Jeff Aronin and Paragon Works Onward for a Better Medical Future

Jeff Aronin is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Paragon Biosciences and Paragon Pharmaceutical Capital since January 2010. Paragon Biosciences headed by Jeff Aronin is an entity that concentrates on developing and unearthing means and ways to help patients with incapacitating diseases through the development of companies that are engaged with biotechnology innovation, and support their progress.

The skills and expertise of the professionals within the Paragon Biosciences led by Jeff Aronin conglomerate is manifested by their aptitudes in being able to acquire approval for thirteen drugs with Food and Drug Authority (FDA).

There are three (3) major processes involved in Paragon, which are 1. Identify, 2. Build, and 3. Develop. For the identify stage, Paragon Biosciences determine the illnesses that shows where the patients’ needs are at the peak levels, and where the needed treatment is deficient and inadequate.

To address the issue, Paragon creates ways to better comprehend the existence of the individuals that they aim to assist along with the primary knowledge of the disease or ailment involved. To do this appropriately, Paragon develops companies who are exclusively in business to find solutions for patients who have been overlooked due to a variety of reasons ( So, the team at Paragon collaborates diligently with investors, physicians, and patients to have access to much needed scientific information and medical experience to gain the most effective outcomes.

The second procedure Paragon undertakes is to build, where the corporation provides the much needed financial resources and capital to sustain the venture for both patients and stakeholders. The companies built under Paragon’s supervision are overseen by biotech financiers along with the best healthcare managers who are dedicated in obtaining satisfactory results for the patients.

During the second stage, Paragon Biosciences continues to provide funding, which includes the provision of a facility where the researchers can work steadfastly to accomplish the desired goals reinforced by Jeff Aronin.

The last procedure which is develop, sees Paragon in conveying approved drugs and innovative medicines into the general market to make it available for patients who have a difficult time securing treatment alternatives because of scarce remedy possibilities based on Jeff Aronin’s process. Majority of the drugs produced by Paragon Biosciences are solely intended for the illnesses that they were created for.

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