The Brazilian Education and Health Services Improved by the E-Governe System

Every administration in the world does its best to satisfy the need of its citizen so that it can be assured of being retained in power during every election. One of the areas of concern to most people is the delivery of efficient and adequate services, especial in the social, health and education systems. And with the proliferation of technological innovations, many administrations take advantage of the tools available on various platforms to give excellent and quality services cost-efficiently.



In many cities of Brazil like Osasco, the public is now able to access better education and health services through the e- governe systems installed by the local government. All vital information can now be obtained just at the click of a button because there is a website that contains all pertinent information about health facilities and the schools. By linking all the schools on the network, it is now possible to get all relevant information about all the city schools through the portal. Communicating with the education department has been made simple, and an update is available anytime one needs it.



The installation of the IT facility has brought significant improvements to the education sector in Osasco. The e-governe has made it possible for the school officials to implement strict financial controls, and most vital information and data are now protected because of the centralized data management and monitoring system. Instances of corruption have been minimized, and meetings and other workshop events are convenient scheduled. Schools cannot claim to lack information about what is going on in the sector because all the school principals have access to relevant information all the times.



In the health department, the e-governe system has brought similar improvements and efficient delivery of services. For instance, ambulance services are now monitored and controlled through the IT system. The management of essential hospital functions such as bed distribution and dispensation of drugs are now done on the portal. The residents of Osasco can quickly gain access to all the services they need. The cases of drugs disappearing have been eliminated because the health administration officials can keep track of the movement and distribution of medicine right from the pharmacies to the hospitals. Stockpiling and equitable distribution of the drugs is firmly managed and streamlined through the websites integrated with the e-governe. The supply of medicine is now efficient.



Other essential aspects of health care such as vaccination have also been made effective. Scheduling national vaccination exercises with ease is possible. The scheduling of appointments between the doctors and the patients is now efficient and timely. The online facility has made it possible for patients to get better treatment whenever they need it because communication is open and fast. Time is used efficiently, and many deaths are prevented as a result of the fast mode of appointment scheduling. Patient referral from other facilities to Osasco is now simple because all the health records can be availed quickly. The municipalities like Teresina and others now manage all the education and health departments effectively.


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