With the wonderful advancements in technology, teachers, students and parents all over the country are using Class Dojo. Teachers are able to use technology to capture students’ attention and communicate with parents. Students are able to engage in classroom interaction and earn points/rewards. Parents are able to keep track of what takes place in the classroom daily.

What is Class Dojo?Class Dojo is a fun, educational communication app. The app can be downloaded to cellular phones, Ipads or any similar electronic devices. Class Dojo is designed for the classroom and it offers a consistent, accurate connection between teachers, students and parents.

How it works?

Each student in the classroom is given an individual profile and a creative avatar. Using the individual profiles, the teacher tracks and updates students’ behavior. With the app, teachers can assign points to students, both positive and negative. These points are known as Dojos. Teachers can reward points several points throughout the day. Teachers can keep students excited about Class Dojo by allowing them to redeem points they have earned throughout the week for different prizes and treats. Having the opportunity to receive rewards and recognition for good classroom behavior is a great incentive of using Class Dojo. This app also fills the gap between teachers and parents. Teachers update the app daily and parents can log in anytime to track their child’s behavior and classroom interaction. The app also has graphs and charts that can be emailed or printed.

How it benefits the teacher.

Teachers use this app as a great reward system for behavior management in the classroom. Teachers can use the app for private messaging with parents on individual students’ progress. Teachers can post pictures and videos to the app of classroom activities.

How it benefits the student.

Class Dojo offers a creative way for students to engage in classroom participation while demonstrating good behavior. Students have the opportunity to earn points (Dojos) daily. Students are motivated and excited about displaying a good attitude in the classroom.

How it benefits the parent.

Parents can receive immediate feedback from teachers about their child’s behavior and progress. This allows parents to be kept up to date on students classroom conduct. This great app connects parents and teachers by allowing effective communication.

Overall, Class Dojo is a cool app that creates a good classroom environment amongst teachers, students and parents. Everyone benefits from using this great app by working together as a team. Teamwork makes the dream work and with Class Dojo everyone wins!


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