Isabel dos Santos recent Contribution to Economic Development

Isabel dos Santos, an Angolan entrepreneur, is one of the richest women in Africa. As per 2019, her net worth was $2.4B according to Forbes. She has shares in various Portuguese companies including cable TV firm Nos SGPS and telecom. Isabel dos Santos has vast experience in economic development, infrastructure creation, and implementation of technologies. Her work has created more than 50,000 employment opportunities in Angola.

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The businesswoman has showcased interest in various industries during her career including finance, energy, entertainment, and construction. She has held managerial positions in retail organizations, banks, and entertainment establishments. Her career experience has immensely contributed to her understanding of the world’s economy and to help identify economic opportunities to help countries fight poverty. Isabel dos Santos has dedicated her time and monetary support in various development projects to promote entrepreneurship and encourage grassroots economic growth. She has engaged in video production and other media to highlight the efforts of upcoming African Entrepreneurs and their contribution to the economy at large.

Isabel is a public speaker. She has appeared in various forums including the ECR Africa Summit in the European Parliament, Brussels. She addressed the importance of Africa’s digital infrastructure development. She believes that easy internet access in Africa will promote Africa’s well being and allow them to compete in an international economy.

Born in Baku, Azerbaijan SSR, Isabel dos Santos attended girls boarding school located in Kent, Cobham Hall. She attended London’s King’s College where she studied electrical engineering. It is then that she met Sindika Dokolo, her husband, from the Democratic Republic of Congo. She returned to Angola in the early 90s and joined her father, where she started to work for Urbana 2000 as a project manager. She then started a trucking business, paving her way into telecoms. She opened the Miami Beach Club in 1997, which is one of the very first beach restaurant and night club on Luanda Island. For over 20 years in her career, Isabel dos Santos has expanded her interests creating holdings in Angola and abroad especially Portugal.


Ashley Lightspeed: In-depth with Serial Entrepreneur

Ashley Lightspeed is today considered one of the rising figures in the venture capital industry. Her extensive experience working with large consulting companies such as Bain & Company and Thumbtack has allowed her to utilize all her years of work on the field and apply to her company Lightspeed Venture Capital. Ashley Lightspeed has also earned quite an impress array of educational accolades most notably a degree from Duke Universit and a business degree from Stanford. Today Ashley continues this path of success along with her Lightspeed partners. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Ashley Lightspeed to learn a little more about her career and herself as well.

How do you make your ideas come to life?

Much of the inspiration for how Ashley brings her ideas to life comes from seeing her father work as an architect. The old saying of measure twice, cut once has always stuck to her when developing her products. However, in the world of marketing, it’s more of a build a prototype and see how it functions and then release it to the public. Furthermore, Ashley expresses the skill of being patient and flexible with a project. Her motto with all her projects is ‘fail fast and iterate faster.’ Read more about Ashley Lightspeed at Forbes.

What is one current trend that excites you?

Although it is not current, it is undoubtedly coming up soon, and that is that boomers will son become seniors. Ashley explains further by saying that by the year 2033 the nation will have more seniors than children, an interesting shift in demographics, a demographic that will no doubt need new products such as IOT technology for home care.

What is one habit that helps you succeed as an entrepreneur?

One of Ashley’s most notable habits includes keeping in touch with other entrepreneurs. She explains that keeping in touch is often very fun and fulfilling as well as an important factor in the business world. In addition, having friends all over the community allows you to have an ear to the ground on the latest business deals and developments, says Ashley.

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The RVL Advanced Hair Care System of Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse Global is a company that knows how to treat both their employees and customers well. Founded by two entrepreneurs, Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, the company has been crushing the direct sales market since 2009, when the pair came out of retirement to start a brand new business. The main headquarters of the company can be found in Florida, but Jeunesse Global is a company that operates all over the world due to the vast number of employees. As a direct sales company, Jeunesse Global is continuously empowering men and women to take charge of their careers by choosing a company that offers amazing benefits and great pay.

