How Jeunesse Global is Transforming Lives with ZEN Bodi

As of 2018, over 70% of American adults are overweight and 30% are obese. The obesity problem is so bad that it is considered a national emergency by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Now, one health, wellness, and beauty company is looking to help people lead healthier lives through an innovative weight management system. Jeunesse Global is bringing ZEN Bodi to the world to help get millions back into shape.

A Three-Step Approach to Weight Management

Losing weight is not easy for most people. To help those reach their weight loss goals, ZEN Bodi takes a three-step approach to assist people to gradually and safely reach their goals. The first “Detox” phase helps people lose bloat over a seven day period. Afterward, ZEN Bodi takes people on the second “Ignite” phase that helps the body melt away the belly fat. This 21-day process is the heart of the program that accelerates weight loss. The final “Thrive” phase helps people experience permanent weight loss. This 28-day process eases the body into a transformative way of living that leads to last weight loss.

A Product of the Youth Enhancement System

ZEN Bodi is a product of Jeunesse Global’s Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.). With the Y.E.S. product line, people can improve themselves from the inside out. That includes beauty products such as Instantly Ageless, NV make-up line, Naara Collagen Supplement and RVL hair products. The Y.E.S. line also includes invigorating products such as AM & PM Essentials, NEVO Energy Drinks, and M1ND Mental Energy Supplements. Finally, the Y.E.S. line includes the ZEN Bodi weight management system.

About Jeunesse Global

For years, Jeunesse Global has created a line of products that help people realize their health, beauty and wellness goals. These products include everything from energy drinks to mental invigoration supplements. These products are available worldwide through a network of independent distributors.

Going forward, Jeunesse Global is looking to further expand its influence and reach around the world. This includes the expansion of the independent distributor network and the introduction of move innovative health, wellness and beauty products.

Jeuness Fights Aging Inside And Out

An essential element of the Jeunesse Global approach to aging is that slowing it down and reversing it means that you must attack the problem from both the inside and the outside.

What people put inside their bodies is a major factor in aging. In our modern world of junk food, fast food, processed foods and all around poor eating habits, making key changes is vital. The genius of the Jeunesse Global line of products is that it makes it easy to make changes. With Jeunesse, we can  get the proper nutrition we need quickly, conveniently and easily every day.

A prime example is a Jeunesse product called Reserve. This is a an antioxidant rich fruit blend that is packaged in single-serving packets that can be taken anywhere. That makes it easy, during any time of the day and no matter where you are, to supercharge your body with a nutritious fruit-based formulation that jolts the immune system.

Speaking of energy-packed beverages, Jeunesse Global has revolutionized the energy drink. Most energy drinks on the market today are actually harsh concoctions of caffeine, sugar and sundry artificial ingredients that probably do more harm than good to the body.

The Jeunesse energy drink Nevo contains an all-natural blend of ingredients sourced from around the world. Flavors are acai grape, peach mango, lemon ginger and mixed fruit — but more importantly, Nevo delivers a remarkable energy boost without any of the bad side effects. The jump start you get does not slam you back down an hour later. Each serving of Nevo contains just 50 calories.

Jeunesse also offers a unique vitamin blend — AM and PM. Again, the scientific advisers and nutrition researchers at Jeunesse have created a formulation of vitamins unlike anything else on the market. Using them makes sure that your essential nutritional profile is complete and running at optimum.

Jeunesse may be best known for its groundbreaking skin care treatments created with stem cell, polypeptide technology that makes your outer appearance youthful and glowing — but Jeunesse is equally focused on what goes on inside the body to fight aging.,19.htm

Nick Vertucci’s NV Real Estate Academy Review

When it comes to real estate investing, Nick Vertucci is one of the best in his game. He was the president and the Chief Executive Officer of Coastline Micro, Inc. from 2001 to 2007. In addition, he built his own company, The Nick Vertucci Companies after his Coastline Micro. endeavors. The Vertucci Companies is an investment consultancy that helps people to find solutions to the challenges of investing in foreclosed properties. Last but not least, Vertucci is also the owner and one of the mentors in Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy.

Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is the fastest growing real estate education and advisory institution in the United States. It is located in both California and Nevada and was founded last January 1, 2013. The firm has been teaching newbie investors for the tricks and tips in real estate investment since its inception. Review in yelp gave it a general score of four stars and is an overall good real estate academic institution to consider.

