Say Goodbye to Depression with Innovative Therapies from Neurocore

Depression is a common mental condition in the US. It is prevalent among adults especially women. You can achieve full remission with appropriate therapy. Depression is a treatable medical condition that should be taken seriously. However, more than half of sufferers do not get professional help. Understanding the condition is the first step on your journey to relief.

There are many external and internal triggers to the condition. These may be challenging events in your life such as divorce and financial difficulties. It may also be inherited. Some of the most common types fall under seasonal affective, persistent and major depressive disorder. Depression displays a diverse range of symptoms. These include low self-esteem, continuous sadness and emptiness, irregular sleep, trouble with weight management, lack of focus and fatigue among others.

People with high-functioning depression exhibit normal performance externally even when they are crumbling on the inside. Depression takes a heavy toll on your mental and physical health. It is a leading cause of suicide among the youth. It is one of the major causes of disability among the youth. This has far-reaching economic consequences. This is worsened by the fact that it is one of the most underfunded disciplines in research.

Early diagnosis and treatment improve the effectiveness of therapy. Neurofeedback therapy is a cutting edge alternative therapy option that is convenient, non-invasive and medication free. The Neurocore Brain Performance Center is a health and wellness company with a strong focus on applied neuroscience.

The firm provides mental solutions built on the neuro-feedback principle. It uses technology-driven brain assessments and therapy options to help sufferers sleep better, manage their stress and improve concentration. The company was launched in 2004 and has grown to two centers in Florida and six in Michigan. Neurocore offers comprehensive diagnosis and personalized therapies.

The firm utilizes a combination of strategies including imaging of the brain’s electrical activity, behavior discovery, heart rate and performance testing. Brain performance therapy enables your brain to improve function and stay balanced. It also optimizes heart function. Neurocore is committed to helping patients with mental conditions such as depression, sleep disorders, ADHD, anxiety, stress and migraines among others. The Neurocore team is led by the CEO Mark Murrison and the President, Rick Kuiper.

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