While Jeunesse offers incredible products and a chance to get in with an amazing direct sales business, they are actually much more than that. Jeunesse Kids is a nonprofit charitable organization that is supported by a huge community who truly care about the millions of children living in impoverished conditions in many countries around the globe. The company does everything that they can to help schools and communities all over the world, such as heading local shoe drives, setting up fundraisers for local children’s hospitals, and providing healthcare education for those in third world countries. Jeunesse also encourages their distributors to spearhead their own projects in their local areas if they want to make a difference.

RVL Advanced Hair Care System

Jeunesse Global offers many different products, from vitamins to energy drinks to different types of makeup. One of their more popular lines is the RVL Advanced Hair Care System, better known as RVL. This exquisite at-home system could be easily mistaken for products that sell in the most expensive salons. What makes this system so unique is the fact that the products are infused with HPT-6, an innovative polypeptide technology that is quickly taking the hair care industry by storm. The products are made with some of the finest ingredients and botanicals, such as flaxseed oil, fenugreek, and jojoba oil. Every product in the line helps to make your hair look fuller and brighter and leaves an invigorating scent of citrus behind.


How to Choose Advantages of Buying Reddit Accounts

The New Angle On Advantages of Buying Reddit Accounts Just Released

Of course, there are advantages and pitfalls of residing in an unaffiliated property. Once you review the following seven benefits to using PayPal to purchase online, you will probably wish to begin using PayPal yourself. The most important advantage of getting your investment assets within a brokerage account is simplicity.   Buy reddit accounts

The Principles of Advantages of Buying Reddit Accounts You Can Learn From Beginning Right Away

In some instances, you’ll be in a position to obtain options like different appliances outside the buyer and have them installed (usually at a premium) with the overall construction. The better choice may be to hold off and join one of the many clans that have existed for some time and move up the ranks and see if managing a family is appropriate for you. There are some options concerning how to purchase gold, and each has its advantages.

What Do the Advantages of Buying Reddit Accounts Mean?

Options aren’t appropriate for all investors. The choice to purchase premium ammunition for gold is readily available for the bulk of tanks in World of Tanks. One of the comprehensive most useful selections offered for gold is to get time for a premium account. In the long run, opting to diversify with a taxable account might help you attain some of your intermediate and long-term financial targets. After determining which option is more cost-effective, consider different intangibles like the risk that the item will get obsolete (if you are thinking about purchasing) or your need for the thing will expire before the lease does (if you’re thinking of leasing). Many times, reduced-rate financing options are offered for CPO purchasers.

Advantages of Buying Reddit Accounts – Dead or Alive?

Try to remember, investing should be for the very long term. Also, should you select the exact kinds of investments, you can be tax smart, although technically you might not be investing in a tax-sheltered account. You also have to take note of the length of time you hold an investment. The amount that may lose may be higher than your original investment. On the flip side, many investors tend to examine taxable accounts, like a current investment account with a brokerage firm, as unfavorable on account of the taxes related to them. Being a real estate investor isn’t always glamorous. However, it is among the best methods to construct wealth over the long-haul, particularly for the entrepreneurial-minded.

If you’re thinking of selling a fund just before the distribution, you might need to reconsider. In the here and now, it’s vital to comprehend the way the funds can be employed to assist you in getting suitable therapy and attention. As part of a comprehensive stock portfolio, mutual funds can play a vital role in growing your wealth. Men and women who invest in mutual funds do not need to be stock market gurus or have extensive understanding about the benefits of different kinds of bonds since an expert manager makes all investment decisions.

You can’t take money from the account to spend on your very own personal needs. The money that you’re using to cover a charge card purchase comes from the issuer, after all. If it remains in your account until you reach the age of 65, the money is then treated as a standard retirement plan and taxed upon withdrawal. You would believe that getting started as a currency trader would cost a lot of money. The money in a savings account, nevertheless, is not designed for everyday use but is instead intended to remain in the report be saved in the mind so that it may earn interest as time passes.

The Number One Question You Must Ask for Advantages of Buying Reddit Accounts


Usually, in addition to the monthly fee, there is going to be a minimum quantity that you will want to pay in the account every month to be able to qualify. A checking account is a sort of bank deposit account that’s made for everyday money transactions. You will need to get old accounts to submit link successfully in bigger subreddits. Meanwhile, for those who have an online account, you are going to be in a position to notice fraudulent activity using your card before the next statement arrives in the mail.


Know which sort of account you need and be sure you receive the correct one. If you’re considering a packaged account, be confident you will use the perks included. Hacked accounts are employed in purchasing a whole lot of IIamas and maximizing bundle. Savings accounts are a breeze to manage at tax time.


The Advantages of Buying Reddit Accounts Cover Up


Purchasing a house is likely to be the largest purchase you will ever make, and a mortgage is going to be your most significant debt. When you’re buying a pre-owned residence, the price is determined by the industry and by the former home operator, who might or might not see the absolute value of their house. Whether you are purchasing your first house, remortgaging or moving up the property ladder, there ought to be a home loan fit for you.

How Much Can I Must Pay for Newswire Services?

How much do brand names need to pay to employ a news release distribution services? Rate is the primary variable that marketers think about previously utilizing a cable television solution which helps them obtain their tale prior to the media.

Various newswire service providers give various prices as well as plans. You need to consider your target initially prior to deciding how frequently you need your best press release distribution to be published.

In situation you mean to advertise new recognition, you might consider a bundle that provides a lot more regular publishing of your launch than a single supply. The package that you pick might likewise be contingent on the type of your company if you’re a little company or a substantial venture.

Benefits of Employing a Distribution Assistance

Based upon the business which you choose, you can achieve an enormous community of influencers, blog owners as well as sites. Your story is indexed from the different search engines, making it readily available to individuals.

Price of Newswire Solutions

All these organisations can personalize their bundles based upon what you need.

Cost of Newswire Services

The price of made up services varies per business.

You may always request a quote to identify which firm you wish to distribute your launches.

Online press cords aren’t just for huge companies. In reality, they provide low-cost bundles, to ensure that tiny companies and also startups can handle it.


Brand names should not make final thoughts based only on the purchase cost. You should consider the solution which might give a broad circulation for the purchase price.

It is necessary that you start checking out exactly how these services disperse your releases.

For Startups & Local Business

For start-ups and also tiny company, the expense could be your top concern; nonetheless, you likewise must take into account the business which might prolong the supply of your launches. Assess if your tale will certainly obtain published in the Associated Press, sites in addition to likewise the search engines.

You should certainly make the most of cord services which may obtain your story prior to tens of hundreds of coworkers. Remember this is your possibility to acquire marketing as well as points out. Keep in mind that press reporters will also be searching for suggestions in media cables, so should they locate you, after that you have actually improved media possibilities.

Promoting Brand Understanding

If you want to market your brand-new, check the cable television businesses which may make your tale more on the internet direct exposure. Take a look at the variety of online tools in their network. If cable firm A has an area of 1,500 associates, cable television firm B includes 6,000 and also cable organisation C consists of 10,000, you choose wire business C.

If you would love to find accessibility to internet-savvy customers or your firm is functioning online, obtaining a service that can provide the largest size of the supply system is your ideal option. It can help you to obtain optimal direct exposure. Additionally, it makes sure your releases obtain extra viewpoints, which may equate later on into potential customers as well as sales.

Utilizing wire solutions continues to be a viable instrument to reach media as well as information outlets and also reporters. For example, terrorists make use of search engines to look for tales. It is more suitable to permit them to puncture the noise and saves their time searching for details.

In addition, there are various other on-line cord businesses providing packages at a lesser price. You just require to evaluate which might give your demands as well as objective.

Max Salk a Renowned New York- Based Financial Expert

Max Salk is a New York-based investment analyst and also a renowned landscape photographer. Salk has a rich academic background. He attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he pursued a finance and history degree. Salk immediately after his graduation in 2011 joined the investment world and started working for Morningstar in Chicago. Salk worked for the company for ten months. He then left and joined PPM America as an investment analyst. Salk served at PPM for three good years. He then moved in 2015 and joined the New York-based Blackstone Group.

Max Salk developed an interest in the investment world while he was still in college. Salk used to spend most of his free time watching CNBC news on financial markets and also researching and trading stocks. Salk’s passion for investment grew when he began working for PPM as he was tasked to monitor companies closely and conduct financial market research and then recommend investment ideas to clients.

Max Salk besides being an experienced financial investment analyst is also a philanthropist who loves giving back to the community. As a philanthropist, Salk supports the Navy Seal Foundation which is a charitable organization.

Max Salk in an interview said that on a typical day he wakes up early in the morning and starts going through emails while he is still in bed. After that he gets out of bed prepares himself and leaves for office where he begins working right away. To remain focused Salk says he puts on his headphones to listens to music. Salk ensures that he remains productive throughout the day by periodically walking and stretching his legs.

Max Salk says that planning and preparation are critical to bringing ideas to life. According to Salk before executing an idea at work or a personal level, he first develops a plan on how he wants the concept to turnout. From experience, Salk says it is hard to predict how an idea will turn out until you execute it. Once an idea is implemented correctly, it can turn out to be something better than you never imagined.

Max Salk advice to the younger generation is that the world is full of opportunities and that they should relentlessly choose careers that they love and are passionate about.

Alastair Borthwick: A Multifaceted Life in Literature

Quite often is easy to view those that write literary classics simply through the lens of their most renowned pieces. Though easy to fall into, it would be a trap that fails to fully encapsulate the very nature of the person and the influences that led to the creation of their work.

That being the case, it is important that a deeper look into the lives of this literary masters be given as a means to fully understand the work in addition to the person behind its creation.

So, in the spirit of that sentiment, a recent piece regarding the works, life, and experiences of Alastair Borthwick was published, taking that more in depth approach that is necessary when looking to analyze the life of a writer.

Within the piece, details regarding not only the works but even the early life that shaped Alastair Borthwick into becoming the writer that he was, all explored within depth the key facets that led this literary creator into becoming the renowned author that he has become.

For those that enjoy taking a deep dive into the inner workings of writers as a means to add another layer of understanding to works that they enjoy, the piece details the experiences that shaped Alastair Borthwick’s work that used the world war as its fountain of inspiration.

For those that may not have known, the writer actually spent time in the armed forces helping in the effort to win the war. Though, within in his efforts, he was able to leverage his love of mountaineering to aid his follow soldiers in gaining an advantage on the enemy via covert movements that otherwise would have been unachievable had another individual led the mission.

Most prominent of his accomplishments during this era of his life is a mission in which Alastair Borthwick led troops behind enemy lines in the dead of the night as to entrench themselves in a more favorable position, all without actionable intel or maps.

The piece itself is a must read for all those that enjoy a bit context to the literary adventures in the world.

Is Getting A Press Release Service Worth Your Money?

Company owner that have not attempted a media release service have one regular concern in your mind. Is turning into one worth their money?

To comprehend its worth, allow us check out this circumstance. 1 firm was creating press release distribution for many years. However if you are likely to quest on Google, then not one of the declarations seemed.

When asked what sort of supply they make use of, they preserved that the PR individual simply had actually thrown directly into the media. As you may see, releases have actually arised and changed the media landscape.

Releases are not just valuable for your media. Nowadays they are promoting tools that empower your brand to be found on the internet search engine. If you are not utilizing a net distribution service, then it’s a huge opportunity loss for you.

Allow us see the two clashing viewpoints relating to the use of newswire solutions.

Individuals that chose the service state that utilizing it’s worth the cash as a result of these reasons:

It boosts authenticity. Your info is spread to the various important novel, which enhanced your standing for a brand. Besides that, writing releases which reveal your brand as an expert was made to boost your reliability.

You obtain tracking and also analytics accounts that are crucial for you to measure attain.

There’s a high opportunity your information becomes grabbed from the media. When it’s covered, your new obtains expose right into a more comprehensive audience.

It reaches social, and also blog owners were networking influencers which enhances the brand name’s exposure.

People who do not like the assistance assert it is a complete waste of cash money.

Making up assistance is costly. Compose your launches if you have the ability to. This remains in addition to the supply cost.

Distribution is expensive. Distribution will certainly cost you about hundreds to countless dollars. Should they convince you to get regular supply, let us claim annual, this is a substantial financial investment for you?

