OneLogin: Offering Solutions

Companies are continuously embracing digital transformations. But, they do face some challenges. These are acknowledging and addressing compliance risks, and supervising the permissions and roles of the expanding portfolio of users and applications. There are four important points IT and security groups need to deliberate when coming up with access management and identity strategies. These include: cyber-attacks are costly and common for manufacturers, usability and balance, operational costs, and expanding third-party access.

Attacks online are very costly and common for manufacturers. Manufacturers are top targets for virtual attacks. They handle highly sensitive data such as financials, business plans, partner agreements, M&A data, blueprints, schematics, and NPI documents. There is actually a 90% probability that one data breach will cost more than $190 thousand, and 10% probability of it costing more than $750 thousand.

The balance of usability and security are key to digital transformation. Connecting applications and members in a safe and costly way is highly critical for manufacturers. Expanding access for users means increasing business, but needs to be properly executed. Increasing access if unprepared will escalate the likelihood of critical system disruption, diminished user productivity, and breaches in data.

Be cautious of the operating cost of traditional identity management systems. Manufacturers can easily become put down by elevated operation costs of traditional methods. End users can forget app passwords that will cause productivity issues. A high amount of outside users can result in complex app rollouts and disparate directories.

Access for third-parties continues to increase. Users throughout expanded enterprises can receive admission to apps, data, and company networks. As the amount of external users continues its growth, it is highly important that manufacturers keep a system for distributing app permissions and access. They should also realize potential security threats and their cost.

OneLogin is highly trusted by several manufacturers involving security issues. They offer multi-factor authentication, real-time Active Directory integration, pre-integration with over 5,000 apps, and a single sign-on. OneLogin also has Cloud IAM features and gives secure access to all of your favorite apps.

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