According to a review from user Bob S., the NV Real Estate Academy or NVREA is one of the most excellent real-estate investment in the country. His experiences in the school are worth double or triple the cost if its admission. According to him, one of the best experiences he got was the NVREA Bus Tour.

The review also states that all the mentors are all successful investors. All of them are millionaires and their insights are second to none. No newbie investors are on site, all of the mentors have been there and experienced the ups and downs of real-estate investment. Nick Vertucci is there himself, not sugarcoating with real-estate investment success stories, just teaching all the stuff he can teach based on his experience. He is 100% hands-on and a down to earth professional according to the review.

Oren Frank Joins Talkspace

Oren Frank is the CEO of Talkspace, an e-therapy platform. He is also the co-founder of the company. Talkspace was founded to ease access to mental health services. Oren Frank states that traditional forms of therapy do not provide the comfortTalkspace offers. The company has helped many people struggling with mental conditions worldwide. It has therapists who talk to clients anytime. Oren Frank is the chief medical officer who was brought on board to help with diagnosis.

Talkspace realized that just advising patients is not always enough. Some require medication to feel better. The company wants to help patients recover by all means. It has a team of professionals who talk to clients online. You can be connected to a therapist when you send a text. Oren Frank has worked with many people in this area and hopes to continue doing the same. When he received the offer to join the company, he was skeptical because it was new. After deliberations and knowing more about Talkspace, he joined the team. Check out talkspace .com to learn more about Oren Frank’s presentation.

Oren Frank is working closely with a team to identify patients who need further treatment. Federal regulations demand that healthcare facilities cannot recommend drugs through text. Thus, Oren Frank will use video tools to interact with patients. He is pleased with services offered by the company and hopes to see more improvement. Some people shy from seeking medical assistance from therapists due to fear of judgment or misunderstanding.

Talkspace is ideal because it has professionals who value confidentiality. Confidentiality is important in therapy. When patients feel unsafe, they cannot disclose what is bothering them. Talkspace does more than helping patients recover. It restores dignity, and self-esteem. Oren Frank loves helping people and thanks to the company for giving him the opportunity to change lives. Helping people with mental issues is an honor to him.


Sandy Chin Has Stepped In To Keep Children At PS11 Reading Over The Summer

It’s no secret that Sandy Chin can use her successful portfolio management skills to hit a homerun on a new project. She took one look at public elementary school PS11 and instantly knew she had to do something for the students on New York City’s West Side. The kids were in need of books for the summer, but the expense proved to much to bear for some of the parents. PS11 is also called the William T. Harris School. There are a diverse group of students who attend the school and a couple of low income housing projects provide a big portion of the attendees.


Many children are at risk of a summer slide when it comes to reading because over the summer, other activities take precedence. Children also do not have access to the same reading load they deal with over the school year. For some students, the lack of book access or encouragement may leave them with no reading at all for a period of three months. That’s a long time to be away from daily reading, and children can begin to fall back on reading levels. Sandy Chin’s son attends PS11, but he is not at risk for this situation because he has access to tons of books, and he enjoys going to the neighborhood library.


Many public libraries have started summer reading programs to help reduce the backslide, but many parents and children still don’t get the chance to take advantage of these programs. Having your own book is a very special feeling, and several of the children can be seen toting a book around like it’s their favorite stuffed animal. Sandy Chin remembers falling in love with books as a child, and she knows that if children had the appropriate access to books on their reading level, they would read them.


Sandy and other volunteers made a decision to have a summer book drive at PS11. The point of the drive was to collect used books that could be provided to kindergarten students at PS11 for free. This drive would provide all kindergarten kids with a book of their own to have and read over the summer break.


About Sandy Chin

Sandy Chin is the CIO and portfolio manager at Tidal Bore Capital. She previously worked as portfolio manager at Visium Asset Management LLC. She left Visium to focus on pharmaceutical stocks. She was the senior analyst of S.A.C. Capital Management LLC as well as Moore Capital Management, L.P. She has been the Vice President of Neuberger Berman LLC. she has also worked as an analyst at Bank of America Corporation, Jenrette International, and Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette.