Just Who is Dr. Jennifer Walden

When it comes to plastic surgeons, the United States has a plethora to choose from. These highly educated individuals come in the male form as well as come in the female form. They are known as the true artists of this industry because they have the ability to enhance physical beauty. Jennifer Walden, M.D., is one of the very best plastic surgeons in the 21st century and that’s a fact. She is also the living embodiment of girl power. Many of her patients has surely appreciated the way she conducts her business. Dr. Walden, and her staff at the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center provides guidance and support to all of the customers and clients. Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center & Laser Spa was founded by Dr. Walden, and offers the perfect non-judgmental environment.

This loving mother of twin boys is living the good life, but she has certainly ran into some trials along the way. Dr. Walden has suffered from infertility issues for most of her life, and her sons were conceived through In Vitro Fertilization. There were many failed attempts via intrauterine insemination and finding the best anonymous donor didn’t come easy. Houston and Rex are their names and these two boys have made Dr. Walden very proud. “They are my life’s greatest blessings,” said Walden. Juggling a family and running a successful medical practice isn’t easy, but this ambitious woman has that “I-can-do-it” mentality.

On the other hand, this board-certified plastic surgeon has graced the pages of numerous publications like Self, TexasMd Magazine, VIVE, New York Magazine, Health, Vogue, Glam.com Magazine, Cosmopolitan and others. In addition to that, Dr. Walden has appeared on various television shows such as “Dr. 90210,” “Best & Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Stories,” and “20/20.” This only scratches the surface of what Dr. Jennifer Walden has accomplished, but hopefully you’ll have a much better understanding of how special she truly is.

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