Nick Vertucci’s NV Real Estate Academy Review

When it comes to real estate investing, Nick Vertucci is one of the best in his game. He was the president and the Chief Executive Officer of Coastline Micro, Inc. from 2001 to 2007. In addition, he built his own company, The Nick Vertucci Companies after his Coastline Micro. endeavors. The Vertucci Companies is an investment consultancy that helps people to find solutions to the challenges of investing in foreclosed properties. Last but not least, Vertucci is also the owner and one of the mentors in Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy.

Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is the fastest growing real estate education and advisory institution in the United States. It is located in both California and Nevada and was founded last January 1, 2013. The firm has been teaching newbie investors for the tricks and tips in real estate investment since its inception. Review in yelp gave it a general score of four stars and is an overall good real estate academic institution to consider.

According to a review from user Bob S., the NV Real Estate Academy or NVREA is one of the most excellent real-estate investment in the country. His experiences in the school are worth double or triple the cost if its admission. According to him, one of the best experiences he got was the NVREA Bus Tour.

The review also states that all the mentors are all successful investors. All of them are millionaires and their insights are second to none. No newbie investors are on site, all of the mentors have been there and experienced the ups and downs of real-estate investment. Nick Vertucci is there himself, not sugarcoating with real-estate investment success stories, just teaching all the stuff he can teach based on his experience. He is 100% hands-on and a down to earth professional according to the review.

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