Circulation companies organization your info in their websites as well as on the sites of significant news publications. There is a slim possibility it will certainly be grabbed reporters. The media favor individuals that pitched them directly.

If you go with the a lot more budget-friendly package, you have to wait a more extended period to recognize your launch go live. You want to obtain a better bundle of supply if you would like it to be observed previously.

There’s a word restriction in news releases. Any extra means extra cost.

It will not aid you protect media policy. Your purpose of dispersing it’s to property ads. Yet, it’s not the initial option to have a strategy.

Why are newswire services, powerful? It depends on the outcomes. Do not only rely upon this strategy.

Some business owners commit the error of just based upon the solution to make media coverage.

Remember that journalists get a lot of e-mail pitches each day. Several entrepreneurs as well as Public Relations professionals are reaching them out– structure connections to make attention.

If you exclusively rely upon supply help, you will most likely have a slow Public Relations. These solutions are simply devices to acquire your targets as opposed to your end purpose.

Do not rely on these for your whole Public Relations efforts. As a new brand, you want to produce connections with the media and also connect to your designated target market.

The best method to make the most of your PR would be to join making use of the assistance as well as to pitch best to your media. In this fashion, you get a much better possibility of getting ads as well as reaching your audience.

Getting to Know the Jeunesse Global Brand

The Jeunesse Global brand was launched in 2009 and has since become one of the leading health and wellness companies around. The brand is well-known for their patented anti-aging ingredients that are used in virtually all of their products. The company was created by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. Because the two felt that there was a huge gap in the beauty and health industry for high-quality anti-aging products, they made the decision to create and launch Jeunesse Global. Since the start of the company, the brand has become one of the top options for people looking to take control of the way that they feel and look.

While there are many products within the Jeunesse Global line, some of the most popular options include Nevo, NV, RVL and Instantly Ageless. Nevo is a delicious low-calorie energy drink that you can consume regularly for stable and reliable energy throughout the day. You may choose NV, which is a system of makeup products that help to give you a flawless look to your skin and cover the look of fine lines and deep wrinkles. RVL is specific to hair care and can help to transform the way that your hair looks each day. Instantly Ageless is an amazingly lightweight serum that provides results similar to a face lift without the surgery involved.

Because there are lots of products available within the Jeunesse Global line, you may want to work with a local distributor so that you can try out the products before you make the decision to buy anything. What sets Jeunesse Global apart from a lot of other companies is the fact that they offer high-end products at affordable prices. You can check them out through their main website or look through their social media pages to see why so many people have been making the switch to Jeunesse Global. You will love the results you are able to achieve with the help of Jeunesse Global and this is why so many people are choosing this as an option for themselves when it is time to make a change each day.

Flavio Maluf is the Leader of Eucatex

One of South America’s most innovative companies is Eucatex, founded in 1951. Eucatex is one of the premier green corporations in the world, leading the way by setting examples of how to incorporate green technology and remain profitable. Flavio Maluf is the current Chief Executive Officer who joined the firm over 30 years ago. Flavio is no stranger to hard work and innovation, despite his family wealth and political ties he worked his way to top, paving his path. Initially joining the Eucatex family back in 1987, as a trade negotiator Mr. Maluf would apply his core principle to help propel himself to the position he is in today.

Born into a wealthy family, Flavio upbringing was among a prosperous family of businessmen and political powerhouses. An alum of Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation where he studied and received a Mechanical Engineering degree, Flavio always had a burning desire for business and entrepreneurship. In addition to leading Eucatex as the CEO, Mr. Flavio Maluf also serves as the President of the online food hub Grandfood Group. Flavio attributes much of his success to his strong belief in hard work and an eye for innovation. An avid hard worker, Flavio Maluf understands fully the importance of doing the necessary action to achieve success. Mr. Maluf spends a large portion of his free time reading magazines and columns on sound business practices and innovation.

Eucatex blazed the trail in green technology and business by finding a way to incorporate and replace old technology with green renewable technology. The eucalyptus tree is one of the more readily available trees in South America, and Eucatex uses them to manufacture an extensive array of products for business supplies. Mr. Flavio Maluf has been able to gain invaluable experience throughout his academic and professional career and shows no sign of slowing down now.

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