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During the winter, have you ever experienced having chapped lips? Or have you ever witnessed someone with white around their lips complaining about how their lips need lip balm?

They say the average person lessen their consumption of water during these times of the year. which may be one of the reasons why dryness runs not only on their lips but also in different parts of their body as well. Even if you’re taking care of your body on the regular bases, you might just have what they call, the weather blues.

When the temperature drops, it automatically decreases the humidity within that specific environment. From the outside, it could also effect the inside of your home. Its like putting a hot cup of water in a freezer. So what do we do when our home gets cold? We turn the furnace up, throw a few logs on the fire, etc. Just to feel warm or hot. By this happening, The increase in temperature leads to moisture evaporation wherever the heat fights the cold temperature; in the house, garage, shed and even from your skin.

According to alivenewspaper, the dryness which is created from this can cause cracked skin, dry lips, I know I’m not the only one who also seen ash around someone’s lip. It could even increase the chances of temporary wrinkles and a decrease in skin adaptability, color, and endurance.

But don’t feel doubtful if you are, there are tricks to combat this. Drinking water daily is a great way. when you wake up, before each meal, when exercising, even before heading to sleep, stay hydrated! Staying hydrated has been proven to allow your bodily functions to work properly; lowering your blood pressure, lubricates joints, heart, liver, etc.

Another trick is using an humidifier, we mentioned the battle of humidity earlier.

Also, be careful on the acne treatments, those are best when used during the times when it is hot and humid.

Protect your body from the cold with proper clothes; scarves, thick pants, gloves, ski masks, hats, etc. Keep your body warm!

Our skin ages throughout time. Luckily, our plant stem cell therapy is also great. It’s an anti-aging regimen which can make you look young as your twenties.

Genucel treatment provide eyelid treatment, jawline treatment, deep Firming Serum for your face and neck that have already been effected many winters before.

Using the hydration methods written above plus our Genucel anti-aging products will definitely help make you look young and feel as like you were in your twenties. Learn more about Genucel and their treatmetnt options on medicaldailytimes.

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