Miami Beach, and this made it be preferred by many clients. Aloft South Beach was reconstructed to have eight more stories than Motel Ankara, but they had some similarities. The hotel was closed a few years ago. Mr. Halpern is currently conducting other great projects in various cities across the United States. He understands the real estate needs of differed markets.

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