Jim Toner’s Unrelenting Efforts to Succeed in Real Estate

Jim Toner is an acclaimed author, philanthropist, a successful real estate entrepreneur, and businessman. His journey to success in real estate was never a walk in the park. He is been in the real estate business for 25 years.

In 2010, he decided to drop out of real estate business because of a series of unfortunate events. The events involved being pushed out of the market by big market players.

Jim involved himself in other activities after the unfortunate events. He worked for business owners and entrepreneurs, and he would help them expand rapidly through what he termed as “celebrity positioning”. Additionally, he wrote the best-selling book called “Send in the Wolves”.

The big market players he terms as “GURUS” were, allegedly, frauds as compared to the “clean” thousands of deals and businesses he did.

Jim Toner was brought back to real estate business by a friend who made him aware of the potential he had as a real estate investor. Jim was told that the “GURUS” pay a lot of money to create a story like his.

He realized that he really had a story worth-telling. Jim came back to real estate but now, with a strategy. First, he would explore a specific market. Second, he would recruit the best local investor.

Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) shares a secret on how to help someone make money with a real estate investment. He says, the best way to do that is, being there on the field with him.

Jim and his team narrowed down on 5 markets and started in Akron, Ohio. According to him, Ohio is one of the most underrated markets in the United States.

He looked for a local investor, a resident of Akron and well conversant with the city.

He quoted Andrew Carnegie and said that it is true real estate can be the short-cut to your riches, if only, you invest wisely and in the right way. He says, before he bounced back, he was tired of lies perpetrated by the “GURUS”’s so called full-time investors.

They implemented the strategy and it worked out. He was back to business.

He is focused to expand his real estate investment training company to be the leading company in the industry as well as build their portfolio in each town they extend their services to.

Essentially, according to Jim Toner, they walk the talk. They lead, others follow. Therefore, as they teach people about real estate investment, they also buy a lot of deals in their market areas. They target 100 homes every year.

Tim Toner said they are always looking for qualified people to join them. They want to build a strong Alliance and the more people come on board, the better. Check out Toner’s accolades.

He concluded by saying that they are now stronger like never before and they are happy to help a hard working person earn an extra cash.

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Victoria Doramus’ Way of Giving Back to the Society

The process of recovery was not easy, but Victoria Doramus was committed to seeing herself through the process. At some point, she had no money and only knew a few people in Dallas recovery facility. She soon secured a job as a waitress and used the money for her survival in Dallas. She knew her mission in Dallas and had to walk the talk for complete recovery. The money she got from her new job helped her become self-sufficient.

The program at Burning Tree was so strict that there was a policy that barred the individuals from outside communication. The policy had barred Victoria Doramus from communicating with her mother who at that moment was leading an assisted living. She worked for four months before she was able to afford a plane ticket to visit her mother in Nashville, Tennessee.

Victoria Doramus later moved to New York City where she started working with numerous addiction non-profit organizations. She gets most of her solutions by helping others to fight their addiction. She knows exactly what people fighting addiction go through since it took her many years to get the knowledge that would lead her to a happy and healthy life. Victoria Doramus is not stopping in her quest to help others sober up, therefore, she intends to establish a halfway house that will cater for those struggling with addiction in New York City. Read this to know more how Victoria overcame her addiction.

Victoria Doramus intends to incorporate the 12 step principles that she acquired at Burning Tree treatment center. She personally understands the effectiveness of these principles after attending two other treatment centers without much success. She understands that in order to get sober help from other people is critical. Therefore, she intends to erect an environment built on personal responsibility, as well as, peer accountability. Victoria Doramus realized that for you to have a new life you must be willing to stop attempting to control the outcome. For more info, visit her website.

Facebook: facebook.com/public/Victoria-Doramus

Francisco Domenech Serves As Top Political Strategist

Francisco Domenech is a experienced government relations professional whom is also a partner at Politank, which is developing strategies to represent private interests in government. He comes from Puerto Rico, where he was formerly the Director of the Office of Legislative Services. He streamlined staffing, expanded services, and worked with 800 new pieces of legislation while maintaining a surplus of his $11 million budget. Although he was born and raised in Puerto Rico, Francisco also lived in Ocala, Florida and attended middle and high school in Ocala. Visit Reporter Expert to know more about Domenech.

Top 40 Under 40 Individuals Shaping Puerto Rico

This has earned him recognition among the top 40 under 40 individuals shaping Puerto Rico, a brand new tradition. These individuals were chosen via election, as they were chosen from a pool of 59 total nominees.

Actively Supports Philanthropic Efforts

Through his lobbying firm, he has also actively supported philanthropic efforts. The Clinton Foundation, Washington Center, and Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute have all been beneficiaries of Francisco’s support. He was also campaign manager for Jennifer Gonzalez bid to become the first woman to serve resident commissioner of the island of Puerto Rico. Francisco Domenech supports candidates whom are interested in advancing the cause of Puerto Rican statehood, and Jennifer Gonzales fits the bill.

Super Delegate to 5 Democratic National Conventions

Francisco had also been a super delegate in 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016 to the Democratic National Committee conventions because he served as a Young Democrats of America committeeman. He was also known as being a top fundraiser for Hillary Clinton in Puerto Rico in 2016.

Francisco Domenech is an attorney admitted to the bar in Puerto Rico and federal courts which include the U.S. District Court in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Court of Appeals in Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Supreme Court. Follow: https://twitter.com/pr51democrat?lang=en


Lori Senecal’s Successful Career in the Advertising Industry

Lori Senecal is an advertising guru known for her exceptional marketing and advertising knowledge. She has a reputation for solving business challenges using innovative technological solutions. Her efforts in the industry saw her rise the ranks to become the Global Chief Executive Officer of CP+B (Crispin Porter + Bogusky). Her role as CEO was to coordinate the company’s ten international offices and find ways of expanding the agency globally. One of her high moments with CP+B was in October 2015 when she bagged the American Airlines. American Airlines had worked with TM Advertising before Lori Senecal brought them on board. This win helped to boost CP+B global presence. Check out Mediapost for more.


One of Lori Senecal’s keys to success is not staying in the comfort zone. She is an alumnus of McGill University where she graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing and Finance. She started off on a high note as the Global Chief Innovation Officer for McCann Worldgroup and later the President of McCann Erickson, New York office. It is while here that she worked with brands like Xbox and Coca-Cola in their advertising campaigns. She later worked as the Executive Chairman of KBS (Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal). A role she continued to serve even while heading CP+B. Her leadership grew the company from a 250 employee agency to over 900 people globally and was named in Crain’s list of “Best Places to Work in NYC”. KBS was also recognised for three consecutive years on AdAge’s list of “Standout Agencies” while she was named on the list of “Women to Watch”. Check out inspirery.com for more.



Known for her creativity, great style and ability to relentlessly focus on a challenge Lori Senecal has made her mark in modern business advertising. Her style has enabled her to help big brands like American Airlines, BMW, Vanguard, Victoria Secret Pink and PayPal. Senecal has had the privilege to serve in the 4A’s and Ad Council Board of Directors. Due to her hard work, she was honoured with a Quantum Leap award for leadership and innovation at AWNY Game Changer Awards in 2013. In 2017 she was named in some listings including; Top 20 Women in Marketing, Top 100 leaders in Marketing and Fast Company Most Creative people in the business.



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How PSI Pay Is Changing The Way Payments Are Done

PSI Pay is a revolutionary e money solution. It is authorized and regulated by United Kingdom authorities. It is allowed to issue out electronic money. The financial institution is also licensed by Mastercard Worldwide to issue out debit cards and virtual cards to its users. The company has a thriving philosophy that has pushed the company to new heights. They empower their uses to use their financial platform for both personal and business money matters. Users that use PSI Pay for business are able to operate sales, distribution, marketing and general business needs from their smartphone. This company has worked tirelessly to secure funds from cardholders. This company meets all regulatory requirements. The staff behind this booming brand are experts in running business operations and creating a great environment for users to use all of the features of this application.


PSI Pay has done a great job of creating a premier financial solution. The payment sector is no easy business to get involved in. It is one of the most difficulty areas of all of the financial services offered by financial institutions. However, this financial provider was able to tactile the complex challenges that this industry was suffering from. Technology is changing the way business is done. Consumers have different demands than in decades past. Competition from many companies in the financial industry makes it rather hard for a financial platform to excel. But this company was able to take a bite into the competitive market because of the new demand of customers moving towards digital mobile payments. Cash and card payments are not extinct yet but a younger demographic is moving towards mobile payments.


This company is able to make their mark in the digital mobile world due to their incredible features offered on their financial platform. APIs, mobile payments, ewallets and emoney, open payments, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and blockchain technology are all things PSI Pay is working to achieve for their users through the use of their platform which is challenging other institutions in becoming a fast adopter of technology of financial services throughout the entire globe.

Victoria Doramus Rises From Addiction to Help Others

Rock bottom- it is a point that all addicts reach that often becomes a pivotal point between a life-saving choice or death. Victoria Doramus has survived addiction to the prescription drug Adderall and cocaine. She struggled with many years of addiction with multiple stints in rehab. Over the course of these years, Doramus hurt her family members, burnt many bridges, and at times became homeless.

A long-term rehabilitation center called Burning Tree located in Austin, Texas was when Victoria Doramus finally began to change her life for the positive. Burning Tree is known for taking in people that have tried and failed at in-patient rehab multiple times. Their rigorous schedule along with counseling finally helped her to take responsibility for her actions and plan for the future. For the first time, Dormas was clean and stayed clean. She went on to live in a halfway house and began working. The struggle never stopped but she had control over herself.

Today Victoria Doramus is an addiction and recovery expert. She knows that although her story is unique, addiction is not. It took many years, programs, and dedication to learn the skills to overcome her addiction to pills and cocaine. The philanthropist learned that it wasn’t the drugs controlling her life anymore, but that she must keep careful watch on triggers such as her emotional health. Her long-term goals include opening a halfway house in New York City. The home would be a place to aid recovering addicts on their journey of starting a new life. Victoria Doramus has goals to help others through sharing her story, experiences, and hard-earned lessons. Check out  Victoria’s closet here.

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/victoriadoramus/

Hussain Sajwani Invested At The Right Time

Hussain Sajwani is one of the smart men in the world who invested in real estate at the right time. In the days of his youth, he realized just how undeveloped his native Dubai was when he went to the United States and saw how commonplace it was to walk into gigantic, well managed stores. The businesses in his place of origin were well managed, but they weren’t as huge and chock full of stuff. He recalled that, in sharp contrast to 100,000 square foot Walmart’s in America, the biggest store in Dubai was 2,000 square feet. It wasn’t really a place that he went to often—it was only a place where he went to get sweets once a month.

According to Forbes Middle East, it was evident to him that Dubai was going to, and had to, go in same direction as the United States. Well, now Dubai is built up. It is now one of those places where people from all over the world go to enjoy themselves. Dubai is now such a great place that some people get into trouble after forgetting that they are in a Middle Eastern country with a culture and set of laws that are different than the West.

Hussain Sajwani is eternally grateful that his life followed the path that it did. As a result of his gratitude, he tries to give back as much as he possibly can. One of his more recent philanthropic pursuits was a donation of $2 million to the Ramadan Initiative. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid El Maktoum is the Ruler of the city of Dubai, as well as the Vice President of the United Arab Emirates. This leader started the Ramadan Initiative, and various wealthy people donated to the cause. Hussain Sajwani donated more than $2 million to the goal of providing clothes for one million youngsters throughout the world. This donation did not hit Hussain Sajwani’s pocket too hard because Sajwani is a billionaire. He is regarded as one of the most financially endowed Arabs on the planet. See Sajwani’s profile on Bloomberg.

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