Achieving great heights in rallying a look at Michel Terpin.

The 25th edition of the Sertoes rally attracted a lot of participants. In the T1 prototype category, there was one team that was expected to perform well and it did not disappoint. The Bull Sertoes Rally Team that comprised of Michel Terpins and his new navigator Maykel Justo, 40 and 37 years old respectively would ensure that the race was exciting as it was expected. The team made up of the two was onboard #322 the T-Rex developed by MEM and was always expected to be as good as in the previous races. The T1 Prototype was very competitive for that edition and despite this, they were able to emerge position one in the first leg and follow up in the second leg of the competition. In the last leg, they would be faced by some mechanical challenges which saw them slow down before they discovered they had a gear fault something that could not be rectified on the move thus they finished in a lower position in this leg they, however, came in at position four overall.

The edition saw them come in with a total time of 11 hours, 45 minutes, and 23 seconds this was a very good performance assuming the slow down they encountered in the final stages of the competition. Michel Terpins has proved himself to be a very capable driver and this is what has enabled him to grow his team by leaps and bounds. His achievements cannot only be limited to those that he got during his times as a rally driver but when he competed in the cross country championship. He has been a good leader of his team which has led to a direct impact on the number of sponsors who are streaming in to support the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. His commitment to the environmental impact of rallying has also seen him considered as a conservationist. This is something that he does not take lightly and it is what makes him continue with the efforts to continue planting trees as a way of combating any negative effects of the sport.

Michel terpins will be competing in the 26th edition of the Sertoes rally and hopes to outperform himself.

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