The Role of Mighty Fortress Church in Installing Christian Virtues

To most believers, churches signify a house of worship, a place to reunite with your maker. However, thousands of these churches range from modern and straightforward to old and historical. Most of these amazing and beautiful churches have an incredible history and striking architecture. Some of these churches are;
The Cathedral of St. Paul
The church has the most beautiful building in Minnesota. It is located at the very peak of Summit hill and overlooks the downtown St. Paul. The church was built in the 1990s; it is the third largest chapel in the United States. The design of the church features the classical themes and a French Renaissance. The dome at the center is approximately 186-ft high.

The Basilica of St. Mary’s
The church acts as a landmark in Minneapolis. Built in the 90’s, the chapel displays the examples of Beaux-Art architecture and Baroque. The inside of the building is wonderfully detailed and incredibly ornate. And as you may think, the church organizes for music festivals on the ground floor every summer. The festivals are known as Basilica Block Party and intend to raise funds to support local charities.
The Church of St. Columba
The church of St. Columba is located on the St. Paul residential neighborhood. The church introduces an interesting mix of Art Moderne/Deco as well as a French Norman architecture style. It has a round, steeple concrete with square corners built from the Indiana limestone.
Bishop T.R. Williams is the senior pastor and the founder of the Mighty Fortress International Ministries. The church is multifaceted and includes various outreach groups and support groups. The church has been well known due to its powerful and instructional teaching of the gospel. The central message of the church is based on the universal tenets that place high value to the Word of God, family, community and the church. The church preaches reconciliation a message that resonates very well with genuine Christians.
Bishop Williams has been in the active ministry for the last 30 years. Bishop Williams has served in various capacities in the church. Bishop William teaches on the applicability of religion that is founded on the wisdom and knowledge that comes from understanding the word of God.

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