ClassDojo Talks Plans For Continued Success

In today’s world, technology presents an endless amount of possibilities. For EdTech business and investors, 2017 marked a year of significant success. Yet, with the pending education cuts likely to occur this year, investors and entrepreneurs are watching closely to help strategize their next move.

One company, ClassDojo, says their plan for continued success is to continue to use the feedback of their parents, students, and teachers to improve their platform. Their goal is to improve communication between parents and teachers in hopes of improving each student educational experience. Parental involvement greatly improves a child’s performance by giving them confidence, constant encouragement, and stability. By bridging the gap between parents and the classroom, ClassDojo is greatly improving the lives of students and promoting strong parent-teacher relationships.

When co-founders Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary left the UK in 2011, they had one goal in mind, revolutionize the learning experience for today’s early learning. Taking a close look at today’s classroom, the duo determined that what teachers and students needed most was the involvement of parents and families. Because most parents work full-time jobs, being present during the school say is not always an option. But, what if parents could hold their student’s classroom, right in the palm of their hands? With just one click, parents can take a sneak peek into their child’s school day, view their school work and activities, and praise them for their accomplishments. The apps messaging feature allows parents and teachers to communicate in confidence throughout the school day.

Like many of today’s most popular social media platforms, ClassDojo connects users in a safe, virtual environment that allows them to broadcast their achievements and interest. With their help, stronger teacher-parent relationships are being built every day and building bridges to close the gap between families and the classroom.

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