Lime Crime Beauty Line: Vegan Hair Dye, Lipstick, And Eyeshadow Too

Lime Crime is a beauty company that has cosmetic products, hair color products, nail tips and makeup brushes. All of Lime Crime’s products are vegan and cruelty-free.

The cosmetic line is composed of bright and fanciful shades, reflecting the theme of the company that urges consumers to embrace a “magical” lifestyle and produced for “real life mermaids.” The LC cosmetic lineup thrives on bright shades not usually found in the majority of cosmetic lines.

LC lipstick comes in six different formulas, each one offering various textures of sheen and pearlescence. They are all metallized with some element of frost, sparkle, and shine. The iridescent lip topper takes it a step further and adds a cosmic glittered hue.

The eyeshadows are presented in palette form. Known as the Grunge Eyeshadow Palette Collection, the two offerings are called venus and venus 2.

The Venus contains eight shades meant to evoke the masterpiece style of Botticelli; combine this with the grunge alternative rock rebellion of the 1990’s and you have the Venus grunge palette. The shades are unconventional neutrals, rust, brick and burgundy type of shades.

Venus2 is also composed of eight shades, all highly pigmented and unique shades. They are distinctive and based on items like the “wing of a fly” and the “color of the spoiled fruit.” Pigeon is a pearly brown green, Jam a creamy matte in a rich spice pumpkin brown. Creative shades!

Although offering vegan and cruelty-free products is a wonderful accomplishment, this company offers hair color products in addition to cosmetics. This is rare for a beauty line; usually, cosmetic companies offer hair cleansers at most to a well-developed product line. For LC to offer hair color products along with cosmetic products, makes it a different animal in the beauty space.

The hair color line is where Lime Crime shines. The types of shades offered cannot be found easily, especially in a vegan formula. Traditional shades of direct-deposit semi-permanent hair color, which are found most often in beauty supply stores, are just that – natural and classic shades, brown ash, chestnut, golden, and honey.

Unicorn Dye has shades not commonly daydreamed about, but head-turning nonetheless. The shades are truly different, some are breathtaking.

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